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Sam’s Club Plus Membership (2023 Guide)

sam's club plus membership

Are you looking for a great way to enjoy savings on your shopping? Sam’s Club is known for its great deals on a wide range of products, and becoming a member automatically saves you 10% on most items sold throughout the store.

The company also offers enhanced membership, which hooks you up with even better savings. However, you do need to pay to become a member, which makes some people question whether it’s worthwhile. 

So, let’s find out if Sam’s Club Plus membership will help you to save money while you shop? 

How The Plus Membership Works

Opting for the highest tier will provide you with a lot more options than a regular membership. You will receive cash back each time you make a purchase using your special card. This cashback adds up over time and translates to impressive savings on your shopping. 

The cost

While the regular option costs just $45 per year, the advanced version costs $100 per year. This may seem like a considerable amount to pay out initially, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, you will be able to enjoy savings all year long, which promise to outweigh the initial cost. 

If you already have a standard card, you can upgrade at any time you want simply by paying an additional fee. 

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How to Apply

You can apply for a card either in a store by visiting the Sam’s Club website. You will need to supply the required information and pay the $100 fee. If you are completing the application process online, you will need a credit card to pay the fee. However, you can use a wide range of payment methods when you apply in a store. 

Redeeming your rewards

Any rewards you have gained by using your card can be redeemed any time you choose. You can do this either in the store of your choice or via the company’s website. You need to have an active account that can be verified and have your account details close to hand. 

The Benefits Of Going Plus 

The Benefits Of Going Plus 

If you already shop in the store, you are likely to be impressed by the everyday deals and discounts. However, there are several enhanced benefits to opting for a Sam’s Club Plus Member Card. Let’s take a closer look at the impressive benefits that are waiting to be enjoyed. 

Cashback on certain items

When you sign up for this impressive deal, you are entitled to 2% cash back on eligible purchases. In effect, this translates to a saving of $10 every time you spend $500. You only need to do this ten times over a year to make back your initial fee. If your shopping bills tend to be quite high, you are likely to save much more than this.

Free shipping

If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own home, you can use the company’s website to make savings. Your products will be delivered directly to your door or the address of your choice. Free shipping is provided on all items, and there is no spending minimum. 

Free prescriptions

You can receive five selected prescriptions free of charge as part of this deal. Selected name-brand drugs are provided at an impressive 30% discount. You can also enjoy free shipping on contact lenses and 20% off eyeglasses.  

Extended shopping hours

This special deal allows you to enter stores from 07:00 from Monday to Friday. This is a full three hours earlier than regular shoppers have access to stores. This allows you to do your shopping on the way to work without having to join a queue at the checkout. 

Discounted gift cards

Discounted gift cards

Sam’s Club offers a range of $50 restaurant gift cards for as little as $39.99. You don’t need to be a math whiz to know that this is an impressive saving. Anytime you are planning a trip to a restaurant, it is worth seeing if you can pick up a discounted gift card. 

Discounted subscriptions and memberships

The store has partnered with a large number of companies to offer members discounts on subscriptions. This includes local gyms, Spotify, and top local eateries. Regular deals are also posted on the company’s website for visitors to take advantage of. 

Sam’s Club Plus Membership – What Is Not Included

It is important to understand that not everything the store offers is included in this deal. If you are looking for discounts on those items, it is best to do your shopping elsewhere. Here are some things that you will not receive a discount on:

  • Alcohol
  • Food and beverages from onsite cafes
  • Certain pharmacy items
  • Gift cards
  • Reduced products
  • Clearance products

Great Reasons To Shop At Sam’s Club

If you have one of these stores within driving distance of your home, it pays to do your shopping there. In addition to low prices on a range of products, the company offers a whole host of great services. Here are some of the benefits of visiting your local store. 

In-store pick up

In-store pick up

Having to do your shopping in a store and queue at the checkout can waste a lot of valuable time. You can do your shopping online and make the payment from the comfort of your own home. Your products will be expertly packed and ready to collect when you stop by the store the next day. 

New business services

The company offers a wide range of services for people who are launching a new business. These include business loans, printing, and payment solutions. You can also find a wide range of products that will help to boost your business. 

Accounting and tax services

If you loathe doing your taxes, let someone from the store take care of it for you. You can take advantage of a range of services such as bookkeeping and business taxes. 

Complimentary health screenings

Free health screenings are held once a month in stores throughout the country. This is the perfect time to check your blood pressure, cholesterol, vision, hearing, and other elements. This will save you a trip to the doctor’s office and is sure to be a much more convenient option. 

Health insurance

All of your health needs are covered when you sign up to become a member. If you are in the market for a new insurance plan, you are sure to be impressed with the available options. Not only are the insurance plans affordable, but they also cover a wide range of eventualities. 

Tire installation

Struggling to fit tires on your vehicle will become a problem of the past with this special service. You can buy new tires online and use this service to have them installed on your vehicle. Motorists can also take advantage of road hazard protection, 24-hour emergency roadside service, flat repair, and balancing. 

Free tech support

Not everyone is great with technology, and you can receive support any time you want it free of charge. This special tech service is available around the clock to members. No matter what your issue is, you can get the help you need. 

How To Decide If You Should Go Plus

There are lots of things to consider before you choose to opt for this special deal. It is important to carefully weigh up the pros and cons before signing up. Here are some factors that will help you to work out if this deal will work for you. 

Your monthly spending

Your monthly spending

The more that you spend in this chain of stores, the more you are likely to save. If you have a lot of hungry mouths to feed at home, this special deal will help to stretch your budget. The deal will pay for itself if you spend around $100 a week on products in the store. 

Business owners

If you own a business, you can save a lot of money by using this deal to purchase the products you need. You can find everything from straws and plastic cups to food and toilet paper in the store. Placing an order via the company’s website will also save you time while you are treated to free shipping. 

Avoiding the crowds

If you hate crowded stores and long queues, this deal could be for you. Choosing this type of deal allows you to enter stores from 07:00. This privileged access to stores means you can do your shopping in peace and get it done much more quickly. You are sure to find that the queues at checkouts are either minimal or completely nonexistent at this time. 

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Sam’s Club Plus Membership – Final Thoughts

If you shop at Sam’s Club, it is worth signing up for regular membership. However, whether or not you choose the Plus option will depend on your shopping habits. It is probably only worth choosing this option if you visit the store regularly and spend a significant amount.

It is important to take into account the fact that this membership costs $100 a year. However, with the 2% cash back deal, you could save as much as $500 a year on qualifying products. Other factors like free prescriptions, free shipping, and extending shopping hours also help to sweeten the deal.

All the very best signing up for the Sam’s Club Plus Card Membership!


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