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Sales Associate Interview Questions

sale associate interview-questions

Are you getting ready for an interview for a sales associate position?

The best way to prepare is to do as much research into the company as possible. This will help guide you toward the types of values and culture that the company has at its core.

There are certain types of questions that interviewers rely on to discover if candidates have the necessary skills. Understanding these questions helps you to prepare answers that will impress the interviewer. To discover common sales associate interview questions and the best way to answer them, you simply need to keep reading.

sale associate interview question

Sales Associate Job Description

Before the interview, make sure you read the description of the job you have applied for carefully. This role mainly involves assisting customers with their purchases. It may be necessary to answer questions and make recommendations to match customers with the perfect product.

Sales associates often need to ring up purchases, handle returns, and keep the store presentable. They need to have strong customer service skills and a friendly attitude at all times.

The Main Responsibilities

This role involves communicating with customers, recommending products and services, and processing returns. It is necessary to have a strong knowledge of the company’s full range of products and services. It is also necessary to work as part of a team, follow instructions, and keep the workspace clean and tidy.

sales associate interview question

The Main Attributes that Hiring Managers are Looking For

Before you figure out how to answer interview questions, it is important to understand what interviewers are looking for. This will guide you to the types of things that you should include in your answer. Here are some skills and attributes that hiring managers find particularly valuable.


Most sales associates are entry-level employees who have little to no experience. Managers need to make sure they hire people who can be relied on to turn up to work. If employees are absent during busy periods, it can be disastrous for business.


Sales associates should be detail-oriented to make sure sales displays are perfectly presented. They should go above and beyond rather than simply doing the bare minimum to collect a salary. Employees need to understand and maintain the high standards of the company.


Successful employees often need to be able to tackle many different tasks at the same time. In addition to focusing on the needs of customers, they may need to change displays and handle other tasks. Employees who are unable to do this will not last long in the world of retail.


Sales associates need to be able to work well under pressure and remain calm at all times. Even when employees are feeling stressed, they have to be able to put customers at ease. Employees who let stress get the better of them are likely to burn out or quit rather quickly.

Sales Associate Interview Questions

The interview is likely to last for between thirty and forty minutes, and you may be asked around ten questions. While the wording of the questions can vary, the meaning is likely to be rather similar. Let’s take a look at some of the most common sales associate questions that you are likely to be asked.

What Do You Know About This Company and the Product Range?

This question is usually asked at the start of the interview to break the ice. The interviewer also wants to make sure you have done your homework and are truly interested in the job. Your answer should briefly explain what you know about the company, highlighting the aspects that are most interesting to you.

How Would You Describe Our Brand?

This question asks candidates to think outside of the box a little. It is essential to have a lot of knowledge about the company and its products to answer this question well. Try to make sure that your answer is as original as possible to make the interviewer sit up and take notice.

What Key Things Has Your Sales Experience Taught You?

This question is likely to come up in the interview if you have previous sales experience. The interviewer is asking you to demonstrate a couple of skills that are key to the sales associate role. The skills you choose and how you present them will tell the interviewer a lot about your personality.

Instead of simply naming the skills you have learned, try to illustrate an example for the interviewer. Describe a couple of situations where you had to put your strong skills to work. This will help the interviewer to picture you in the sales situation and show them that you are right for the job.

Are You Able to Operate a Cash Register?

It is important to answer this question honestly while making sure your answer is positive. If you have operated a cash register in the past, describe your experience. If you have never done this, explain that you are willing and eager to learn.

the sales associate interview questions

What is Your Main Goal When Interacting with a Customer?

With any sales role, the main goal is to sell products and services to customers. Start by emphasizing that this is your main focus in any interaction and how you go about doing it. If possible, give an example of a time when you have done this successfully in the past.

What Would You Do if a Co-Worker Was Being Rude to a Customer?

This is a behavioral question that is designed to gauge how candidates respond to certain situations. This is a tricky situation that needs to be handled carefully. While employees have to work as part of a team, there is no excuse for being rude to a customer.

When answering this question, acknowledge that it is a difficult situation that you hope never arises. However, because you are a dedicated employee, you will do whatever it takes to follow company policy. Outline the steps you will take to resolve the situation in the best way possible.

How Would You Describe Good Customer Service?

Sales associates need to have good customer service skills. When answering this question, you should acknowledge that this can take many different forms. You can then highlight some of the elements that go into good service.

The interviewer must understand that you have this skill. Therefore, you should give an example of a time when you have made a special effort to deliver professional customer service. Highlight the skills that you utilized and explain the results of your actions, such as securing a valuable sale.

How Do You Handle Rude or Difficult Customers?

Sales associates need to maintain their composure at all times. No matter how rude the customer is, you should be able to smooth over the situation. Ideally, the employee should be able to turn the situation around and sell the customer a product or service.

Begin answering this question by highlighting the skills you use to turn the situation in your favor. These can include empathy, strong communication skills, and the ability to get to the root of the issue. Explain a situation where you have done this successfully in the past to ensure that the customer was satisfied.

What Would You Do if a Product or Service Was Not Available?

Even if the product or service is not available, you still have the opportunity to make a sale. Your strong knowledge of the company’s products and services should enable you to recommend an alternative. You should also ascertain when the product or service will be available and notify the customer.

Why Should We Offer You the Job?

This is the perfect opportunity to summarize your key skills and attributes that make you the perfect employee. The skills that you highlight should be directly linked to those that are specified in the job description. You need to be confident when answering this question and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate.

Not Quite Prepared For Your Interview Yet?

We understand you’re nervous, so why not start with our Sales Associate Job Description to give you a better idea of what’s expected of you.

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And of course, for the interview, we’ve put together additional questions such as What Are You Most Proud Of, What Are Your Career Goals, Answering Tell Me About Yourself In Interview, Why We Should Hire You, How Do You Handle Stress, How Do You Handle Conflict, and even Answer Why Best Candidate Position?

Lastly, if you’re looking to do extra research, I recommend the following books that are available online. A Career Success In The Retail Industry or Sales Techniques. And, for future inspiration, how about reading The Positive Effect: A Retail Leader’s Guide to Changing the World.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to expect, you will be able to prepare for the interview more efficiently. Make sure that you practice your answers to these and other common interview questions for sales associates. It is important to make your answers sound natural while maintaining eye contact with the interviewer.

Essentially, you should choose a smart and professional interview outfit that is fairly conservative. If you are interviewing for a job in a retail store, make sure that your outfit is fashionable. If possible, choose an item of clothing or an accessory that the company actually sells.

All the very best with your Interview!

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