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Best Places to Sell Used Car Batteries for Cash Near You

reasons to sell your old vehicle battery

Do you have an old car battery sitting around gathering dust?

The battery powers a wide range of components in your vehicle, but with time they lose power. So, if you’re starting to feel like your battery is getting sluggish, replacing it is a quick and easy way to get some extra juice. 

But if you need some extra cash, don’t simply throw your old battery away. There are several companies that are likely to want to take it off your hands, and they will even pay you!

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best places to sell used car batteries for cash near you.

Reasons to Sell Your Old Vehicle Battery

If you’re not sure what to do with an old vehicle battery, you may be tempted to store it. But is there any point? Will you ever use it again for something? Probably not.

Or, if you decide to throw away the battery, you need to dispose of it carefully. Most vehicle batteries contain lead acid, which can leak sulfuric acid as it decomposes. Sulfuric acid is very toxic to the environment, and dumping the battery in a landfill will contaminate the soil. 

reasons to sell your old vehicle battery

Not a lot of people know this, but…

American consumers buy more than 3 billion dry-cell batteries each year, and the majority end up in landfills. When the battery leaks, the heavy metals can seep into the groundwater table to pollute lakes and streams. This can be very harmful to humans and animals that come into contact with these toxic chemicals. 

The good news is that you are likely to be able to recycle your old vehicle battery. But finding a company or individual who will take the battery off your hands is a much simpler solution. You can also get a little cash in return, so it’s worth searching for the right buyer. 

How Much You Could Make on a Used Car Battery?

It’s important to note that there isn’t a flat rate for batteries, and the price depends on various factors. The market price can also vary, and you should do a little research before offering your battery for sale, as some buyers are also likely to be willing to pay more for your old battery than others. 

But as a general guide…

If you contact a part store, the minimum you are likely to receive is your core charge. This is the deposit you have to pay when purchasing a new battery. This fee is put in place to encourage recycling. While the minimum fee is usually around $5, some buyers may pay much more than this. 

How Much You Could Make on a Used Car Battery

The Best Places to Sell Used Car Batteries for Cash Near You

Once you’ve decided to put your old battery up for sale, it’s time to connect with potential buyers. Some platforms will give you a price right away, while others will connect you with potential buyers. Here are some places where you may be able to convert your old vehicle battery into cash

Auto Parts Stores 

Contacting your local auto parts store is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a sale. So, it’s a good idea to do a quick search to find the various auto parts stores in your area. Several companies have locations across the United States, including O’Reilly, AutoZone, Napa, and Advanced Auto Parts. 

Auto Parts Stores 

Top tip…

If you purchased your old battery from one of these companies, they will automatically refund the core charge. Depending on the type of battery, this will be between $5 and $12. This is a fair chunk of change, so it’s worth making the effort to return the old battery.

However, before visiting the auto parts store, you should call ahead to check how you will receive payment. Some companies give you store credit rather than cash. So, if you are unable to use the store credit, this is sure to be a waste of your time and money. 


There is a whole market dedicated to scrap metal, and prices vary according to supply and demand. Scrapyards purchase scrap metal by the ton or pound at the market price on the day. This means that you will get more money for a heavier battery than a lighter one. 

If you have a small vehicle, your old battery is likely to weigh between ten and twenty pounds. However, the battery in a standard-sized vehicle can weigh up to sixty pounds. So, you could receive up to $30 for your used battery if the current market price is fifty cents per pound.

And while you’re at it…

If you want to maximize your earning potential, you can reach out to friends and relatives. Ask if they have an old battery or other broken items like lawnmowers that you can sell on their behalf. This will allow you to get a bulk price and will save everyone the hassle of making their own deals. 


If you purchased the battery from Walmart, you can return it to your local store. Simply head over to the Customer Service Desk to make an inquiry. If the branch has a recycling program, you will be offered some cash on the spot.

A few other details to know…

It’s a good idea to call ahead to save lugging your old battery to a store that won’t accept it. When you enter the store, you can place your old battery in a shopping cart to make the going easier. You can use the money you receive toward a new battery if you want. 


Facebook Marketplace

You can sell just about anything on this popular social media platform. If you already have a Facebook account, take the time to check out the marketplace section. You are sure to discover that a huge range of items is posted for sale.

How to list your used battery on Facebook Marketplace…

You need to take a couple of clear photos from different angles and write a concise description. But make sure you include all the important details so that potential buyers know exactly what’s being offered. You should also do a quick Google search to find the going rate in your area before setting your price.

Then what?

