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15 Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

safest neighborhoods in chicago

Choosing a safe and secure neighborhood is a top priority for anyone looking to live in a big city like Chicago.

So, I decided to take an in-depth look at the 15 safest neighborhoods in Chicago, where residents can enjoy a low-crime environment without compromising on the amenities and conveniences of urban living. Then, I’ll cover each neighborhood’s unique features, outstanding amenities, community engagement, interesting things to do, and places to visit, basically all the insights you need as to why they’re great places to call home.

So, whether you’re a young professional, a family, or a retiree, let’s find the best neighborhoods for safety and security in Chicago.

Factors That Determine Neighborhood Safety

Chicago, like many large cities, has a complex web of social and economic factors that contribute to crime rates in different areas. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Crime Statistics and Data

One key consideration is crime rates. The Chicago Police Department publishes annual crime statistics by district, which can help you get a sense of how safe a particular neighborhood is. However, it’s important to note that crime rates can be affected by many factors, including poverty rates, demographics, and even weather patterns. As such, it’s important to look at crime rates over time and consider other factors in conjunction.

Crime Statistics and Data

Community Engagement and Involvement

This is another important security factor. Strong, active communities with engaged residents tend to have lower crime rates. Neighborhoods with active neighborhood associations, block clubs, and other community organizations can also foster a sense of pride and responsibility among residents and create a stronger sense of community.

Police Presence and Response Times

Neighborhoods with higher police presence, such as beat officers and police substations, tend to have lower crime rates. However, response times to emergency calls can also vary widely across neighborhoods. Therefore, it’s important to know how quickly police can respond to incidents in your area.

Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for neighborhood safety. By considering multiple factors like crime rates, community engagement, and police presence, you can find a safe and secure neighborhood that meets your needs and lifestyle.

The 15 Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Because Chicago is such a diverse city with many unique neighborhoods, when it comes to safety, some neighborhoods stand out more than others. Here are the safest neighborhoods to live in Chicago, along with what makes each one unique. 

1 Edison Park

This is a peaceful, tree-lined neighborhood located on the city’s northwest side. The area has a close-knit community feel with a small-town atmosphere.

It is known for its excellent schools, including Edison Park Elementary School and Ebinger Elementary School. The neighborhood also has a number of parks and green spaces, including Olympia Park, which offers an outdoor pool, playground, and sports facilities.

Edison Park

2 Norwood Park 

This historic Chicago neighborhood is located on the city’s northwest side.

The area is known for its beautiful architecture. Norwood Park has a number of excellent schools, including Norwood Park Elementary School and William J. Onahan Elementary School. It is also home to a number of beautiful parks, including Norwood Park, which has a playground, baseball field, and picnic area.

3 Beverly

A vibrant neighborhood located on the city’s southwest side, the area is known for its beautiful homes, including many historic mansions. Beverly hosts a number of great schools, including Kellogg Elementary School and Christ the King School.

It is also home to the Ridge Country Club, which serves residents with access to golf, tennis, and swimming.

4 Mount Greenwood

Mount Greenwood is a family-friendly neighborhood located on the city’s southwest side. The area is most well-known for its top schools, including Mount Greenwood Elementary School and St. Christina School.

Moreover, it has a low crime rate and a strong sense of community. Again, the neighborhood is home to a number of parks and green spaces, such as Mount Greenwood Park, which offers a playground, baseball field, and swimming pool.

5 Sauganash

This is a peaceful, residential neighborhood located on the city’s northwest side. The area is appreciated for its beautiful homes and manicured gardens.

Sauganash is home to Sauganash Park, which has a playground, basketball court, and tennis court. The neighborhood is also located near the Sauganash Trail, a popular path for runners, walkers, and cyclists.


6 Edgebrook

Edgebrook is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood also located on the city’s northwest side. The area has beautiful homes, including many historic bungalows.

Edgebrook Elementary School can be found here, and this particular neighborhood offers easy access to the nearby Caldwell Woods Forest Preserve. Here, residents can take advantage of lovely hiking trails, picnic areas, and a nature center.

7 North Center

This is a lively neighborhood located on the city’s north side. The area is enjoyed for its vibrant nightlife, with its number of popular bars and restaurants. It holds several events and festivals throughout the year, from food festivals to music festivals.

North Center is home to Coonley Elementary School, and there is easy access to the nearby Horner Park, where there is a playground, sports fields, and a river walk.

8 Lincoln Park

This popular Chicago neighborhood is also located on the city’s north side. The neighborhood is famous for its beautiful residences, top-notch dining options, and fantastic shopping.

Also, it boasts many top schools, such as Francis W. Parker School and Lincoln Elementary School. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and the Lincoln Park Zoo are all located in Lincoln Park. Therefore, a great place for families and retirees alike.

