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Sales Representative Job Description

sales representative job description

Sales Representatives hold the responsibility for selling services and products to government agencies, businesses, and organizations.  They communicate about prices, answer inquiries about services and products, and make relationships with prospective customers.

Job Description of Sales Representative

Various businesses and industries usually find a Sales Representative who can generate prospects and meet sales targets. Product demos and sales presentations, and contract negotiations with potential clients, will be part of their responsibilities.

To be successful in this capacity, you must have a thorough awareness of the sales dynamics and process and exceptional interpersonal skills. It is an advantage if the candidate has worked in sales previously.

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Responsibilities of Sales Representative

  • Lead generation is the responsibility of sales representatives.
  • They’re also in charge of exceeding or meeting sales targets.
  • They are also responsible for negotiating all deals with potential clients.
  • Their responsibilities also include assisting in the development of pricing schedules for negotiations, promotions, and quotes.
  • They should also prepare reports on a monthly and weekly basis.
  • Candidates should also be presenting sales presentations to a variety of potential customers.
  • Comprehension and promotion of company programs are also part of these responsibilities.
  • They also collect deposits and final payments from customers.
  • They are also responsible for submitting and preparing sales contracts for orders.
  • Visiting existing and prospective customers to assess needs or increase services and products awareness is also a must for the candidates.
  • They must also keep track of their clients’ information.
  • Sales Representatives also answer client questions about availability, prices, items, and availability.

Requirements for Sales Representative

  • To apply for a Sales Representative position, you must have a bachelor’s degree in economics, marketing, business, or a related discipline.
  • This position also requires prior sales experience.
  • It is also their responsibility to understand the sales dynamics and procedure.
  • These individuals must have exceptional writing and vocal communication abilities.
  • Candidates for the position of Sales Representative should have exceptional interpersonal skills, including establishing rapport with clients and suppliers swiftly.
  • This employment role requires experience with computers for several duties.
  • Job candidates proficient in Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, and Outlook are frequently considered for the Sales Representative role.
  • These candidates should be able to operate in fast-paced work settings with ease.

Interview Questions for Sales Representative

1 How do you keep up with your target market?

Ans. How do you keep up with your target market and recognizing the stress areas are all crucial aspects of sales?

A successful salesperson will outline a specific method they employ to stay informed about their potential market, and a few may even see themselves as part of it. Everyone should mention certain magazines, websites, and other publications that they use to pay attention to their target audience.

2 How do you handle short sales cycles against extended sales cycles?

Ans. Depending on the sales cycle length, different techniques are required to create sales and keep customers pleased. Applicants should demonstrate a detailed strategy that demonstrates a well-researched method for customer engagement in the purchasing journey and closing the deal on time.

3 What makes you want to work in sales?

Ans. Employers usually find a salesperson who enjoys sales and meets a customer’s needs rather than generating money.

4 How do you deal with criticisms from customers?

Ans. Customer complaints are generally requests for additional information about a service or product and how that may profit them. The ideal candidate understands and utilizes objections to help them close more deals. When a prospective employer asks this question, the candidate has the option to describe the tactics they employ to make sales, empathize with clients, and hold the consumer’s interest without hounding them or losing up too soon.

5 Have you ever turned down a prospective client? Describe.

Ans. Many reasons make the skilled salesperson lose the deal. They can incorporate legal and ethical issues if a prospective expects more than the company can deliver. In addition, if the sale is not profitable owing to the energy, resources, or time required, and when a deal is one-sided to the company’s harm.

Future Scope as a Sales Representative

Mobile commerce and electronics are rapidly growing industries.  A salesperson who avoids either is likely to fail from the start. A successful salesperson may demonstrate a sales process that combines offline and online strategies to grow and create customer connections, complete the deal, and educate prospects. Besides, the candidates must demonstrate understanding and respect for their company’s content usage and social media regulations.


Sales professionals usually provide presentations to potential buyers, sell and demonstrate services or items, and negotiate sales conditions. Even though e-commerce is increasing, the industry is still growing at 5% each year. Check out the article above and learn about the eligibility criteria, role and duties, and how to get prepared for the interview to land the most fabulous job in today’s booming employment market.

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