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Shoe Carnival Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

shoe carnival application

Shoe Carnival is a well-known shoe retailer and was founded in 1878. This company employs candidates for its footwear store capacities.

There is a massive demand for employees due to Shoe Carnival’s steady and growing business. It offers various job roles for its more than 350 store locations.

Candidates looking to work with Shoe Carnival may explore its online platform and check out the available job positions. Applicants can fill out the online job application form or download the PDF version to complete the process. The company is based out of Evansville, Indiana, with over 500 store locations across the United States. Most of its store locations are in the Midwest or Southern regions of the nation.

Are you looking to work with a renowned shoe company? Then, you must consider applying for a job at Shoe Carnival. Please scroll down to know more about Shoe Carnival and its available job positions. You will also gain knowledge about the job description, roles, and responsibilities, salaries, perks, and benefits of the various job opportunities offered by Shoe Carnival in this article.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival seeks candidates with a minimum age of 18 while applying for a job with its retail chain. The working hours and operation timings at Shoe Carnival is as follows:

Monday to Sunday: 09:30 a.m. to 09:30 p.m.

Future Job Scope at Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival often hires candidates for various part-time and full-time job roles. Entry-level positions are the most accessible positions for the people initiating their careers. Candidates holding GEDs or high school diplomas may get consideration for a job role at Shoe Carnival.

the shoe carnival application

The company offers active and fresh work environments for its employees. It energizes its work settings by providing games and contests for the customers that make its employees joyful and excited during their work schedules.

Job Positions Offered at Shoe Carnival

Various job positions available at Shoe Carnival include Media Production Managers, Store Managers, Assistant Managers, and Buyer’s Assistants. Shoe Carnival also offers vacancies for Floor Supervisors and Floor Associates. In addition, aspiring candidates with a passion for the shoe industry may apply to work with Shoe Carnival and avail themselves of various employee benefits.


  • Cashiers at Shoe Carnival are responsible for completing its customers’ shopping.
  • They are also responsible for applying for discounts and promotions, taking payments, and ringing up products.
  • Their duties also include greeting and smiling customers and maintain the cleanliness of register spaces.
  • Cashiers at Shoe Carnival usually earn around $8.00 an hour.

shoe carnival application guide

Mic Persons

  • Mic Persons at Shoe Carnival are often responsible for driving customers to do more shopping, promote specific products, and make announcements during their shift duties.
  • They are also responsible for encouraging customers to shop for their products quickly.
  • Their duties also involve assisting customers with inventory and directional queries.
  • Their pay at Shoe Carnival often initiates with around $8.75 per hour.

Floor Supervisors

  • These job roles at Shoe Carnival often lead store operations and staff with General Managers’ directions.
  • They are responsible for training the team members and offer superior customer services.
  • The floor Supervisor must carry out theft prevention policies at Shoe Carnival’s stores, processing voided and returned products.
  • Their duties also include completing bank and safe deposits and closing and opening Shoe Carnival stores.
  • They generally earn around $11.50 at Shoe Carnival.

Benefits of Working With Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival offers many benefits to its eligible and qualified employees, including the following:

  • Full-time Shoe Carnival employees often benefit from insurance coverage, including vision and medical plans as their health benefits.
  • It also offers scholarship options and 401 (K) retirement plans to the eligible workers at Shoe Carnival.
  • Part-time Shoe Carnival job roles often enjoy flexible shift schedules and merchandise discounts.
  • They also get opportunities for career advancement for their hard work and commitment to Shoe Carnival.

The Online Job Application Process of Shoe Carnival

Job Seekers looking for a job position at Shoe Carnival should visit its career portal and look for the current opening. In addition, shoe Carnival often updates about the recurring roles vacant at its existing and new store locations.

Scroll down and check out the steps to help you complete the online job application for Shoe Carnival.

the shoe carnival application guide

  • Check out the career webpage of Shoe Carnival and tap on the “Join Our Talent Network” tab.
  • Fill up the registration form that appeared here with your profile details and contact information and tap on the “Join” tab.
  • Look out for the available job roles offered by Shoe Carnival by tapping on the “Search” tab.
  • Tap on the Job position you are interested in applying for at Shoe Carnival and tapping on the “Apply” tab.
  • Please enter the required details prompted there to complete your registration form for Shoe Carnival to join their talent network.
  • Tap on the “Register” tab, and enter your details to fill up here, and tap on the “Next” tab.
  • Create your account for Shoe Carnival or log in with your credentials and agree to the privacy policy.
  • Fill in the remaining blank fields here and complete your online job application process for Shoe Carnival.

Checking Job Application Status of Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival usually needs one to two-week time to complete the hiring process. Candidates who applied for jobs at Shoe Carnival may call at its store location. Candidates can also visit Shoe Carnival stores and check with its hiring staff or managers. They should visit Shoe Carnival stores during slower business hours to let the hiring staff have time to update you about your job application status.

Some More Information about Shoe Carnival

Shoe Carnival offers incentives and membership plans to retain its customers. It also provides an exciting and joyful environment at each store location.

The membership of the customers often leads to shoe perk programs, special offers, and discounts. It also offers a point system to the users on every shopping they make at Shoe Carnival. Besides, it awards vouchers and gift cards with the points for the incentive plans based on the loyalty system.


Candidates may apply online or visit the Shoe Carnival’s store locations. Applications often get considered at Shoe Carnival for candidates with knowledge of the shoe industry, previous employment in the retail sector, or flexible schedule availability. Shoe Carnival employs candidates with a friendly attitude and skilled personalities. They must attain a minimum age of 18 to get employment at Shoe Carnival.

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