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Server Job Description

server job description

A restaurant server seat guests relay orders to the kitchen staff, collect a payment, sell the restaurant’s drinks and food, answer questions about the menu and food, take orders, and assist with cleaning and customer service. Servers are often called waiter or waitress who works in a restaurant.

They have a significant role in a restaurant. The servers arrive on time, prep for the day, cut garnishes, set up tables, and greet guests. They also top up the table, communicate with diners, upsell with ease, and are responsible for serving guests. In addition, they make celebrations unique and ensure that the food served is cold or hot as required by the customers.

Job Description of Server

In the restaurant industry, servers are frequently sought after to take orders and serve food to patrons. The majority of their responsibilities will revolve around accepting drink and food orders, writing them down on order papers, and ensuring that tables are adequately served, and all payments are received.

To excel in this job position, the candidate must have a positive attitude and capacity to work effectively with cooks, bussers, and other staff members under pressure. Previous customer service expertise in a fast-paced work setting is highly desirable. They are responsible for helping close or open the restaurant, be on their feet, flexible with timing, and stock supplies.

Responsibilities of Servers

  • Servers take drink and meal orders of customers accurately and with a positive attitude.
  • They are also in charge of writing orders on order papers, memorizing orders, or entering orders into computers for transmission to kitchen personnel.
  • They must also pleasantly interact with customers.
  • These candidates should also be familiar with the menu and able to provide recommendations or suggestions to the customers.
  • Servers must also ensure that tables are enjoying their meals and correct any issues that arise.
  • They should also be in charge of collecting payments from the tables.
  • The servers should also check the itemized and total meal charges, as well as sales taxes in the invoices.
  • Their responsibilities also include assisting meal preparation employees as needed.

Requirement for Server

  • The candidate should have experience providing great customer service in a fast-paced workplace.
  • The candidate must also have a positive attitude and work well under pressure with bussers, cooks, and other employees.
  • They should also be able to work independently and produce high-quality results.
  • Servers must also be capable of handling cash and manage a point-of-sale system accurately.
  • The candidate must also have a high school diploma.
  • A requirement for the Server position is working in a fast-paced work environment and also fulfilling orders on time.

Interview Questions for Server

1 Describe how you deal with unhappy customers.

Ans. It assesses the job applicant’s customer service abilities.

2 Tell us about your favorite appetizer, drink, main course, and dessert.

Ans. It demonstrates the candidate’s menu knowledge.

3 Give some examples of frequent dietary limitations and choose one of our menu items to meet each one.

Ans. This question assesses the Candidate’s understanding of ingredients.

4 On busy work settings, how do you handle your tables? How can you ensure that your services are of great quality and accurate?

Ans. It demonstrates the applicant’s multitasking abilities.

5 How do you go about upselling items? Is it more vital to sell high-priced things or to please the customer?

Ans. This response puts your sales abilities to the test.

Future Scope as a Server

The job role of Server is significant in every restaurant and the food and beverage industry. They ensure guest satisfaction and that they enjoy meals. Servers also take action against any problem or issue associated with customers. Servers are the contact between bar or kitchen and customers. They usually take orders, deliver drinks and food to customers, and ensure their needs and requirements are met. Servers advance in their career and grow by taking the role of Sales Representative and Bartender. They are also offered Administrative Assistant, Bartender Server, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, and Sales Associate job positions.

These job roles for former Servers utilize a few skills that are a stepping stone for the candidates to a different job option.


Servers ensure that restaurant clients are comfortable answering questions, collecting orders, conveying them to kitchen workers, providing them with everything they need, and processing their payments. Strong candidates who will be courteous, efficient, and also professional are the best fit and ideal for the Server job role. They should also create a memorable dining experience for the customers; they create rapport with the patrons. The servers also offer optimum customer service.

Once they excel in the job role, they may move to job roles, such as Guest Services Managers, Bartenders, Shift Managers, and many other positions. If you have strong customer service, math, written and verbal communication, and also knowledge of Food Service Regulations, you are the perfect fit to apply for a Server job position.

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