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Safest States in America

safest states in america

Are you searching for the perfect place to relocate to?

Many areas of the United States have been experiencing significant crime waves in recent years. This means that safety may be a key concern when you’re searching for a new home.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of areas where the crime rate is relatively low. These areas often offer a high quality of life as well as a strong feeling of community.

So, let’s take a closer look at the safest states in the US and discover what they have to offer you and your family.

The Safest States in America


Vermont is characterized by rolling hills dotted with cows, sugar maples, and storybook towns nestled along river valleys. The state is mostly rural and is home to plenty of dairy farms, dirt roads, and small-scale enterprises. Here, you can get the feel of America as it once was, with the locals sharing a deep sense of community. 

This sense of community and rural charm combine to make Vermont one of the safest parts of the United States. The violent crime rate is just 1.46 per 1,000 people, while the total population is around 647,000. So people who live there have only a 1 in 595 chance of being involved in violent crime. 

Any specific recommended areas to think about?

Montpelier is the capital of Vermont and an enchanting town with a population of only about 8,500 people. It is surrounded by mountains and offers unparalleled views of Vermont’s highest mountain, Mount Mansfield.

Appealing attractions in the town include the lovely gold-domed State House and the Vermont Historical Society.

Brattleboro is another charming place to relocate to. It is Vermont’s oldest permanent settlement and offers excellent antique shopping and charming cafés. Brattleboro is a good base from which to hike, as the city is set in a wonderful deep river valley. 


While the crime rate in Maine is already low, it is also rapidly declining. If you live in Maine, your chances of being involved in violent crime are just one in 929. There is a strong sense of community throughout the state, and most people are welcoming and friendly. 

Lovely for meandering…

Maine is mostly covered in scenic wilderness, but it also features a number of appealing cities and resorts. This lovely state is known for its excellent wildlands, forests, camping, and hiking.

Mount Desert Island is where you’ll find Acadia National Park. It is accessible by car ferry from the mainland. Maine is also well-known for its plentiful lobster, which can be enjoyed in the many available seafood restaurants.

A good starting point…

Portland is Maine’s largest city and makes a good base for exploring the entire state. The city’s renovated Old Port is a very pleasant area with brick sidewalks and cobbled streets. There are also a number of stunning historic homes here, as well as some of the best restaurants in New England.

Residents are also treated to a number of areas of intense natural beauty to explore. Acadia National Park is characterized by a rugged, glacier-scoured interior with numerous valleys, lakes, peaks, and a wonderful wave-eroded coastline. This is the perfect place to pitch a tent under the stars or simply go hiking in the hills.  

Rhode Island 

A little over a million people live in this small state, and the crime rate is remarkably low. Even in the capital, residents are sure to feel safe when wandering the streets at night. The overall crime rate in Rhode Island is just 2.2 per one thousand residents

Set close together and filled with sites of historical interest, the cities here are interesting and exciting. Providence is Rhode Island’s capital and largest city. Filled with engaging sites, this city makes a wonderful base for exploring the state. 

Specific places worth checking out?

Warwick in central Rhode Island contains a 1729 Society of Friends Meeting House and several other pre-Revolutionary War buildings.

Rhode Island

Then, nearby Pawtucket has an extensive history as a home for religious freedom and industry in New England. The 1793 Slater Mill Museum also has a fascinating display of the area’s industrial history.

Since Rhode Island is so small, exploring it by car is a snap. Some of the popular beaches on the island are the three-mile-long Crescent Beach, Kid Beach, and Scotch Beach. And if you’re into parasailing, it has become very popular on the beaches of Rhode Island in recent years, as well as other types of watersports. 

New Hampshire 

New Hampshire boasts scenic beauty, from Mount Washington in the northern White Mountains to the ocean beaches near Hampton. In addition to appealing to lovers of the Great Outdoors, New Hampton is also a very safe place to live.

Despite boasting a population of around 1,400,000 people, there were only twelve murders in the latest reported year. 

Located in the south of New Hampshire, Manchester is the largest city and is situated in the White Mountains. The Robert Frost Farm is a popular attraction, where residents can visit the house and farm of the former poet. The area is also a great spot for hiking and picnicking, as well as skiing in the winter.

Top recommendations…

The charming capital of Concord is another great place to live and has a thriving real estate market. Another noteworthy city is Portsmouth, located on the border with Maine. This is a trendy city with its art galleries, coffee shops, good shopping, and restaurants.

Then the town of Laconia, lying between Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Winnisquam, is a great day trip destination.

Additionally, New Hampshire’s North Country is a great place to go for hiking, camping, kayaking, bicycling, and canoeing. The little town of Errol is virtually crime-free and is a good place to base for exploring that area. Popular pastimes include whitewater rafting on the Androscoggin River and hiking in the National Wildlife Refuge. That’s around the pristine Lake Umbagog.


Utah is a charming state that is blessed with abundant natural attractions. Around 3,300,000 people live in Utah, and the violent crime rate is just 2.4 per every thousand people.

There were just 102 murders in Utah, according to the latest stat release for the year, along with 5,198 assaults and 1,362 robberies. And while those numbers might still sound scary, the ratio of this to the number of residents makes it very little to be concerned about.

Where would we relocate to in Utah?

Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, is a great place to relocate to, and there are plenty of properties to choose from. This city is the cultural center of the state, with Temple Square serving as a bubbling meeting point. Plus, the Fine Arts and Natural History museums on the University of Utah campus display the state’s principal collections.

Bordered on three sides by tall mountain peaks, Provo is set on the edge of Utah Lake. Provo boasts an excellent range of shops and restaurants as well as interesting museums and other attractions. It is also a good base from which to hike into the nearby Wasatch Mountains.


Finally, Springville is a charming town located just south of Provo. The Museum of Art, which focuses on the development of art in Utah, is of the finest in the state.

Utah Lake State Park starts west of downtown Provo and offers great boating, kayaking, and fishing opportunities. Skiers and snowboarders can spend time at the Sundance Ski Area. Here, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing are also available.


Minnesota is nicknamed the Land of 10,000 Lakes, although the number of lakes is actually closer to 12,000. During the summer, the state’s residents flock to their lakeshore cabins for swimming, sunbathing, and water skiing. Many residents also choose to live there all year round. Minnesota hosts around 5,700,000 residents and tends to be fairly sparsely populated. 

Even the biggest city is safe…

Minneapolis is Minnesota’s largest city, as well as the main cultural center. This is a very safe place to explore at any time of the day or night. In addition to offering numerous attractions, Minneapolis has some excellent neighborhoods for potential residents to choose from.

Some of the most popular lakeside towns and communities can be found around Alexandria, Minnesota. So, if you want to enjoy a real slice of Rural Midwestern life, you might feel at home in the western part of the state. There are several small and charming towns to be found here, such as Starbuck and Glenwood on Lake Minnewaska. 


Next, on my rundown of the Safest States in America, Washington is a diverse and scenically stunning state. From the beaches and mountains to the verdant hillsides and bright cities, there is plenty to see and do here. Residents can explore the majestic rainforests, take an island ferry ride, hike the snow-capped peaks, and visit the lush agricultural plains.

Around 7,900,000 people live in Washington, and the crime rate is just 2.9 per one thousand residents. The vast majority of crime takes place in the city of Seattle, although that city’s crime rate is rapidly declining. Washington also includes several smaller cities and towns where crime is virtually non-existent

Sounds great, tell me more…

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington and offers easy access to Lake Coeur d’Alene. Its location is perfect for active residents who want to explore the northern Idaho Rocky Mountains and nearby ski resorts. Numerous pretty parks and a paved cycling trail can be found along the Spokane River.

Then, the San Juan Islands are cradled between the protected waters of America’s northwest corner.

Each island features small towns that have their own unique and charming characteristics, as well as magnificently unspoiled natural beauty. Plus, there are some excellent real estate options to choose from on these islands that offer stunning ocean views. 


Massachusetts is perhaps best known as the home of Harvard and has a population of just under seven million. The violent crime rate is just over three for every one thousand residents, which is below the national average. 

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, and the majority of the population chooses to live there. Although home prices are around 30% higher than the national average, there are still plenty of affordable options. And although the crime rate is highest in Boston, it is still comfortably low.

On a budget?

The cities of Worcester and Lowell are more affordable and are still packed with amenities and attractions. Worcester is home to several museums. Also, two zoos and the giant Plexiglass Mall. 

Nearby, Lake Quinsigamond also has two very pleasant state parks and some great swimming and sunbathing. Lowell is where you’ll find the Lowell National Historical Park, which traces the history of industrialization in New England during the 19th century.


But if you’ve got the cash…

Cape Cod, located in South Eastern Massachusetts, is a popular location among wealthy, nature-loving Americans. One of the most scenic and safest areas of the cape is Cape Cod National Seashore. This community offers a number of great beaches, sand dunes, heathlands, pleasant hills, marshes, freshwater ponds, and lakes.

Also, Nantucket Island is a sparsely vegetated island that offers some very friendly and welcoming communities. The village of Nantucket is known for its many old houses and off-color limericks. This island has an interesting whaling museum, a large number of shops, and an 18th-century windmill. 


Around 3,600,000 people live in Connecticut, and this is the most densely populated state in New England. Connecticut’s crime rate has been rapidly decreasing in recent years, and it reached a ten-year low last year. Violent crime has been reduced by 43% over this period, making Connecticut a very safe place to live. 

The best of both worlds…

Hartford is Connecticut’s capital and largest city. Originally settled as a trading post in 1633, this city has been around long enough to see some big changes. Today, Hartford is a thriving hub while still retaining its old-fashioned New England charm.  

The quaint port town of New Haven is also a very safe and charming place to live. The town is home to Yale University and enjoys a vibrant nightlife scene.

Plus, Bridgeport, just across Long Island Sound from greater New York City, has the Barnum Institute of Science and History. Well worth a visit.

Now that you know more about the safest states in America…

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Ok, back to today’s US safety report

Final Thoughts

When choosing which of the safest states in the US to relocate to, you need to keep your specific needs firmly in mind. Climate is likely to be one of the most important deciding factors when choosing a new location. If you enjoy hot and humid weather, New Hampshire might not be ideal for you.

Additionally, it is best to make a list of the things you are searching for in a new home. Things that may make it onto your list include proximity to a major city, excellent attractions, and, of course, natural beauty.

Finally, taking the time to analyze the cost of living can also help direct you to your new home. But we’re certain you’ll be very happy in any one of the states and cities detailed above.

Happy relocating!

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