With a little luck, you should receive offers from several potential buyers. It’s best to get the buyer to come to you so that you don’t waste money on gas. However, you should take the time to vet the buyers before giving them your home address. 


This mobile app makes selling car parts very quick and easy. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to enter your location. You will then be shown a list of the various scrapyards in your area. 

You will be able to see full details of the types of scrap metal the scrapyards are searching for. There will also be information on the rates the scrapyards typically pay. When you have selected a scrapyard, you’ll be provided with a contact number so that you can reach out. 

But there’s more…

The iScrap app comes with a wide range of features that sellers can take advantage of. You can find updated market prices and arrange pickup services if you need to. And if you are planning to sell your old vehicle, you can also get a quote for it and compare prices. 

Metal Recycling Centers

It’s also an excellent idea to do a quick search to see if you have a metal recycling center close to home. These businesses operate in a similar way to scrapyards but will usually pay you slightly more. They accept a wide range of items, and it’s best to reach out in advance to see if they’re interested. 

Metal Recycling Centers


You can create a free listing on this platform and connect with a huge number of potential buyers for used batteries. All you need to do is create a detailed listing and upload a couple of photos. You will then be contacted by any potential buyers and can arrange the sale according to your needs.

The best part?

There is no commission fee or other types of charges for using Craigslist. Plus, you can post as many items as you want for sale. You will receive an email when someone reaches out to you, and you are free to negotiate fully on your own terms.

It’s also advisable to do a quick search of the listings to see if there are already buyers looking for used batteries. If you find a listing, you can use the offered price to guide you. However, you can always ask for a little extra if your old battery is in very good condition. 

Local Auto Repair Shops

Many auto repair shops recondition dead batteries and resell them to customers at a profit. As a result, they could be interested in your old battery. It’s advisable to call several auto repair shops in your area and see what they’re willing to offer you.

In order to make a sale, your old battery will need to be in good condition and free from defects. The battery will be carefully inspected before an offer is made. And if there is a serious issue with the battery, it is likely to be rejected. 

Local Pawn Shops

Most pawn shops take a wide range of items, so they can be a good option for selling used car batteries and much much more. Generally speaking, the amount of money you receive is likely to be fairly low. However, this saves you the hassle of searching for potential buyers and allows you to get paid immediately. 

Local Pawn Shops


This company accepts old vehicles that are no longer roadworthy. This includes all of the vehicle parts, like the battery. Plus, if Pull-A-Part wants your vehicle, they will tow it away for you at no cost.

A company employee will carefully inspect your old vehicle and give you a quote. If you accept the offer, you will normally be paid in cash right there and then. This saves you the hassle of finding a way to get your vehicle moved and having to pay that cost. 

Newspaper Classified Ads

It’s possible to list your old battery for sale in the classified section of your local newspaper. This could be a particularly good way to connect with local buyers if you want to make sales regularly. Many local newspapers allow readers to submit listings for free, so it’s a good option on a low budget.

Also, take the time to check out the current ads to see if any scrappers have placed an ad. You might be able to call them and offer your battery for sale directly. 

United Battery 

If you live in Longview or Portland, do check out United Battery. This dedicated battery seller runs a Cash for Junk Batteries Program. This allows you to convert all types of automotive batteries into cash

What do I like most?

This program is dedicated to safe battery recycling and strives to make the process as easy as possible. The company deals directly with American smelters to ensure that batteries are handled in an environmentally-safe way. This provides extra peace of mind and saves you the hassle of navigating hazard waste disposal laws. 

United Battery

Global Tech Environmental 

You can only sell your old car battery to Global Tech Environment if you have your own company. And you need to check in advance to make sure that your business qualifies under the company’s policy. However, if you do, you are likely to find that you will receive one of the best rates around.

To get started, you need to collect at least three hundred pounds of electronic scrap, including your old battery. The company accepts a wide range of unwanted items under its dedicated recycling program. Simply complete the online request form to specify what you have for sale and get an offer. 

Now that you know the best places to sell used car batteries for cash near you, do you…

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Ok, back to…

Final Thoughts

Selling your old vehicle battery is an easier and safer option than storing it in your garage. Not only does this free up some storage space, but it also eliminates the risk of the battery leaking. Several types of companies are likely to offer you money for your battery, and it’s worth checking out all of your options.

Although selling your battery won’t make you rich, it will give you some extra money for a rainy day. But when choosing what business to sell your old car battery to, take the cost of gas into account. Because if you have to drive a long distance to reach the buyer, you might actually end up losing money.

Happy battery sales!

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