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Sears Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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The process of applying at Sears is simple and hassle-free. One of America’s oldest full-service department stores is Sears. The store sells various men and women’s ensembles besides home goods, automotive parts, and tools. Back in 1989, the company was surpassed by Walmart and target lately. The company’s full name is Sears, Roebuck & Company”. Today, it is one of the most successful retailer chains.

Important Information to know before applying at Sears:

Minimum working age required to work at Sears: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to work at Sears.

Number hours of operation at Sears: The working hours at Sears are as follows:

Monday – Friday (10:00 am to 9:00 pm), Saturday (7:00 am to 9:00 pm) Sunday: The number of hours varies as per the location.

Job opportunities at Sears:

Job opportunities at Sears

When it comes to hiring managers at Sears, the hiring experts prefer motivated experts who love serving the clients with enthusiasm and have a positive outlook for life. Sears is always on the lookout for extremely passionate individuals and determined about the company they work at and their job. If a worker is looking for an entry-level job, there are plenty of opportunities available at Sears. Besides that, there is an advancement opportunity too as the company likes to give promotion from within.

The entry-level candidates need to show flexibility in terms of availability besides stability to work in different departments. Additionally, the new applicants can also work in various shifts like weekends and night shifts. The sears also allow employees, especially the seasonal ones, to work on high volume sales days, including the holidays.

Career opportunities at Sears:

The company is quite famous for hiring new applicants in both full and part-time positions. The minimum age to be employed here is 18 years, and the applicants must have cleared high school diplomas or GEDs.

Sales associate:

  • The sales associate tends to work in a part-time capacity, and they have to provide customer assistance for one or even more departments. Additionally, sales associates also ensure that the shelves are stocked.
  • The sales associates are multi-taskers who arrange the shelves, racks, bins, and bins.
  • Ideally, the sales associate covers the jeweler and also handles the counter from time to time. If there are any peak hours, then they have to work as cash registers.
  • The sales associate can earn at least $8.5 per hour. The salary can increase over time.
  • If one has to work as a sales associate, they need to know the products.


  • One of the most common jobs available in Sears is the cashier. The job descriptions aren’t entirely different from that of the cashier jobs in other companies.
  • The cashier needs to work together as a sales associate to offer exceptional services with the best of abilities.
  • It is pretty stressful to work in a dynamic environment as there are several tasks to be completed at once.
  • For instance, the cashier needs to be accurate in completing transactions, ring up sales, and optimize the same by enforcing the upselling tips.
  • Besides this, the cashier needs to enroll patrons and inform them about the offers and discounts and help them with maintenance.
  • The cashiers are paid a decent salary as they have a chance to be in a better position, provided they prove their worth.
  • Ideally, Sears pays cashiers between $8 and $10 per hour.

Management level:

  • Ideally, the company aims to retain and attract the best of people who can align with the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Here, the management opportunities start from general manager, branch manager, sales manager, and field sales trainer.
  • The employees at the management level tend to get attractive salaries and hold a six-digit potential in terms of pay. Still, it all depends on the qualifications and work experience of the employee.

Essential benefits of working with Sears:

Essential benefits of working with Sears

The company gives benefits to both part-time and full-time employees provided they prove their worth. A successful application here comes with several services. The company offers competitive advantages, which are mainly designed to align with the employee’s needs. The eligibility criteria largely depend on classification, location, and other elements. The other benefits include healthcare coverage and medical and dental plans. Additionally, the eligible employees can get some discounts on the merchandise products.

Review application status at Sears:

Generally, the hiring managers tend to reach out to the applicants within a few weeks or days. Still, the managers sometimes forget about it to reach out to the managers within two weeks after the application is submitted. Candidates should not show too much eagerness after the interview is over. They must wait till the mandatory waiting period is over and only then begin inquiries.

Miscellaneous Information about Sears:

The headquarters of Sears is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, U.S. Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck established the company in 1886. In 1925, the company expanded greatly and started showing local department stores. During the 1960s, the business had reached its peak. In 2005, the company was taken over by Kmart, and then it became a subsidiary of the company as it was renamed Sears Holdings. Even though the company was growing slowly and the population of America was spending less, it had to shift its focus on the urban side of the country to assure profits. The company didn’t work as per the latest fashion fads but to go with durability and practicality.

It was the first company which allowed the clients to choose their products. The main aim of the layout was to help people with merchandising. It is undoubtedly in the first position for quite a long time, but it is one of the most successful companies in America. But to provide high-quality services to the clients, the company aims to hire qualified candidates.

Sears is one of the biggest companies’ in-home services as it has at least 14 million visits every year. A majority of them are delivery-based and also include outdoor equipment. The company offers amazing perks to employees so that one can join them without any second thoughts.

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