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Safest Cities in Texas

safest cities in texas

Roughly the size of France, Texas is a huge and very diverse state. 

The Lone Star State’s many attractions range from the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the thriving metropolises of Houston and Dallas. Both the Wild West and Mexico have strong influences on the state’s rich history and culture. The cost of living is very affordable in the state, and there are also numerous job opportunities. However, this is also one of the lowest-ranked states in terms of safety, and it’s essential to choose the right location.

 So, let’s take a look at the safest cities in Texas that you can relocate to or visit.

Memorial Villages 

The first of the Safest Cities in Texas is this collection of six independent cities in one of the most charming areas of the state.

 Memorial Villages is comprised of Hedwig, Spring Valley, Hillshire, Bunker Hill, Hunters Creek, and Piney Point, and the total population is 45,000. The average cost of living here is a little over $3,000, and the unemployment rate is very low.

Memorial Villages 

One of the safest…

The area is scattered with small forests and parks for residents to unwind in. In terms of violent crime, this is one of the safest communities in the whole state. The violent crime rate is just .08 for every 1,000 people. This is an impressive 99.6% lower than the state average. 


This small city has a population of 10,500 and boasts a family-friendly atmosphere. Elgin is 87% safer than most cities in the United States, and the crime rate is just 2.96 per 1,000 people. Known as the Sausage Capital of Texas, Elgin boasts excellent coffee shops, stores, schools, and restaurants.

Downtown Austin is just 25 miles from Elgin, making the commute to the big city quick and easy. The state’s capital is also just waiting to be explored by residents during their free time. However, Elgin itself also boasts plenty of attractions, including a collection of pretty parks and playgrounds. 

Horizon City 

This is a popular city among families, and the population is a little over 23,000. The centralized city offers residents excellent access to parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and coffee shops. Horizon city also boasts excellent daycare centers, preschools, and high schools for families to take advantage of.

Violent crime is 76% lower than the state average at just 5 in 1,000 people. The city covers just 8.7 square miles, and there are plenty of pretty parks and scenic trails to explore. Although the nightlife scene is fairly tame, Horizon city boasts a good number of restaurants and other eateries. 


Located in the northeastern part of Tarrant County, Colleyville is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The city boasts a population of around 26,000, and the average cost of living is $1,950. The crime rate is much lower here than in other dense urban areas, and Colleyville is 74% safer than the state average. 


One of the great things about living in Colleyville is that Fort Worth is just a short drive away. Fort Worth is truly representative of the southern spirit, with attractions ranging from rodeo shows to cattle drives and amusement parks. There are also interesting museums showcasing the history of the Old West. The city boasts an excellent cultural district with a range of art galleries, theatres, and exhibits.

Go back to the Wild Wild West!

The most popular area is the Historic Stockyards, which offers a diverse range of attractions. Complete with mock shootouts and longhorn cattle drives, this venue takes visitors back in time to the Wild West. There is a weekly rodeo show, numerous shopping opportunities, and a variety of amusement park rides.

Grapevine, which is the oldest settlement in Tarrant County, makes a fascinating day trip destination. The town is home to the Grapevine Heritage Centre, where talented artisans both demonstrate and teach their crafts. The town was named for the tart Mustang grapes that once grew wild here.


This small city is particularly popular among young couples who work in Dallas. Downtown Dallas is located just 32 miles away, and the commute is particularly quick and easy. The cost of living is around $3,000, while Fairview boasts a population of around $11,000. The total crime rate is 8 per 1,000 people, making it 66% lower than the state average. 

Despite its small size, Fairview is an eclectic city, and there is a lot to discover. Food lovers will find an excellent range of gourmet restaurants as well as upmarket coffee shops and other eateries. The numerous upscale furniture shops and antique shops make it easy for new residents to settle in. Fairview is also famous for its high-end boutiques and farmers’ markets. 


The charming town of Frisco is bordered by the shores of Lake Dillon and offers diverse shopping and dining opportunities. Located just 25 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Frisco boasts a population of 211,000. This is an excellent base for sports lovers, and the average cost of living is $1,950.

The violent crime rate is around 50% lower than the state average, and this is a great city for families. More than eighty different parks can be found scattered throughout the city, along with world-class sports stadiums. Frisco also offers excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. 

the Frisco

Do you love skiing?

The keystone ski resort is the most popular attraction in the area and encompasses three stunning mountain peaks. There is an excellent range of runs here, from beginner and family areas to the more advanced mogul-covered and tree-lined runs. 24 lifts service 116 trails in total, and the resort also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. 


The unemployment rate is particularly low in McKinney, and there are numerous job opportunities. Many new residents move here to secure a job in the finance, insurance, or healthcare industries. The population is just over 202,000, while the cost of living in McKinney is around $1,800. 

