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Top 10 Shutterfly Competitors & Alternatives

Shutterfly Competitors & Alternatives

In today’s digital world, capturing and preserving memories has become more important, and Shutterfly has been a very popular option for years, but it’s not the only one.

So, I decided to take a closer look at the top 10 Shutterfly competitors & alternatives, examining the features, benefits, and pricing of each one. So, whether you’re looking for photo books, prints, or other photo-related products, I’ll help you find the perfect option for your needs.

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Top 10 Shutterfly Competitors & Alternatives

1 Mixbook

An Affordable and Versatile Online Photo Product Service

According to SimilarWeb, Mixbook’s website receives over 1.7 million monthly visits with a bounce rate of only 39.24%. The website is fun and easy to navigate, essential for an online photo product service.

It offers customizable photo products, including books, calendars, cards, and prints. And according to a review by PCMag, Mixbook’s photo book editor is “the most versatile and intuitive” among its competitors.

Mixbook’s editor includes features such as full-page photo backgrounds, text boxes, and layouts. Users can also choose from over 300 stickers and embellishments to further personalize their photo books.


And the pricing is competitive…

Mixbook’s photo books start at $15.99. Mixbook also frequently offers discounts and promotions, making their products even more affordable.

According to a report by CouponFollow, Mixbook had an average discount of 36% on Black Friday, which is higher than Shutterfly’s average discount of 31%. So, it offers better deals and discounts to its customers.

Of all the top 10 Shutterfly competitors & alternatives…

This is the highest-rated Shutterfly alternative by users. Mixbook has received a remarkable amount of positive reviews from its customers.

On Trustpilot, a website that aggregates customer reviews, Mixbook has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on over 27,000 reviews. Customers have praised Mixbook’s quality of products, ease of use, and fast shipping times. Therefore, it is clearly a reliable and trustworthy alternative to Shutterfly.

2 Snapfish

A User-Friendly Online Photo Printing Service with Personalized Gift Options

Snapfish is a leading online photo printing service provider that has been operating for more than two decades. It is one of the largest photo printing companies in the world, with over 100 million members across 12 countries. Prints, photo books, cards, calendars, and personalized gifts are among the many customizable photo products.

Great user experience…

Snapfish’s user-friendly editor is a popular feature among its customers. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can easily add photos, text, and embellishments to their creations. The platform also provides templates, backgrounds, and stickers for customizing the final product.

Its competitive pricing is also a significant draw for its customers. The business often has promotions and discounts, making it an affordable option for photo printing. It provides free, unlimited storage, allowing users to save their photos online and access them from anywhere.

If you want to make personalized items…

One of the standout features of Snapfish is its ability to create personalized gifts. Users can upload photos onto products like mugs, phone cases, and even blankets, making them ideal gifts for loved ones. Snapfish offers a wide range of personalized gift options, making it a popular choice for those looking to give unique and customized presents.

And that’s not all…

According to SimilarWeb, Snapfish receives approximately 4.6 million visits per month, with most of its traffic coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The company has a Trustpilot rating of 4.1 out of 5, with many customers praising its ease of use, quality of prints, and affordable pricing.

3 Printique

High-Quality Photo Printing and Customizable Photo Products

Printique (formerly AdoramaPix) is an online photo printing service that has been around for over a decade. It is known for its high-quality prints, particularly in color accuracy and detail reproduction. The company uses Kodak Endura paper for all its photos, known for its durability and longevity.

In addition to prints, Printique also offers a wide range of photo products, such as photo books, wall art, cards, and calendars. Its photo books include paper and cover options to suit many tastes and budgets.


An excellent array of choices…

The available paper options include luster, glossy, matte, silk, and deep matte, while the cover options include leather, fabric, and custom photo covers.

Printique’s easy-to-use editor is another standout feature of the service. The editor lets consumers fully customize their products, from selecting photos to adding text and graphics. Moreover, it offers a variety of design templates to help users create their photo products quickly and easily.

