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Should I Apply to the Same Job Twice?

should i apply to the same job twice

So you’ve applied for a job and received a knockback. Is that position now permanently closed to you, or should you give it another shot if you see the vacancy posted again down the line?

This is a far more commonly asked question than you would imagine, and the answer depends on many different factors, which I’ll take a look at in this article. As you will see, there are plenty of scenarios where it’s perfectly OK to have a second attempt and others where you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

So, if you’re asking yourself the question, “Should I Apply to the Same Job Twice?” Then, it’s time to find out!

should i apply to the same job twice

Were You Rejected At The First Hurdle?

At what stage in the process did you get rejected, and what does that mean? For example, you have applied for a position and then get a response a week later. It’s the dreaded ‘We regret to inform you….’ message, and it’s usually automated. This means you haven’t made it past the first level of screening.

Possible Reasons You Were Rejected

There are a couple of reasons why your CV got rejected. One possibility is that a recruiter didn’t even look at your CV. Recruiters use something called applicant tracking systems.

This is software that helps them to screen through a large number of CVs without them having to look at each one individually. It’s quite possible that your CV wasn’t deemed a correct fit by the applicant tracking system and was rejected without a human being having set eyes on it.

You need to stand out too!

In cases where your CV has actually been read through by a recruiter, you’re CV didn’t stand out enough for them to consider moving you to the interview stage.

Either way, if you received a rejection before you’ve had a chance to at least engage with someone at the company or be invited for an interview, the chances of you being able to apply for the same job twice depends on several things.

should i apply to the same jobs twice

Re-using the same profile

Most automated recruitment systems will not let you apply for the same position twice using the same profile. The software will be able to track applications. If you’re already logged in the system as having applied and been rejected already, you will likely be unable to reapply.

However, if the company uses a manual system and they don’t have any sophisticated recruitment software doing the donkeywork, you can certainly have another go, but only after revamping or making significant changes to your CV.

Using the same CV will change nothing

If you reapply with the same CV that got you rejected, you are almost guaranteed to get the same result. So if you feel that you are a good candidate, but your CV isn’t making you stand out, it’s time for a complete CV makeover.

There’s always something you can do to make your CV more attractive. Seek advice from experts and make some changes. Having done this, you can re-apply, and with luck, the recruiter or even the software may see your information in a new light. What’s the worst that can happen?

What If You Got Rejected After An Interview?

So you got past the first hurdle, were invited to an interview, and then rejected. In this scenario, it’s pretty much game over. Under pressure, you may have forgotten to disclose some important information or still feel you deserve a second chance; it doesn’t matter.

Remember, at this point, your CV has been thoroughly looked over, and you’ve had the chance to present your case in person. The likelihood that you will be able to change their mind, even if you feel you didn’t get the chance to fully showcase your qualities, is very slim.

Sometimes a ‘NO’ is a ‘NO’…

In fact, a reapplication at this point may make them think there’s something slightly wrong with you. Not the kind of impression you’re trying to make.

If, in the unlikely scenario, they can be convinced to take another look at you, you’ll have to make the approach in person rather than resending another application. If you do manage to get another interview, you better have some tricks up your sleeve. Wasting recruiters’ time will not be appreciated.

Applying For Multiple Positions In The Same Company

Along with applying for the same job twice, is it possible to send in applications for more than one job with the same firm? Of course! If you are suitably qualified and your CV makes sense for each individual role, then there is no harm in trying for more than one position.

What companies don’t want is people who make numerous applications to positions where their skillset isn’t aligned. You will be seen as a chancer looking to cast your net wider than it is capable.

Don’t cost yourself another job…

This could even cost you a chance at a position within the company that you are actually qualified for and want. Don’t jeopardize your chances by wasting their time with other applications where you don’t really meet the criteria.

Do Companies Have Rules About Re-Applications?

Some companies have policies in place to stop the same candidates from reapplying for the same position. This is particularly true if you’ve made it to the final stages of the process.

Often in these cases, they will ban any further applications for a minimum of six months or a year. This is to avoid over eager applicants and time-wasting. It also gives the candidate a chance to improve their chances down the line by giving them time to make the changes necessary. This doesn’t normally happen overnight.

Are There Circumstances Where You Can Reapply After A Post-Interview Rejection?

Yes, there certainly are. For example, you can re-apply after a significant amount of time if you’ve become more qualified for the job or gained further experience that will bolster your application.

This is important as you don’t just want to be presenting the same CV that got you rejected before. You’ll need to show how much of a better fit you are for the position this time around. New and relevant information is crucial to your success. You’re showing the employer that you’re keen enough to work for them, that you’ve gone away and improved your skill set accordingly.

When the job criteria changes…

You can also re-apply for a position if the job criteria changes. Sometimes employers are over-ambitious with their requirements for a particular position and can’t easily find the correct employee in the market. Having interviewed potential candidates with no success in filling the position, they may re-advertise the job with changes to the qualification requirements.

If this happens to make you more suited to the job than when you were turned down, then it makes sense to have another go. Again, what is the worst that can happen? In this scenario, even if the description has changed, it also makes sense to analyze what it was that got you rejected in the first place and try and make improvements for your second attempt.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are instances when you can re-apply and others where it’s not recommended.

Much of this is common sense, but hopefully, this article will have flushed out the details for those asking the question of should I apply for the same job twice.

Good luck with your job search and future applications!

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