McKinney boasts a suburban atmosphere, and most of the city’s residents own their homes. This city is known for being very safe, and the violent crime rate is 72% lower than the state average. The total recorded crime rate is 11 for every 1,000 people in McKinney. 

Sugar Land 

This medium-sized city is popular among young couples and boasts a population of 111,000. Downtown Houston can be found just 19 miles away, making it easy to commute to the big city. The violent crime rate is 12.28 for every 1,000 people, which is 49% lower than the state average.

Sugar Land also boasts a much lower cost of living than the national average and boasts excellent recreational opportunities. There are plenty of restaurants for residents to check out, and new options regularly pop up. The downtown district also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. 

Find out about rich history and culture…

George Ranch Historical Park is a popular local attraction among both visitors and residents. This 480-acre historical park features a 19th-century Victorian mansion, an even older stock farm, and several hands-on exhibits. Visitors have the chance to step back in time and discover the rich history and culture of ranching. 


If you are searching for a safe community conveniently close to Houston, Pearland could be for you. It’s possible to reach Houston by car in just 23 minutes. This makes it easy to commute to the big city for work and enjoy the nightlife scene.

This is one of the key reasons why Pearland is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities. The current population is around 126,000, while the average cost of living is $1,950. The crime rate is fairly low in Pearland, and there are several excellent schools and other amenities. 


With a population of around 25,000 and an average cost of living of $3,500, Fulshear is a safe small city. The violent crime rate is 19 per 1,000 people, which is comparatively very low. The city boasts excellent community networks and is popular among families.

Taking a stroll along the Brazos River is a popular pastime, and there are numerous cycling and hiking trails. These are popular places for residents to walk their dogs, enjoy a picnic, and fly kites on a sunny day. One of the most popular attractions here is Adventure Island Water Park, while the city also boasts several fitness centers. 

Highland Village 

Set on the south side of Lewisville Lake, this small city is a suburb of Dallas. The crime rate is roughly 81% lower than the state average, and this is a popular place among families. Highland Village was incorporated as a city in 1963, and the population is around 18,000.

Many people who move to Highland village work in Dallas, and the commute only takes a few minutes. The small city boasts acclaimed school systems as well as an active local community. This makes Highland Village a popular choice for young couples who are planning to start a family.

Perfect for those sunny days…

While the bright lights of Dallas are within easy reach, Highland Village also has a lot to offer. Wichita Forest and Doubletree Ranch Park are both great places to explore and unwind on sunny days. 


This progressive urban city has a reputation for boasting some of the safest streets in the whole state. The population is around 37,000, and many residents are wealthy and well-educated. As a result, the crime rate in the city is low and violent crimes are particularly rare.

The cities of Galveston and Houston are both within easy driving distance from Friendswood. These vibrant cities offer numerous entertainment options and boast diverse nightlife scenes. Friendswood is also situated conveniently close to several major airports and railways. 


Boasting a strong community feel, Keller is popular among both young couples and families. While Keller boasts small-town roots, the atmosphere is vibrant, especially in the downtown district. The total population is a little under 38,000, and neighborhoods are famous for welcoming new residents.

Big Bear Creek is a popular place for residents to gather on sunny days. The Keller Pointe Aquatic and Fitness Center is also popular among people who want to get fit while having fun. Keller also boasts a large number of farmers’ markets as well as restaurants, craft breweries, and golf clubs. 


Fort Worth is located just fifteen miles from Keller, making the commute very quick and easy. Many people choose to use Keller as a base work in downtown Fort Worth. The big city is also a great place for residents to explore at their leisure and boasts numerous attractions. 

West University Place 

The last of the Safest Cities in Texas is this small city boasts a population of a little over 16,000 and is particularly popular among young couples. Many residents are charmed by the city while attending Rice University and move there after graduating. As a result, West University Place is particularly popular among young couples. 

West University Place is located within the Houston metropolitan area and has a comparatively low crime rate. During the day, the area attracts a large number of coffee lovers, foodies, and shoppers. After dark, West University Place boasts one of the best nightlife scenes in the whole of Houston. The friendly atmosphere in West University Place has earned it the nickname The Neighborhood City.

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Final Thoughts

Although the Lone Star State has a reputation for high crime rates, many of its towns and cities are very safe. Most of the crime is concentrated in major cities such as Houston and Dallas. Not only are many of the state’s other cities safe, but they are also excellent places to live.  

The roads that wind through the state are generally in excellent condition, and there’s a lot to discover. Texas is huge, and driving distances can be vast, so be careful to have plenty of water and spare gas. It is best to be wary when exploring certain areas of Dallas and Houston at night.

Enjoy Texas, and stay safe!

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