The pricing of Printique’s products is generally competitive with other high-end photo printing services; for example, a standard 8×10-inch print begins at $3.49, while a 20-page hardcover photo book is $49.99. Printique also offers frequent promotions and discounts, particularly around major holidays.

4 Nations Photo Lab

Professional-Grade Prints and Customizable Photo Products

Nations Photo Lab is a well-established company in business for over a decade. It prides itself on its professional-grade prints. Offering paper options such as luster, glossy, and metallic, as well as finishes such as matte, high gloss, and pearl.

And lots of add-ons are available…

It uses high-quality paper and printing technology to ensure that the colors in the prints are vibrant and true to life. For a fee, the company also provides retouching services, allowing users to enhance their photos and remove blemishes or imperfections.

In addition to prints, Nations Photo Lab also offers photo books, wall art, and other photo products. Its photo books are customizable with a range of cover and paper options, and the company also offers design services for an additional fee. Its wall art products include canvas, metal, and wood prints, and the company also provides framing services.

So pretty much everything you could ever need…

Nations Photo Lab frequently runs promotions and discounts on its products, making it an affordable option for those looking for high-quality prints and other photo products.

The company is popular among professional and amateur photographers because of its high-quality prints and customizable products. According to Trustpilot, Nations Photo Lab has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 7,000 reviews.

5 Mpix

High-quality prints and excellent customer service

Mpix is a well-respected photo printing service established over a decade ago. It is known for its high-quality prints and excellent customer service.

It uses professional-grade photo paper and ink to ensure the highest quality prints. Mpix has won several awards for its print quality, including the Professional Photographer Hot One Award.

Mpix’s photo books come with paper and cover options, allowing customers to personalize their purchases. They offer several paper types, including glossy, luster, metallic, and deep matte, and have over ten different cover options.


Affordable with quick turn-around times…

The company offers competitive pricing, with prints starting at just $0.19 each. The price of photo books varies depending on the size, number of pages, and cover options, but they are competitive.

Mpix offers fast turnaround times, with most orders shipped within 24 hours. They also offer expedited shipping options for customers who need their products quickly. Mpix is also trusted for its outstanding customer service. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will work with customers to ensure they are happy with their products.

6 Artifact Uprising

Sustainability and Quality at a Premium

Artifact Uprising was founded in 2012 to elevate the status of printed photographs in the digital age. Since then, the company’s popularity has grown with its emphasis on craftsmanship and sustainability, as well as its use of only the highest quality materials in its products.

FSC-certified paper, reclaimed wood, and 100% recycled paper are among the environmentally friendly materials used in its products. This commitment to sustainability is part of the company’s brand identity.

But the products are superior too…

It offers a range of customizable photo products, including fine art prints, photo books, calendars, cards, and more. Its products are timeless and superior, making them ideal for special occasions such as weddings and family anniversaries.

The company has received accolades from industry experts and publications for its high-quality products. For example, its Layflat Photo Album was named the Best Photo Book by Wirecutter.

But there’s a catch…

The quality and craftsmanship of its products come at a premium price point. For example, a 10×10-inch hardcover photo book with 30 pages starts at $69.99, which is more than some other providers charge. However, many customers believe that the quality justifies the cost.

There’s more…

Artifact Uprising believes in social responsibility and donates 1% of its revenue to non-profit environmental organizations. It works alongside charitable organizations to draw attention to problems and donates photo products to those in need.

7 Costco Photo Center

Affordable Photo Printing with Good Quality

Due to its low prices, Costco Photo Center has become a popular option for photo printing. In fact, according to a survey by Consumer Reports, Costco Photo Center is one of the most affordable options for photo printing, with prices for a 4×6-inch print as low as $0.17, compared to Shutterfly’s price of $0.23.

Despite its low prices, Costco Photo Center still offers a great range of products that can be customized using its easy-to-use editor, including prints, photo books, cards, and calendars. The photo books are available in many sizes with different cover options, including hardcover, leather, and lay-flat options.

Costco Photo Center

And the quality?

The quality of the prints and photo books from Costco Photo Center is good but not as high quality as some other providers.

