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Shiekh Shoes Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Shiekh Shoes is continually growing its network from California’s central location to launch new shoe stores across the Midwest, Southwest, and American West. It was founded in 1991 and is expanding continuously. Therefore, it needs to hire new staff continuously for smooth operations. It also helps its employees grow in their careers in job roles, such as Store Management, Sales, and Customer Services.

Many job opportunities are available to work with Shiekh Shoes, including Floral Associates, Deli or Bakery Managers, Deli or Bakery Clerks, Produce Clerks, and Manager Trainees.

Shiekh Shoes often update the current job openings over its career portal. Candidates should check out the job application form for Shiekh Shoes at its career webpage.

Besides, candidates may follow the steps for filling out the job application form guided as below. Please scroll down and check the position requirements, roles, and responsibilities, shift timings, salaries, etc.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoes is looking for new employees with a minimum age of 17 while applying for any job position. However, the managerial-level roles need applicants with a minimum age of 18. The scheduling and operational hours at Shiekh Shoes are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Future Job Scope at Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoe often updates the job vacancies at its career portal. It needs candidates for many job roles. It also requires candidates to fill the managerial level vacancies, which the company usually promotes from within its stores. The associates at Shiekh Stores may get promoted to shift leaders or team leader roles. Shiekh Shoes promotes its employees to maintain efficient teams and strong relations with its staff to motivate them to work efficiently.

Job Positions Offered at Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoes offers various job opportunities for job seekers, including Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Sales Associates, and Cashiers. You will find Shiekh Shoe stores mainly in the shopping centers and malls. Shiekh Shoes’ entry-level employees are responsible for many roles in the stores, such as Cashiers, Stock Associates, and Sales Associates primarily.

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They are responsible for interacting with the shoppers and are accountable for building and meet sales goals. Candidates applying for entry-level positions need to have minimum qualifications or other requirements to get the job role. The readily available job roles at Shiekh Shoes include the following:

Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates at Shiekh Shoes work primarily for seasonal and part-time roles.
  • Their daily responsibilities include selling products and interact with shoppers.
  • They are also responsible for utilizing specific techniques to boost sales, replenish and restock products at Shiekh Shoes’ stores.
  • Sales Associates should climb, stand, lift, and bend during their shifts at Shiekh Shoes.
  • Their pay at Shiekh Shoes begins with a minimum wage.


  • Managers at Shiekh Shoes are responsible for doing various tasks, minimize loss, and maximize profits for its store locations.
  • Store Managers and Assistant Managers work together for various administrative duties.
  • Managers at Shiekh Shoes Also offer expertise in stocking, customer services, and coaches its subordinate employees.
  • They also schedule, train, and hire employees.
  • Shiekh Shoes’ managers usually earn around $40k per annum.

Benefits of Working with Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoes employees may benefit from earning employee benefits, including the following:

  • Shiekh Shoes employees often receive opportunities for career advancement, competitive salary, and flexible working hours.
  • Employees also get prescription medical plans, vision, dental, and medical insurance.
  • Full-time employees at Shiekh Shoes also get 402 (K) retirement plans.
  • Shiekh Shoes’ Associates receive employee discounts, vacation time, holiday pay, over time, and paid time off.

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The Online Job Application Process of Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoes offers various job opportunities for aspiring candidates. You can check the steps mentioned below to learn about filling out the job.

  • Candidates should open the Shiekh Shoes’ online platform through the web browser and check its job portal.
  • You can tap on the “For Featured Job- Click Here” tab and check out the available job positions at Shiekh Shoes.
  • Scroll down on the main career webpage till the end to check the job application form for Shiekh Shoes.
  • Fill out the personal and contact information in the required, blank fields.
  • You must answer every question asked in the Shiekh Shoes job application form.
  • Upload your current resume to get considered for Shiekh Shoes job positions and submit your job application form.

Checking Job Application Status of Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoes, as an expanding regional retailer, may not contact each candidate directly. Hiring managers at Shiekh Shoes often contact potential candidates through a phone call. However, applicants may reach Shiekh Shoes stores directly or contact them through a phone call or e-mail to know their job application status. Applicants should dress properly while visiting Shiekh Shoes stores as the retailer may conduct on-the-spot interviews.

Some More Information about Shiekh Shoes

Shiekh Shoes often provides trendy and fashionable footwear at budget-friendly prices. It also provides its customers with a 100% cost guarantee. If the shoppers are buying its products online, Shiekh Shoes offers a lower price for the first ten days after purchase. It also refunds the difference in the price of the products. However, it applies a few restrictions as the rebates, promotions, auction sites, and gift purchases might not continue.


Shiekh Shoes often looks for individuals with passion and interest in shoes and the retail industry. Previous employment in a similar industry can benefit candidates to get employment at Shiekh Shoes.

The company provides an effortless online job application process to help candidates fill it out quickly. Interested individuals may learn the process of filling the online job application form for Shiekh Shoes, as explained above.

Candidates can also download the job application form and submit it at the physical stores of Shiekh Shoes. The company expands its store locations continuously and often needs staff to fill our job vacancies at its new and existing stores. Applicants should stand at 17 years for entry-level job roles at Shiekh Shoes, while management roles need a minimum age of 18. Check out the complete information in this article and apply for your career with Shiekh Shoes today.

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