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Sheraton Hotel Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Sheraton brand operates over 500 hotels. Sheraton Hotel often needs employees to maintain excellent services for its guests and retain high standards. Each hotel location needs an ample number of employees for its smooth operations and maintaining the rooms. Individuals looking to work or have a passion for the hotel industry must consider applying for Sheraton Hotel.

It updates various job roles over its official career portal. To maintain each hotel location efficiently, Sheraton Hotel needs job roles for full-time, part-time, and entry-level capacities. Applicants can easily check the job applications over its online career portal. Likewise, you can check various job opportunities available at its hotel locations over its online career platform.

This article will help you provide complete details and information about the job application process of Sheraton Hotel. The international chain of resorts and hotels is owned and operated by Marriot. It hires over 200,000 individuals around the globe. Marriot International was founded in 1927 and is based out at Bethesda, Maryland.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Sheraton Hotel

Candidates should be a minimum of 18 years to apply for a job role with Sheraton Hotel. Sheraton Hotel locations operate and function for 24 hours every day for seven days a week.

Future Job Scope at Sheraton Hotel

Entry-level positions at Sheraton Hotels usually need a minimum age requirement or a high school diploma. While Sheraton Hotel’s Managers typically require a college degree to get employment. Employees at Sheraton Hotel often experience career growth.

Job Positions Offered at Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel seeks aspiring candidates for each location. Its frequently available positions at hotel locations include Room Attendants, Lead Cook Managements, Housekeepers, Front Desk Agents, and Banquet Servers.

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Front Desk Agents

  • These are entry-level job roles at Sheraton Hotel locations.
  • Front Desk Agents are also responsible for handling room keys, processing and collecting payments, verifying guests’ reservation details, and greeting the guests arriving at Sheraton Hotels and Resorts.
  • They should also be attentive to any unexpected situation or environment in a professional, friendly, and competent way.
  • These Agents generally make up around $10.00 to $12.00 per hour at Sheraton Hotel.

sheraton hotel application tips

Room Attendants

  • Room Attendants also get referred to as housekeepers.
  • These candidates are also responsible for cleaning occupied and vacant guests’ rooms daily.
  • Their essential duties are also to clean floors, make beds, clean bathrooms and bedroom areas.
  • They are also responsible for replenishing supplies like towels, etc., to the guests.
  • Room attendants however do not require previous work experience to get an entry-level job as this role at Sheraton Hotel.
  • Room Attendants usually earn around $8.00 to $9.00 at Sheraton Hotel locations.

Benefits of Working with Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotels and Resorts provide plentiful job benefits and perks to eligible candidates. Qualified employees enjoy various employee benefits, including the following:

  • Sheraton Hotel offers discounted hotel rooms and life insurance with 401 (K) retirement plans and health coverage to its employees.
  • Employees at Sheraton Hotel also benefit from development programs, world-class training for its workers.
  • It usually results in various offers of career growth for its employees at Sheraton Hotels and Resorts.

The Online Job Application Process of Sheraton Hotel

Job applicants finding jobs in the hotel industry or looking to work and apply for at Sheraton Hotel must visit its online career platform. The process to get employment at Sheraton Hotel is explained below. You should go through this guide and steps carefully and apply for the critical role at Sheraton Hotel.

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So, let’s check the online job application process of Sheraton Hotel

  • Go to the online platform of Sheraton Hotel and visit its career webpage.
  • Click on the “Find Jobs” tab to view the search page that will appear here.
  • Enter your required keyword job title or job number in the initial blank field.
  • You need to enter your location preference in the following blank field and tap on the “Search” tab to view the required results.
  • Tap here on the “Apply” tab placed on the right of your preferred job listing.
  • It would be best if you read the privacy agreement that appeared here before accepting it. Now, tap on the “I Accept” tab.
  • Tap on the “Create a New Account” tab if you are a new user for Sheraton Hotel registration. You should also create your account by submitting your username, password, and preferred e-mail address.
  • Tap on the “Register” tab to create your new Sheraton Hotel account.
  • You can also fill out the main job application form for Sheraton Hotel after creating your account.
  • You can submit your job application after filling up the remaining sections required by Sheraton Hotel.
  • Review your online job application form for Sheraton Hotel and submit it to apply for your candidature.

Checking Job Application Status of Sheraton Hotel

Candidates should wait for a week or two after submitting their job application form to work with Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. Candidates should also follow up with hiring personnel of Sheraton Hotel to know about the status of their hiring. They can also contact Sheraton Hotel through e-mail or a phone call. Visiting in person at Sheraton Hotel to see the status of the job can impress its hiring staff.

Sheraton Hotel might consider your application when you visit them well-dressed and well-behaved. Showing your excellent verbal skills with a passion for the brand may result in consideration for your candidature.

Some More Details about Sheraton Hotel

Being Starwood collections’ hospitality brands, Sheraton also operates and functions as a sister company to other hotel chains, comprising the seven different brands. It encapsulates over 1,100 properties across the world in around 100 countries.

Sheraton Hotel serves as the most extensive sister hotel chain of the entire company of hospitality. It also furnishes and maintains every room of its hotel chain with the trademark of Sweet Sleeper Bed. These beds are also purchased online by the guests for their home use.


Candidates looking to work with Sheraton Hotels and Resorts may apply online by submitting the job application form through its career portal. It allows you to search for job vacancies for Sheraton Hotel according to your functional and geographic area and location of job position. Applicants can create their online profile over the career portal of Sheraton Hotel and complete the online job application form as mentioned above in this article.

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