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ServiceMaster Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

servicemaster application

ServiceMaster is one of the market leaders in professional and residential cleaning and restoration. They operate through a wide service network of over 8,000 company-owned locations, franchise and license agreements.

With such a widespread presence throughout the US and ten foreign countries, it’s not surprising that ServiceMaster is always on the lookout for talents to expand its workforce.

But what are they looking for? And how can you apply?

Let’s find out as I take an in-depth look at the ServiceMaster Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

servicemaster application

What is ServiceMaster?

ServiceMaster was founded by Marion E. Wade in 1929, a former minor league baseball player, and was one of the first franchise businesses in America.

For nearly 20 years, the company was known for its residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. The real expansion began at the end of the ’50s when Mr. Wade was searching for new ideas and realized that there was a lot of potential in the hospital maintenance sector.

What he recognized…

While similar businesses were flourishing in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, nobody was offering that service in America.

That moment was a game-changer for ServiceMaster. Over the next few decades, it grew to become a Fortune 500 company. Over the years, they expanded their offers and built an impressive franchise network with thousands of locations in the US and abroad.

ServiceMaster Today

Nowadays, ServiceMaster represents six different brands: ServiceMaster Restore, ServiceMaster Clean, Merry Maids, AmeriSpec, Furniture Medic, and ServiceMaster Recovery Management, all of which share the same company mission of “Making everyday heroes more heroic.”

Each brand specializes in a variety of services, from residential cleaning to disaster restoration, with everything you can think of in between.

Impressive numbers…

In the last five years, their yearly revenue has always exceeded $2 billion, and if we take into consideration both the company-owned location and the franchise network, nearly 50000 employees work for ServiceMaster or one of its brands.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

After all these impressive numbers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that new opportunities to enter the ServiceMaster world come up frequently. The best place to begin your search is the About Us page on their website, which lists the different brands and the franchising affiliation program.

On the top right corner, there is the link to the career section that will take you directly to the job openings webpage.

What the career page looks like?

I have to admit that when compared to other career websites, ServiceMaster’s one doesn’t look too impressive. The landing page offers nothing more than a list of available jobs and a search bar located at the top where you can type in whatever you want to refine your search.

Let me save you a little time…

There isn’t any information about career growth possibilities, career paths, or classic interviews with some of their employees. However, the website is exceptionally functional and easy to navigate both on mobile and laptop.

the servicemaster application guide

How many jobs? And what positions do they look for?

At the moment of writing, there were only 50 positions available at ServiceMaster. Moreover, the website seems to advertise only jobs in company-owned locations.

Other vacancies, especially for entry-level jobs, might be available at your nearest franchise. You can search for them on their website or in local newspapers.

The good news…

Even though the number is relatively low, there is a wide variety of job offers. These include; solo cleaner, brand ambassador, restoration technician, account coordinator, senior manager, and much more.

The job postings – are they clear enough?

Once you click on the job of your interest, you’ll find all the information that you need. Moreover, all the listings are formatted with the same style, and they contain lots of details about the position.

What I like the most?

After a brief description of the type of applicants they’re looking for, the “what you’ll do” paragraph is exactly what you would expect from a decent job posting.

The same can be said for the “What you’ll bring section” that describes all the necessary skills and education requirements.

Online Application Process

When you’re ready to apply, click on the button, and you’ll be taken to a sign-in page that will verify your identity. You can do that with your telephone number or through your social accounts.

Have your CV ready…

The next step will be uploading your CV or filling in a professional details form. You also have the option to upload a cover letter, a transcript, work samples, or any other document that could be relevant to the job.

After that, you’ll be asked what your salary expectation is, and you can add further information that could be beneficial for your application.

Almost there…

You can choose whether to answer a few more questions about your gender and ethnicity or not, and you’re ready to review and submit the application.

If you have already prepared your CV, the whole process takes less than five minutes, and you never need to leave the website. Quick and straightforward, even for those of us who have a deep aversion to technology.

servicemaster application guide

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

Finding a job can be a real challenge. That’s why when we come across a company that keeps investing in human resources, it is an opportunity that we shouldn’t miss. Moreover, ServiceMaster is an economically sound company with almost 100 years of history behind it. One more reason to consider them when we look for a reputable organization to start (or restart) our career.

Today you’ve learned everything you’ll need to know about the ServiceMaster Application Online: Jobs & Career Info. Will a ServiceMaster position be your next job? Only you can answer that.

Happy application!

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