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Room Attendant Job Description

room attendant job description

Room Attendants are in charge of cleaning and maintaining guest rooms to have a pleasant and comfortable stay. These candidates assure that all rooms are welcoming and clean and respond to all of the guests’ questions knowledgeably and politely.

To be effective as a room attendant, the job applicants must be honest, polite, and have a thorough understanding of all housekeeping standards, procedures, and regulations, and follow them.

room attendant job description

Job Description of a Room Attendant

Various work settings seek friendly and dependable Room Attendants to the hospitality team to offer excellent customer services to the guests. Their responsibilities involve assuring that assigned rooms are adequately supplied, cleaned, and served. These candidates must also respond to guests’ concerns and inquiries quickly and courteously.

Responsibilities of a Room Attendant

  • Room Attendants are responsible for greeting visitors and replying to their questions.
  • They’re also in charge of making the beds and replacing the bed linens.
  • These candidates are also in charge of refilling old towels and other bathroom essentials like soap and shampoo.
  • It is also their responsibility to mop and sweep the floors.
  • Vacuuming carpets is also part of their responsibilities.
  • These individuals should also be responsible for polishing and dusting the furniture.
  • They are also responsible for emptying garbage cans and ashtrays.
  • Room Attendants must also be taking care of replenishing the minibar with beverages and snack items.
  • They are also responsible for cleaning public spaces, including corridors.
  • Room Attendants must also report any technical faults or maintenance requirements.
  • These candidates must also keep the assignment sheet up to date with the state of the guest rooms.
  • At the end of the shift, Room Attendants should reload and return the cleaning cart.

Requirements for a Room Attendant

  • To apply as a Room Attendant, you must have a high school diploma.
  • To be considered for a Room Attendant position, you must have housekeeping experience or previous guest service.
  • These candidates must have prior knowledge of industrial cleaning chemicals and equipment.
  • Room Attendants should work and be available for various shift settings.
  • They should work with little or no supervision while still delivering high-quality results.
  • For this job, stamina and physical mobility are also required.
  • To be considered for a position as a Room Attendant, the candidates must be able to follow directions.
  • They must be kind and professional.

Interview Questions for a Room Attendant

1 Which cleaning responsibilities do you anticipate having daily?

Ans. The candidate’s response to the question indicates their work requirements.

2 Tell me about an instance when a guest was unhappy with your cleaning service.?

Ans. The response from the job applicants demonstrates their capacity to resolve customer issues and assure customer happiness.

3 How would you guarantee that a guest’s room is kept perfectly clean?

Ans. This answer exhibits the job applicants’ ability to clean.

4 A guest leaves a valuable object in their room during their stay. So, how are you going to make use of it?

Ans. The job applicants’ response demonstrates their ability to follow housekeeping processes and be honest and accountable.

5 Have you ever cleaned with chemical cleaners? If that’s the case, are you aware of chemical safety protocols?

Ans. The candidate’s response demonstrates their familiarity with chemical cleaning items and their skill to use them properly.

Future Scope as a Room Attendant

A hotel room attendant’s career path, particularly at a large hotel or international or national hotel chain, can lead to supervisory positions such as assistant executive housekeeper, housekeeping supervisor, or headroom attendant. They can then progress to the post of executive housekeeper. This job position within a hotel or hospitality hierarchy reports directly to the hotel’s management-level staff. This position ensures that rooms and surrounding areas are always tidy and clean and receive excellent service.

Except for previous work experience, the job position as a Room Attendant benefits from having no formal entry qualifications. Because the work frequently gets required for part-time work settings, it is appropriate for anyone searching for an additional job or schedule in the morning shift settings. Tourism and hospitality are the sectors with various job prospects and for individuals who want to work there. As a result, working as a room attendant is a way to get better hotel work experience. This can lead to other opportunities in the industry.


In hotels, resorts, B&Bs, and various other lodging and hospitality services, Room Attendants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the guest rooms. Potential job applicants can perform comprehensive and professional cleaning services and anticipate guest demands regularly. However, the hiring staff does not hire individuals who lack the physical endurance for the job. To succeed in a career as a Room Attendant, you must go through the guide above and know what it is to be a Room Attendant and what skills are needed to apply for this career role.

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