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Is it time to get your eyes checked?

Regardless of whether you wear eyeglasses or have perfect eyesight, it is important to get your eyes checked regularly. Eye exams make sure you are seeing clearly and can catch minor issues before they become serious.

However, trying to visit an optician when you have a busy schedule can be a challenge. Fortunately, it is possible to visit an optician and even shop for prescription glasses while doing your grocery shopping.

So, let’s learn all about Sam’s Club Optical and the range of available services.

Optical Centers At Sam’s Club 

Dedicated optical centers are available in most Sam’s Club stores throughout the United States. They usually boast the same operating hours as the main store and offer a wide range of products and services.

Eye Exams

All-Optical Centers offer eye exams on appointment at Sam’s Club. The average cost of these exams is $61, which is much lower than the cost in private eye care offices. The most charged in some locations is $100, which is still a fairly good deal.

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Vision insurance

Most or even all of the cost of the eye exam will usually be covered if you have vision insurance. This can also cover at least part of the cost of purchasing new prescription glasses. However, it is best to check in advance to make sure your type of vision insurance will be accepted.

What Eye Exams Include?

You can be sure that you will receive a comprehensive eye exam at one of these establishments. The overall routine is identical to the eye exams that are conducted at private eye care offices. The process is very quick and professional and typically takes around thirty minutes.

What Eye Exams Include

A complete eye exam checks the following functions:

  • Color blindness
  • Peripheral vision 
  • Fluid pressure inside your eyes
  • Visual sharpness 
  • Refractive errors 

If you have a previous record of eye exams, the current results will be compared to previous exams. The optometrist will then inform you about any changes to your vision. If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, your prescription will then be amended.

If there is a significant change, it is a good idea to purchase new prescription glasses and/or contact lenses. This will prevent your eyes from being strained and make sure you can see clearly. New contact lenses can usually be provided immediately, while new prescription lenses can be made fairly quickly. 

How to schedule an eye exam ?

It is very easy to make an appointment for an eye exam. Simply use the store locator on the Sam’s Club website to find the phone number for your local store. Make sure you have a pen and piece of paper close to hand before you make the call. You will usually be offered a selection of slots to choose from to make the process more convenient. 

Eye Care Products

You will find a range of eye care products in the Sam’s Club optical centers. Professional opticians are available to help you choose the right products for all your vision needs. Let’s take a look at some of the main products that you can choose from.   

Eye Care Products

Prescription glasses 

You can take your pick from a range of stylish frames for your new prescription lenses. All frames can be adapted slightly so that they perfectly fit your face. It is important to take the time to make sure the frames sit comfortably before making a purchase.

The optometrist will be able to suggest the frames that are the best match for your prescription lenses. If your lenses are thick, you will need a pair of sturdy frames to support them. Take the time to try on several pairs before making your selection.

Only takes a few days…

Once you have chosen the perfect frames, the optometrist will shape the lenses so that they fit snugly. The whole process usually takes a few days. Once your new glasses are ready, you can have them shipped to your home address or arrange to collect them. 

Reading glasses 

The reading glasses sold at Sam’s Club are very affordable and come in a range of different styles. These reading glasses start from just $10 and go up to $22. They usually come in packs of three or four, so you have a few spare pairs for when you need them. 


Wearing a pair of stylish and effective sunglasses is the best way to protect your eyes on sunny days. You will find a whole host of styles for men, women, and children in your local store. The typical starting price is $13, while a top-of-the-range pair will set you back $60.

Some of these sunglasses are also covered by vision insurance. This is worth looking into if you need a new pair of prescription sunglasses. You can have the lenses made to order if necessary and collect the completed pair after a few days. 

Contact lenses and solution

You usually need to visit a store to order or collect new contact lenses. This is a very quick and easy process, and there are several different types to choose from. This includes daily, weekly, and monthly lenses. If you are a Plus-level member, you can have your new lenses delivered to your door free of charge.

You can also take your pick from different brands of contact lens solutions and eye drops. The price of these products can vary widely, depending on the brand. There are often deals to take advantage of, and you can order these products via the Sam’s Club website.

Available Brands

Sam’s Club stocks glasses and sunglasses from a large number of popular brands. This makes it easy to look stylish when you step out in your new eyewear. The available frames are selected for their quality as well as their uncompromising style.

Available Brands

Some of the available eyewear brands include:

  • Elton John Eyewear
  • Hugo
  • London Fog
  • Bob Mackie
  • Callaway
  • Michael Kors
  • Chloe
  • Moschino
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Reebok

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Final Thoughts

Next time you are shopping at Sam’s Club, take the time to check out the optical center. Even if you are not a member of the retail chain, you can use the services in one of these centers. However, paying for membership gives you access to savings on glasses and other types of products.

It is important to note that the cost of eye exams can vary widely between locations. This is because the opticians at centers work independently and generally set their own rates. However, the average cost of eye exams at Sam’s Club is very reasonable, and it is fairly easy to secure an appointment.

Good luck with your eye exam!

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