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Service Advisor Job Description

the service advisor job description

A service advisor helps customers with their car dealership and the services required. As a service advisor, you will be performing the role of a liaison between the customers and the technicians. You will be addressing the customer with their vehicular problems and the repair timelines. You are also required to explain it all if the customer asks about it and you need to give proper details on whatever repairs you advise to the customer. The employee also has to answer the customer’s concerns with satisfactory answers and help find the fix to issues.

service advisor job description

Job Description

The job is all about working with the technicians of the organization and working as a liaison between the technician and the customers. Service advisors have to provide information on the issues faced by the customers and give them a proper fix. You have to also greet customers and talk them through the vehicular problems that they are facing while driving the vehicle.

The advisor will also be responsible for providing the proper inspections, scheduling appointments, and providing the estimated cost of repair with detailed information about the parts that are needed to be changed. They will also be performing tests for the cars to find out different issues and explain them to the mechanic and the customer. The employee also has to take notes from the information you get from the customer and give timelines for the same repair after conveying the same information to the technician.

To work as a service advisor, you have to be gentle enough. You should also have good communication skills to help provide the right information to the customer. Also, you have to be familiar with all the terminology and working of the different parts used in the automotive industry. Try to keep up with the trends that revolve around the automobile industry. As a service provider, you have to ensure excellent customer service.

Skills Required – Service Provider

You have to be good at communicating with customers and you should be gentle throughout the talk. Apart from that, you should hold a good knowledge of the automotive industry and different parts that usually get damaged. You should be aware of the terminology used to make proper reports with proper serial numbers for the parts you need from the technician. A successful service provider always uses their analytical skill to find the main issue behind the discomfort felt by customers.

Job Responsibilities

  • You will be directly dealing with the customers as a liaison between the customer and the mechanic.
  • The employee should also ensure good customer service
  • You will be consulting the mechanic to get the details through the customer about the vehicular repairs
  • You have to give proper timelines for the repairs and also advise the customer with the new parts to help enhance the performance of their vehicle
  • Providing all the information about parts that are available at the store for the customer and in-depth information of service options
  • You need to be focused on helping customers with warranty protection and telling them about parts to fix the car
  • Managing the schedule
  • Maintaining the conversation to ensure good service
  • Ensuring proper reports and proving the same to the customers with in-depth detail
  • Communicating the repair instructions as given by the customer to the technician and vice-versa

Job Requirements

  • You need a degree in mechanics or any related field
  • The candidate should also be passionate about the automotive industry.
  • You need to understand the automotive technology
  • Learning the industry-oriented applications
  • Strong decision making and advising skills
  • You should be able to manage your time to help more customers

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What’s the role of a Service Advisor?

Ans. For the role of a service advisor, you have to work as a liaison between the customer and the technician. You will be providing the information about the repairs from the customer to the mechanic and vice-versa. The candidate is also required to provide all the information to the customer with in-depth reports on the parts that need to be changed or fixed. You also have to explain the customer with whatever doubts they have. As a service provider, you have to use strong analytical skills to find the reason behind the discomfort.

2 Is there any need for previous experience?

Ans. No, you don’t need previous experience to be eligible for this position. You just have to be good at communicating with customers and if you have previous experience dealing with customers as an advisor, that would be preferable by companies.

3 What certifications are required for the job of Service Provider?

Ans. There’s no such certification you need to be able to apply for the position of a Service Provider. All you have to know is the automotive industry pretty well and if you keep up with the trends, you are a perfect match for this job.

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