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Sheetz Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Ideally, Sheetz is an American chain of gas stations and convenience locations that mainly revamp the concept of the market niche. The company also sells excellent fast food in its convenience stores that help patrons customize to get fast food per their taste. The company’s motto is to feel the love, and they claim to live by it as the retail chain’s fast food is undoubtedly impressive. When it comes to coffee, there is something for everyone, and one cannot refuse as the store offers a wide array of aromas.

sheetz application

Additional Information

Hence, if one wants to stop for gas, Sheetz has something appealing to them with impressive tags and offers. One would surely want to stay for a long time to get something to munch as the smell itself will persuade them to stay here. The retail chain was established in 1952 by the Sheetz family, and it is spread over to at least 500 locations, including North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

The retail chain mainly sells a fusion of grocery and fast-food products. Almost all of the company’s stores sell gasoline. At least 19000 employees currently work here. The retail chain is growing continuously, so several job openings are available here across all the locations.

Important Information To Know Before Applying at Sheetz

Minimum age required to be working at Sheetz: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to apply at Sheetz.

Working hours at Sheetz: The store is open 24 hours and seven days a week. The working hours of the employees depend on the shifts.

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The Employment Opportunities at Sheetz

In 1952, Bob Sheetz, the company’s founder, had purchased its first store in Altoona, PA, and gradually he developed the company in no time, and then the chain had 100 stores roughly. The retail chain runs as one of the biggest convenience chains in the Midwest and Southeast. The company believes that it is successful only because its employees contribute to a $5 billion company.

The family-owned gas station company chain tends to expand facilities. A scenario can best explain it in 2014 where the company had spent at least $33 million on one food preparation faculty. The developments offer rich opportunities for job potentials to get meaningful employment and sustain the careers that tend to rewarding.

Job Profile

The company is ideal for experienced and less experienced candidates; Sheetz offers perfect job possibilities for high school and college graduates besides career-minded people. The company has been awarded as one of the best places to work for quite some time now as employees can avail several perks here besides getting an opportunity to advance in growing companies. There are plenty of jobs available in the entry-level positions, including gas stations, warehouses, and distribution centers, while the managerial level jobs are available in the headquarters mainly.

Career Opportunities at Sheetz

The Sheetz mainly needs at least 16 years old applicants, and in some managerial positions, they need to have some proper qualifications. High school diplomas tend to be mandatory in some cases.

Sales Associate

The applicants have to work in the convenience store environment and should be pro at customer service and naturally display a people-oriented attitude to the responsibilities. Here both full-time and part-time positions are available, and employees expect to get a weekend holiday schedule. The job duties mainly include helping clients with purchasing to food preparation, especially in the kitchen. The gas station employees should be ready to stand for long hours, handle money besides the front and stock shelves.

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Besides that, they have to maintain cleanliness amid the store. The promotion opportunities mainly include assistant store managers or shift leaders, and they can earn $8 to $11 per hour. Additionally, the sales associates can get 50 percent off on food besides occasional tips.

Food and Bakery Operations Team Member

The team members need to prepare and pack food through special equipment and ensure that they adhere to all the safety guidelines. The employees should be fit enough to lift at least 50 pounds and stand and walk for an extended duration besides being willing to work with allergen products. The company doesn’t allow employees to use the jeweler and implements hairnets. They can earn $9 per hour, but they should be willing to work in 36-degrees Fahrenheit working conditions.

the sheetz application tips

Store Manager

The fuelling staff managers tend to lead staff with a customer-focused attitude and supervise almost all the aspects of the Sheetz convenience store. The managerial employees need to possess outstanding organizational skills and show a keen interest in working in the company. Besides that, the employees must be willing to prepare schedules for their subordinates and sustain the workforce. They also need to count the stock and understand the market trends. They can earn $35000 per hour.

Tips for Applying at Sheetz

The candidates can apply both via offline as well as online mode. However, when the candidate applies via the offline front, it shows that the candidate is passionate about the job and is looking forward to it. Overall, in the case of recruitment rounds, the candidate needs to be ready and be well prepared.

Perks of Working at Sheetz

The family-owned retail chain tends to take pride in offering several benefits to its employees. When hired, the applicants tend to avail of product discounts, quarterly bonuses that mainly depend on free drinks, and access to the credit union and free union forms. The applicants eligible can get health retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information on Sheetz

The company had established a tradition of charitable trusts in 1992, and it mainly aims to help underprivileged kids.


Sheetz is a retail chain that offers many opportunities to interested candidates to be a part of the organization. Now and then, the retail chain opens up a plethora of opportunities for passionate young people to join and be a part of the team. In this article, we have covered information about the different roles the retail chain hires for and tips for applying. This will help candidates apply for the role in the right manner.

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