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SeaWorld Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

seaworld application

SeaWorld is ideally a chain of marine mammal parks, aquariums, theme parks, and rehabilitation centers, and it is mainly based in the United States. SeaWorld Entertainment owns the company. The main point of attraction for parks is the lion, and dolphin shows earlier, they used to have fantastic whale shows, but the same has been discontinued. The park also has impressive zoological displays that show everything about marine life.

The SeaWorld was first opened in 1964, and it was a project by college friends Milton C. Shedd, David Demott, George Millay, and Ken Norris. Initially, the owners planned an underwater restaurant and a marine show. However, when the plan was not feasible, they opened a theme park instead.

More About SeaWorld

Currently, the company runs three theme parks in the United States in Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, San Diego, California, and Texas. There are plans that the company will soon start its operations in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and it is likely to be the first SeaWorld park that would be opened outside the US. The company currently hires 5000 full-time employees and at least 13000 seasonal employees.

The SeaWorld has undoubtedly achieved a timeless position for families that are curious to learn about marine life. The company mainly hires exceptional candidates for various positions amid their parks and programs.

Even though the company was caught in some controversy about treating multiple animals, SeaWorld has taken extraordinary steps to regain the client’s trust in their work and policies. The employees planning to work here must know that they would be trained thoroughly and mentored besides being observed throughout the organization.

Important Information To Know Before Applying at SeaWorld

Minimum age required to apply or work at SeaWorld: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to work at SeaWorld.

The hours of operation: The working hours depend on the basis of location and as per the needs.

Employment Opportunities at SeaWorld

In 2009, SeaWorld had gone through a management changeover that led to an acquisition of the amusement park that falls under the control of Blackstone Group. In 2012, the new owners took the company into the public limelight that led to additional revenue for the organization to expand operations and hire new candidates. The latest employment opportunities mainly include part-time and full-time opportunities that feature fantastic training programs and experience in specialized fields.

the seaworld application

It mainly results broad and expanded company umbrella that encompasses various off chute parks besides three renowned parks that serves multiple areas of the nation. The company primarily offers tens of thousands of jobs that are available throughout the country. The theme park thrives because it is nestled in a warm area with millions of people. The job seekers need to have fantastic communication skills besides excitable personalities if they wish to work here. The daily duties require employees to interact with the guests directly.

The applicants need to be amicable, friendly, encouraging, and extroverted if they wish to stay on task and perfectly carry out individual and group work. Applicants who love working with kids can surely get the first preference here.

Career Opportunities Available at SeaWorld

The job seekers need to be at least 16 years old to work at SeaWorld. However, if the work involves some hazardous activities or is related to selling alcohol, then the age requirements change to 21 years of age.

Beverage Host

The employees here need to work at least 20 to 30 hours per week; the position is available for both part-time and full-time employees. The employees need to fill the customers’ food and drinks orders at their respective kiosks throughout the parks. They also have to adhere to food preparation duties and meet the safety guidelines besides honoring the state laws regarding the distribution of alcohol.

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When it comes to working as a beverage host, the employees must be 21 years and above. One of the essentials for this job is physical stamina as it includes lifting and bending during shift hours. The employees also need to be alright with the peak conditions which include cold and hot food items, freezers, or open range stovetops. They can earn $10 on an hourly basis, and the pay tends to increase after gaining some experience.


The applicant must be at least 16 years old to apply here, and they have to perform inside the theme park or give public appearances during company events and media functions. Some of the specialized skills required to become a performer include acrobatics, dance, singing, etc. they can earn $14 to $15 per hour.

the seaworld application tip

Tips While Applying at SeaWorld

The hiring process is very competitive, to get the best talent from the outside world. Each year SeaWorld gets thousands of applications; hence there is cut-throat competition. Interested applicants must take out considerable time to prepare all the relevant employment materials, to highlight all the skills they have. This would provide a solid base for increasing the chances of getting recruited. Applicants should only upload original documents to the portal. The document should be correct and relevant to the position the candidate applied for.

Perks of Working at SeaWorld

The company offers a fantastic working experience to employees besides a competitive salary. The employees can also receive paid training, holidays, and insurance cover. There are multiple opportunities for growth for individuals.

There are multiple benefits which the employment packages include qualified retirement plans, medical plans, reimbursement of tuition, complimentary park passes, free uniforms, and child care, legal assistance, etc. The benefits of the job vary from the employment type such as part-time, full time or seasonal employment.

Miscellaneous Information About SeaWorld

The company runs a program known as SeaWorld Cares. It aims to give back to the environment and nearby communities across the globe. The park also has rescued at least 2000 animals since its inception.


Working with SeaWorld is a dream for many. Applicants should study the company well before walking in for their interview. There are also various tips mentioned in this blog that will help them the applicants ace the interview.

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