According to a review by The Wirecutter, the prints from Costco Photo Center have a slightly yellow or green tint compared to the more neutral tones of other providers. However, the review also noted the quality is still good, and the differences are only noticeable when compared with other competitors.

8 Amazon Prints

Affordable Pricing and Amazon Integration

Amazon Prints is a subset of Amazon Photos, the company’s photo storage service. It was launched in 2016 and quickly gained popularity among Amazon’s millions of customers. It offers a range of products, including prints, photo books, wall art, calendars, and cards.

If cost is your deciding factor…

One of the standout features of Amazon Prints is its pricing. It offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, making it a great option for those on a budget. For example, Amazon Prints offers 4×6 prints for as low as $0.09 each, significantly lower than the industry average of $0.20 to $0.30 per print.

In addition to its affordable prices, Amazon Prints offers a range of paper and cover options for its photo books, including hardcover, softcover, and lay-flat options. The quality of its products is good, and Amazon Prints uses high-quality paper and materials to ensure that its products last for years.

The best part?

Another benefit of using Amazon Prints is its integration with Amazon Photos. Customers can easily upload and store their photos on Amazon Photos and then use Amazon Prints to create prints and other photo products. Prime members also get free shipping, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for Amazon customers.

According to Statista, Amazon’s share of the US online photo printing market was 2.7%, behind Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Walmart.

9 Picaboo

User-friendly editor and high-quality photo books

Picaboo is a well-known photo printing company that provides a wide range of customizable photo products. Its user-friendly editor is one of its standout features, making it easy for users to create their own photo books, calendars, cards, and prints. In addition, Picaboo also offers a range of pre-designed templates and layouts to help users get started.


Best photo book provider…

One of the most popular products offered by Picaboo is photo books. Users can choose from different book sizes, cover materials, and page options to create a unique product. Picaboo was named the best photo book provider in 2021 by Top Ten Reviews, with an overall score of 9.9 out of 10.

In addition to photo books, it also offers a range of other photo products, including calendars, cards, and prints. Its prices are reasonable, with photo books starting at $19.99 and prints at $0.15 each.

Another crowd pleaser…

Picaboo frequently offers discounts and promotions, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking high-quality photo products. The company received a 4.5 out of 5 rating in a PCMag review, with the reviewer praising its “excellent software” and “high-quality prints.”

10 Walmart Photo Center

Products, Pricing, and Same-Day Pickup

Walmart is a well-known retailer that offers a wide range of products and services, including photo printing. With the rise of digital photography, many people are looking for ways to print their favorite photos, and Walmart’s photo printing service is a popular option for this.

The company’s photo printing service offers many products, including prints, photo books, and cards. Its photos come in various sizes, from 4×6 to 20×30, printed on glossy or matte paper.

They have what many are looking for…

Its photo books come in lots of sizes and cover materials, such as hardcover and softcover, and can be designed with different layouts and backgrounds. Walmart’s cards include options for holidays, events, and special occasions.

Walmart’s prices for photo prints are competitive, with a 4×6 format costing as little as $0.09. The prices for photo books and cards are also reasonable, with a 20-page 8×11 photo book costing around $30 and a pack of 25 cards costing around $20.

But the turnaround time is probably their main selling point…

Walmart also offers same-day photo printing for some of its products, which is a convenient option for those who need their prints quickly. This service is available for photos, photo books, and select cards. Customers can order online and pick up their orders at a local Walmart store within an hour.

However, with that, comes a drawback…

Walmart’s photo printing service has received mixed reviews from customers. According to Trustpilot, Walmart’s photo printing service has a rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars, with some customers complaining about the quality of the prints and slow shipping times.

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Final Thoughts

Shutterfly is a well-known and popular photo book company, but there are many other excellent alternatives. Each of the ten companies mentioned in this article offers unique features and benefits that make them worth considering.

When choosing a photo book company, it’s important to consider factors like pricing, quality, and customization options. But by doing research and comparing different options, it’s easy to find the perfect photo book company for your needs.

Happy printing!

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