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Sales Manager Job Description

sales manager job description

Sales Managers are professional people who manage sales teams by ensuring they provide the appropriate guidance. They are responsible for setting specific sales goals. The sales manager is also responsible for data analysis. They build an efficient sales team. They assign different sales territories.

Job Description – Sales Manager

Candidates are responsible for the organization and management of the sales team within the organization. A sales manager generates different market leads, creates business plans for the organization. They should achieve the set business objectives within the organization. It is their responsibility to ensure different sales targets are met by individual members of the team.

They should be responsible to track the goals of the sales team. The exceptional performance of the sales team is also their responsibility. The ongoing training of each sales team member is important and sales managers are responsible to do so.

Skills Required – Sales Manager

They should have the ability to plan their tasks in a strategic manner. They should also be well versed with analytical skills in the long run. The sales manager should also collaborate with their teams and motivate them at the same time. They should also remain calm and patient under pressure. They should also have excellent people management skills.

Job Responsibilities – Sales Manager

  • They should manage the sales of the company by developing a successful business plan.
  • They should also develop strategies to manage sales goals.
  • The sales manager should also set targets with their sales teams at an individual level.
  • They must also focus on lead generation for the organization.
  • They must also train their sales staff effectively.
  • The sales manager should also develop the sales team with motivation and counseling.
  • They should also have complete product knowledge.
  • They should also promote the company along with its products and services.
  • The sales manager should also understand the need of the customer in the best possible way.

Requirements – Sales Manager

  • They must have a bachelor’s degree in the area of sales and marketing.
  • The sales manager should also have relevant experience in sales strategies.
  • They should also have experience in customer relationship management.
  • They should also be able to direct the sales team.
  • The sales manager should also have good communication skills both written and verbal.
  • They should also provide excellent customer service.
  • They should also have the ability to lead their sales team efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a sales manager do?

Ans. A sales manager is responsible for guiding his sales team to achieve the best results within the organization. They also build a sales plan and analyze the relevant data and train the frontline staff members. They can also hire new staff members for their team and fire the existing ones due to non-performance within the team.

2 What kind of qualifications do you need to become a sales manager?


  • They should have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • They should have the ability to sell different products and services.
  • The sales manager is also responsible to manage customer service skills.
  • They should also utilize business management skills and leadership skills to run the team.
  • They should also be able to work under tremendous work pressure.

3 What are the core responsibilities of a Sales Manager?


  • They should manage the sales of the company.
  • They should ensure sales goals are met.
  • The sales manager should also meet individual targets in a sales team.
  • They are also responsible for reporting sales results.
  • They study the competitors in a better way.
  • The sales manager also motivates employees in their team.
  • They also recruit new members to the team.
  • They also manage sales revenue in the team.

4 What are the qualities of a Sales Manager?

  • They require active listening skills.
  • They forecast sales targets.
  • The sales manager should also have strong emotional intelligence.
  • They challenge themselves and grow within a fast-paced environment.

5 What are the different types of sales managers?


  • Administrative Sales Manager.
  • Divisional Sales Manager.
  • Branch Sales Manager.
  • Sales Manager for Products.
  • Sales Manager for Services

6 What are the different types of sales in an organization?


  • The inside sales for an organization.
  • The outbound sales for the company.
  • Client services for the company.
  • Lead generation for the organization.
  • Account management for the organization.
  • Selling after providing consulting to others.

7 Can employers customize the Job description for the Sales Manager?

Ans. Sales is a core function of each kind of industry. Without a sales manager in place, nobody can earn revenues for the organization. The Sales managers can work in different organizations. However, their job responsibilities in each function will differ from one company to another. The Sales Managers work dedicatedly and contribute towards the revenue of the organization. They also focus on providing relevant training to groom the frontline staff members that help them to achieve results for the organization in a better way. A good sales manager always leads by example and encourages other team members to grow as well within the organization.

8 Why is it important to motivate the Sales team in a company?

Ans. A motivated sales team will help the company to achieve better results in the long term. This will help each sales team member to individually contribute towards the overall sales of the company. They should also focus on meeting organizational goals.

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