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Robotics Engineer Job Description (2023 Updated)

robotics engineer job description

Do you have an interest in computer engineering and robotics

If you are searching for a rewarding career, working as a Robotics Engineer could be perfect for you. This role focuses on building specialist machines that mimic human actions. When applying for this type of job, you need to show that you have the right specialist skills. It is important to understand the main duties of the job and what hiring managers are looking for. 

So, let’s find out what being a Robotics Engineer involves and learn more about this interesting role.

Robotics Engineer Job Description

A typical job description for this position should begin with an overview of the company. This is likely to include a brief description of the industry, the main products and services, and customer base. There should also be a description of the working environment and the base salary that is being offered.

The duties that you will be charged with should be outlined in the job description. There will be details on the education and experience that applicants need to possess. There are likely to be details of specialist skills and attributes the employer is looking for in the perfect candidate. 

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

The main duty of this job is generally troubleshooting robotic applications and systems. This includes evaluating and calibrating systems to make them as efficient as possible. You may also be charged with designing an entire robotic system.

Here are some of the other typical duties and responsibilities:

  • Applying machine learning techniques.
  • Assisting with cost estimates.
  • Performing integration tests and quality control.
  • Providing technical support.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Drafting sketches and blueprints.
  • Conducting research.

Essential Skills And Attributes

You need to develop specialist knowledge and soft skills to do this job well. Highlighting the most desirable skills on your resume is a good way to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the skills and attributes that will make hiring managers sit up and take notice. 

Advanced Mathematics


You need to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of advanced mathematics. This includes algebra, calculus, and math calculations. You need to be able to make quick and accurate calculations and understand abstract programming concepts. 

Science and Robotics Comprehension

Make sure you highlight this skill in your resume so that it is not overlooked. A good way to do this is by adding the skill to your opening statement. Elements can include your understanding of the wear on robotics components and how to maximize computer movements. 

Basics of Artificial Intelligence

This is a crucial hard skill that will be utilized during your daily tasks. This will help you perform accurate algorithm development and computer coding. Highlighting this skill will show hiring managers that you are ready for a more advanced role. 

Creative Thinking

You need to be able to think outside the box and adopt new perspectives to analyze challenges. Aspects of this soft skill include being able to brainstorm solutions, make connections, and develop new technologies. This is a valuable skill that is sure to stand out to hiring managers. 

Critical Thinking

This valuable soft skill helps you to identify potential issues before they arrive. You must be able to think about all aspects of the project and visualize them clearly. This will help you to develop theories and come up with workable solutions. 


You are likely to work closely on certain projects with people with different skills and experience levels. It is essential to be able to work well with people from all walks of life. You must be comfortable sharing your knowledge and opinions and be able to resolve issues that arise. 

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail

The smallest details can make a big difference to projects, especially when it comes to calculations. You need to be able to focus on data and interpret it accurately within short timeframes. Highlighting this skill shows employers that you understand the importance of accuracy. 


When you identify errors, you need to be able to weigh up different options and choose the best one. You must be able to look at problems from different angles and apply logical reasoning. When choosing the best solution, you must keep the needs of the project and the employer firmly in mind. 


You will need to be able to adapt to different situations, especially when things don’t go as planned. This allows you to quickly adapt to changes in parameters and requirements while working on projects. Highlighting this skill gives recruiters an insight into your working style and approach to tasks. 

Robotics Engineer Job Description – Education And Training 

Robotics Engineer Job Description - Education And Training 

You’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field. However, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering will help you stand out. This shows employers that you are focused on this career and have specialist knowledge. A few institutions, like the International University of Applied Sciences, offer this type of degree. 

In some cases, hiring managers specifically look for applicants who have a master’s degree. You also need to make sure you highlight any on-the-job training you have received. This includes knowledge of specialist software and computer systems and specific methods and procedures. 


Gaining certification can give you access to advanced roles and a higher salary. One of the best certifications in this field is offered by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy. This certification shows that you have advanced robotics knowledge.

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Robotics Engineer Job Description – Final Thoughts

Working as a Robotics Engineer can be a very varied and interesting career. This job gives you the chance to work with robots and design and adapt various functions. However, this can be a very competitive industry, and it is important to show you have the right skills.

You need to reflect a range of both hard and soft skills on your resume. When checking out the offered salary, the average is around $100,000 per year. If you have specialist knowledge and a lot of experience, you could command an annual salary of over $130,000.

All the very best in your career as a Robotics Engineer!

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