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Sherwin-Williams Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

sherwin williams application

Ideally, Sherwin-Williams is an American firm that mainly deals in paints, coatings, and other products. No doubt, the company is quite famous for its colors, but it also excels in other products. Recently the company had acquired a paint company known as Valspar, which was its major rival in the paint industry. The company was established in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward William.

Currently, the company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company mainly had four departments in 1866: Americas group, Performance coatings group, Consumer Brands Group, and Latin America coatings group. The computer world had awarded Sherwin Williams as one of the top 100 places to work in the IT industry.

Additional Information

The builder had recognized the company as the most-used brand besides the best brand familiarity. It also has top rankings, and it was based on income. on the fortune 500 lists, the company was awarded the 190th spot. The company mainly distributes and sells to commercial and industrial besides retail industries in Europe and North and South America. The company has at least 4339 stores as of 2011. Additionally, employees love working here as the company offers equal opportunity and considers better welfare of their staff and employees.

Equal Opportunities

The employees choose to work here as the company aims to promote everyone equally. Besides considering their interest, the company also claims to offer a safe, healthy, nurturing, and friendly environment to its employees. The company offers several development opportunities and flexible scheduling besides a unique staff culture. The company is entirely trustworthy so that applicants can apply here without any second thoughts. Currently, the company has at least 45000 employees working in various departments.

Essential Information To know Before Applying at Sherwin-Williams

Minimum age required of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Sherwin-Williams: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Sherwin-Williams.

Working hours at Sherwin-Williams: The working hours at Sherwin-Williams are as follows:

  • A: Monday to Friday: The working hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • B: Saturday: The working hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • C: Sunday: The working hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Sherwin-Williams

As the company ranks as one of the best companies to work in, it ensures to be strongly committed to employees who provide international success. The family-style culture promotes a friendly work environment that offers several development opportunities. The paint producer mainly understands the achievements and successes of employees by ensuring at least 90% of managerial and supervisory jobs can come from promoting the current employees.

the sherwin williams application

Several personal and professional development campaigns help promising applicants to build the essential skills for continued career growth. The company aims to hire diverse and talented applicants to pursue challenging and rewarding careers in various fields, including sales, finance, transportation, manufacturing, marketing, and management.

The entry-level jobs need some previous work experience or education and excellent stepping stones toward careers in the hardware niche. The majority of Sherwin Williams retail locations and various manufacturing centers need applicants to be at least 18 years old.

Career Opportunities at Sherwin-Williams

Potential workers who love interacting with patrons daily might find part-time positions. The entry-level job tends to lead to full-time careers.

Sales Associate

The sales associate mainly represents crucial points of contact with patrons at various retail storefronts by guiding patrons through the paint buying process using professional advice and fantastic knowledge of Sherwin-Williams’s products and services. The applicants can handle transactions, mainly prepare perfect paperwork and tint or a blend of various paints based on the patron’s customer specifications.

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Additionally, other duties are likely to maintain clean storefronts and assemble the product displays, and restocking the shelves besides helping with deliveries. The employees need to at least 17 years of age and hold some high school degrees and valid driver’s licenses. They should also be able to lift at least 50 pounds. The applicants shouldn’t be colorblind to tint and mix paints perfectly. They can earn $10 to $11 per hour.

Decorative Product Specialist

The primary responsibility of a cosmetic product specialist is to help retail clients select and buy decorative items, including wall coverings, window treatments, faux finishing materials, and decorative product specialists. They need to hold valid driver licenses besides excellent communication skills and good color perception. They can earn $13 per hour. The duties are likely to maintain wall covering besides store displays, tinting, and mixing hues to align with patrons’ needs.

Delivery Driver

They can earn $10 per year. The candidates should possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving records. The staff members perform including as preparing and bringing deliveries of paint. They should be able to at least 100 pounds and show previous experience in customer service.

Tips for Applying at Sherwin-Williams

Candidates looking forward to applying for a part-time or entry-level job at Sherwin-Williams can also look for a full-time career in the future. The process of application is entirely online. All the interested candidates have to do is to navigate the official website and create their profile. The candidates should have all the updated documents such as resume, personal verification documents, past employment details.

sherwin williams application guide

Perks of Working at Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin Williams tends to prove ideal for applicants willing to start their careers with some of the best brands in the world. The company offers fantastic benefits to its employees, including health care plans like dental or life insurance. The eligible employees can also avail 401k retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Sherwin-Williams

The company stands legally obliged to adhere to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The company tends to buy minerals from other mandates and sources.


Sherwin-Williams is one of the most promising companies to work at. This article covered all the important information related to company background, different job roles offered, job description tips for applying, expected salary, miscellaneous information, etc. Candidates should go through this article carefully and prepare accordingly. Working at Sherwin-Williams is one of the biggest opportunities today and candidates should make the most of it. This will be a huge turning point.

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