Lincoln Park

9 Lakeview

On Chicago North Side, you will also find this neighborhood. Known for its scenic beauty, Lakeview boasts an array of picturesque tree-lined streets and historic homes. The area hosts a variety of parks, including the famous Lincoln Park, which offers residents and visitors alike an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The neighborhood is also known for its vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous bars, restaurants, and theaters. Additionally, Lakeview has some of Chicago’s best schools, making it an attractive option for families.

10 West Town

Chicago’s West Side is home to the varied and energetic neighborhood known as West Town. This area is chosen by many for its diverse population and cultural offerings, including art galleries, music venues, and food options.

West Town is also home to some of Chicago’s oldest and most historic architecture, including the Ukrainian Village and Wicker Park neighborhoods. This neighborhood is easily accessible by public transportation and is a great option for those looking for an urban Chicago experience.

West Town

11 Hegewisch

Hegewisch is a neighborhood located on the far southeast side of Chicago. It has a strong sense of community and is known for its industrial heritage. With many residents working in the manufacturing and transportation industries. The neighborhood is also home to a large nature preserve, the Hegewisch Marsh. This provides a beautiful natural area for hiking and birdwatching.

Despite its location at the edge of the city, Hegewisch has easy access to downtown Chicago via the nearby Metra train station, making it a convenient option for commuters.

12 Rogers Park 

The Far North Side of Chicago is home to the colorful and eccentric neighborhood of Rogers Park. The area boasts stunning beaches and lakefront parks, including the popular Loyola Park.

Rogers Park also has several theaters and art galleries, as well as a variety of unique dining options. The neighborhood offers a mix of urban and suburban living, making it an attractive option for a wide range of residents.

13 Portage Park 

This area is a family-friendly Chicago neighborhood which is located on Chicago’s Northwest Side. The area is known for its tree-lined streets and beautiful homes, many built in the early 20th century. Here you can find several parks and green spaces, including the expansive Portage Park itself.

Portage Park is easily accessible by public transportation and offers a quiet and suburban feel while still being close to downtown Chicago.

Portage Park 

14 Forest Glen

Its diversified population and welcoming atmosphere have made Forest Glen, a lovely neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side, a destination for tourists. The area is home to a mix of residential homes and commercial spaces, offering residents a range of amenities and services within walking distance.

But there’s more…

There are several parks and green spaces in this neighborhood, including the Forest Glen Woods and the LaBagh Woods. These provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Forest Glen also boasts a rich history, with several historic buildings and landmarks scattered throughout the area. 

Overall, Forest Glen offers a unique blend of urban conveniences and natural beauty, making it a desirable place to live for many Chicagoans.

15 Lincoln Square 

On the North Side of Chicago, Lincoln Square is a vibrant and varied neighborhood. The area is known for its eclectic mix of cultures and its vibrant music scene. Lincoln Square is also home to several theaters, art galleries, and interesting dining options.

The neighborhood offers a lively and urban feel while still providing residents with access to plenty of green spaces and parks, including the popular Winnemac Park.

Lincoln Square 

Community Involvement in Chicago

As mentioned a little earlier, this plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining neighborhood safety. When community members work together to create a safe and welcoming environment, everyone benefits. Here are some ways that you can get involved in your new Chicago neighborhood to help promote safety:

Join a Eighborhood Watch Group

Many communities have neighborhood watch groups that work together to prevent crime and promote safety. Consider joining or starting a group in your area.

Join a Neighborhood Watch Group

Attend Community Events

Getting involved in community events and activities can help you get to know your neighbors and build relationships. This can lead to a stronger sense of community and a safer neighborhood.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you see something that doesn’t seem right, report it to the authorities. Your vigilance could help prevent a crime from happening.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses can help create a thriving community and a stronger sense of safety. When businesses are successful, there are more eyes on the street, which can deter criminal activity.

By getting involved in your community and working together with your neighbors in the same interest, you can help create a safer and more welcoming neighborhood for everyone.

Additional Resources for Potential Chicago Residents

If you’re interested in learning more about neighborhood safety in Chicago, here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:


The Chicago Police Department website offers a wealth of information on crime statistics, community policing programs, and safety tips. 


The Chicago Tribune is a trusted source of news and information on different Chicago neighborhoods, including crime rates, community events, and more. 


City-Data.com provides detailed information on different Chicago neighborhoods. This includes demographic data, crime rates, local amenities, and more. 

By using these resources, you can gain a more complete understanding of the different factors that contribute to Chicago neighborhood safety. Remember to always do your research and take steps to stay safe, no matter where you live.

Now that you have a better understanding of the 15 safest neighborhoods in Chicago…

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Final Thoughts

Choosing a safe neighborhood is an important consideration for anyone looking to buy or rent a home in Chicago. But by understanding the factors that determine neighborhood safety, researching different neighborhoods, and taking steps to stay safe no matter where you live, you can help ensure that you and your family are protected.

Additionally, community involvement plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining neighborhood safety. By working together with your neighbors and supporting local businesses; you can help create a safer and more welcoming community for everyone. And remember, when it comes to neighborhood safety, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Happy Chicago living or visiting! 

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