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Safeway Dress Code

Why Does Safeway Have an Employee Dress Code

With over 1,300 stores, Safeway is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States of America. Since its beginnings back in 1915, it’s been committed to providing customers with produce, dairy products, bakery products, and more. This giant of retail truly stands tall amongst its competitors, such as Walmart and Wegman’s

But there’s a difference between Safeway and many other supermarkets. Safeway does not require its employees to wear a uniform. So, how should they dress?

Well, in this article, we’ll explore the Safeway dress code for staff

Why Does Safeway Have an Employee Dress Code?

Why Does Safeway Have an Employee Dress Code

At Safeway, staff members have a little more freedom over what they wear compared to similar supermarkets. They still, however, do have to follow a few rules. They can’t arrive at work wearing just anything


Well, for a start, it ensures the employees always present a professional, clean appearance at work. Safeway understands the importance of making a good first impression on customers. The Dress Code Policy at Safeway ensures that staff members appear presentable at all times

A second reason for the Safeway employee dress code is to make the staff recognizable. If a customer is in need, they need to know who to ask for help. The dress code makes it easier to spot an employee in a crowd

And what else?

There’s also a matter of safety. Certain items, such as flip-flops or high heels, can be dangerous when worn at work. Having an employee dress code helps to prevent accidents from happening

What is the Dress Code for Safeway Employees?

The store’s dress code is not exactly the same for all employees. Some, such as pharmacy workers, have slightly different rules to adhere to. That being said, here are the key components of the Safeway dress code

What is the Dress Code for Safeway Employees


Safeway prefers its staff to dress in muted, understated colors. Brown or tan fabrics are a firm favorite, but blacks and grays are equally acceptable. It also prefers slacks or dress pants, or long skirts for women

Those pants and skirts can only be made of certain materials, though. Denim, corduroy, and Lycra are absolutely not allowed. And your clothing should not be revealing, so no leggings, short skirts, or low-cut tops, please


A good pair of shoes is important for working at Safeway. When you’re working on your feet all day, you want to be as comfortable as possible. A solid, sturdy pair of shoes goes a long way

The shoes should be close-toed and have little to no heel. The sole should be slip-resistant too. This keeps employees safe on the job and prevents slips, trips, and falls

Jewelry and accessories

As per the Safeway employee dress code policy, jewelry and accessories are allowed. But, there’s a catch. They must be understated and kept to a minimum

Simple and subtle pieces that do not distract from the overall appearance are fine. But large items or facial piercings should not be worn. Not only do they affect that professional look you’re going for, but they can also be dangerous if caught on something


Employees are expected to keep their hair clean and well-groomed. There are no limits on hair length, but they must stop it from becoming unruly. Long hair should be tied back in a ponytail or bun at all times

Brightly colored hair is strictly prohibited. Hair dye is allowed, but the color must look fairly natural. And the style needs to be conservative, so no mohawks, I’m afraid


Facial hair

The Safeway policy may surprise you when it comes to facial hair. It is permitted, but only under certain circumstances. Only some types of facial hair can be worn

Beards are strictly forbidden. And the same goes for both handlebar mustaches and goatees. Regular mustaches are generally O.K., though, as long as they’re well-maintained


Nails should be short enough that they don’t affect your ability to do the job. So, no long stiletto nails here! This is for safety reasons, but also hygiene if you’re handling produce and food

It’s fine to wear nail polish. But, just like hair, nails should not be painted in bright, eye-catching colors. Clear polish, beige, tan, or light pink are all fine


The policy on make-up is pretty similar to its policy on nails and hair. Make-up is permitted, but keep it basic. No dramatic looks are allowed

A simple layer of foundation topped with some mascara and a neutrally toned lip gloss is more than enough. A little eye shadow in a natural shade is fine as well. Just don’t arrive at work in bright red glitter lipstick!

Tattoos and piercings

One small piercing in each ear is perfectly acceptable for Safeway employees. But that’s it. No other piercings should be visible to customers

And tattoos are generally a big no-no. However, as they’re pretty prevalent these days, they’re sometimes allowed at the manager’s discretion. Just be sure to avoid any tattoos on the face or neck


Employees’ clothes must always be clean and pressed. Hands should be washed at regular intervals throughout the day. And employees should bathe regularly and use deodorant

Hair has to be well-brushed and tidy, and mustaches should be trimmed and groomed. Nails are to be kept clipped and cannot have sharp edges. And, of course, oral hygiene should be maintained through regular brushing

What is the Dress Code for Safeway Pharmacy Employees?

The staff in the Safeway pharmacy have to adhere to the standard dress code stated in this article. However, they also have another rule to follow

Such as?

Pharmacy employees get special clothing to wear. This consists of a Safeway-branded pharmacy jacket. This is worn over a Safeway-branded sweater with regular employee clothes underneath

What is the Dress Code for Safeway Pharmacy Employees

What’s the Dress Code for Safeway Bakery Staff?

Those working in the Safeway bakery have a couple of extra regulations to follow too. They usually get a hat or hair net to prevent hair from falling into the food. They also get an apron to keep their clothes clean and to distinguish them from other employees

Are You Ready to Work at Safeway?

You can set foot on your path to a career at Safeway through their website. Search for open positions in your area and apply through the secure online application form. As it’s such a huge company, it’s almost always looking for staff, so you’ve got a great chance of getting hired

For more info, check out our in-depth look at the Safeway Jobs Application for 2023

And if Safeway isn’t for you, why not try another supermarket instead? Jobs at Walmart are well worth a look, as well as Trader Joe’s, where you can search for jobs in your city

Final Thoughts

Safeway’s dress code policy is fairly lax compared to many other supermarkets. But there are still some rules to adhere to. Thankfully they’re not too strict and are pretty easy to follow

Generally speaking, dress conservatively, and you’ll be fine. Keep things toned down, and don’t draw attention with flashy jewelry, bright hair color, or large tattoos. And most of all, make sure you’re clean and well-groomed at all times

Have fun working at Safeway!

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