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Scheels Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

scheels application

Are you looking for a career in retail where you can put your passion for sports to good use?

Whether you want to launch your career or take it to the next level, working at Scheels is a great option. This popular sporting goods retailer boasts more than twenty branches in the United States.

Scheels is constantly expanding, and job opportunities are posted on the company’s website. In many cases, all that is needed is a certain amount of sports knowledge to land a position at the company.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Scheels Application Online: Jobs & Career Info to find out what the hiring managers are looking for.

scheels application

Facts about Working at Scheels

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Scheels. The stores are open from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The weekend hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sundays.

The weekends and evening shifts are ideal for college students who want to gain sales experience. Scheels is also committed to helping employees gain the skills they need to advance through the company. Employees who have specialist knowledge can use it to run their own department if they wish.

Job Opportunities

Employees of all levels are provided with interactive training to help them perform at the optimum level. There are jobs in various branches for both entry-level candidates and career professionals to take advantage of. Here are some of the main job opportunities at Scheels and the types of duties that go with them.


These entry-level employees are in charge of the shop cash registers and need to have basic math skills. They receive payments from customers and need to be able to process a range of different payment options. In addition to providing the correct change, they make sure that the cash register area is clean and tidy.

Sales Associate

These employees work on the shop floor and assist customers with their purchases. They need to be familiar with the shop stock and able to make recommendations. They are also responsible for restocking the shelves and keeping items organized and well presented.

This position comes with both full-time and part-time hours. On average, sales associates make around $9 per hour. However, sales associates who have specialist knowledge can make much more than this.

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Fitting Room Attendant

Fitting room attendants oversee the fitting room areas to help keep the area tidy and minimize loss. They assist customers with the fitting process, including finding alternative sizes and products for them to try on. This is an entry-level position that typically pays $9 per hour.

Archery Bowtech

People who purchase archery equipment are treated to special after-sales care. Archery bowtechs are responsible for maintaining and repairing the archery equipment. They also provide expert knowledge to assist customers with their purchases and recommend additional equipment and accessories.

Bike Service Shop Technician

Most Scheels stores have a large bike service section that is staffed by these knowledgeable professionals. The main duty is maintaining and assembling equipment such as bicycles, paintball makers, snowboards, golf clubs, and baseball gloves. Bike service technicians need to be physically fit in order to lift heavy equipment and remain standing during their shifts.

Sales Expert

This is a low-level managerial position that is ideal for people who have several years of sales experience. Sales experts are in charge of the sales team and make sure they have the necessary skills to perform well. They help to train new sales associates and answer technical questions from customers.

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Delivery Driver

When customers order large pieces of equipment, these employees deliver the items to the designated locations. They need to be able to work to tight schedules and set up equipment on arrival. Delivery drivers have to have full driver’s licenses and be able to lift heavy equipment.

Assistant Store Leader

These employees work closely with all employees within the store to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Assistant store leaders are charged with helping to make sure the store makes a profit. They also need to be able to take over the duties of the store leader when they are not available.

Store Leader

These professionals interview, hire, and train new employees and make sure that they are performing at the optimum level. They have to sign off on all major purchases and complete all of the necessary store paperwork. They also design and implement new promotional activities to help drive sales and attract new customers.

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Specialty Shop Manager

These sales professionals mainly focus on making sure that products and equipment are perfectly displayed. They are also charged with managing inventory and ordering new equipment when needed. Specialty shop managers work closely with the sales assistants and need to have excellent customer service skills.

Additional Scheels Employee Benefits

Both part-time and full-time employees are eligible to receive a lucrative benefits package. This includes access to medical, dental, and short-term disability insurance plans. Other benefits include paid time off, employee stock ownership options, and access to company retirement plans.

Tips for Applying to Work for Scheels

The Scheels online application can be found in the careers section of the company’s website. Simply select the job that you are interested in and read the full job description. When you are ready, you can then click on the submit button to access the application form.

It should take just a few minutes to fill out all the sections of the application form. Make sure you complete all the sections in as much detail as possible. Remember to read through the application form before submitting it to make sure it is free from errors.

It usually takes a few days for applicants to be contacted by a hiring manager. Applicants who have not heard anything after a week can speed up the process by sending an email to the hiring manager. Writing a cover letter is a good way to present your key skills and let the hiring manager know you are serious.

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Final Thoughts

Hiring managers at Scheels actively seek candidates who are passionate about sports and fitness. Candidates who excel are provided with the training and encouragement they need to advance within the company. Therefore, candidates who are ambitious and committed to working for Scheels are given hiring preference.

The interview process is generally fairly informal, and the questions are designed to reveal the personalities of candidates. It is important to highlight strong sales and customer service skills when answering interview questions. Candidates should also prepare answers that highlight the importance of teamwork and working hard to achieve certain goals.

All the very best with your application.

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