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Signs It’s Time to Hire an Interview Coach (Tips You Need To Know)

Signs It’s Time to Hire an Interview Coach

Not all of us possess the confidence, skills, and poise that our favorite public figures and influencers have, but wouldn’t it be lovely if we did? 

Even though this would be a terrific way of making life easier, an area that could benefit from all these desirable traits is the job interview preparation process. While you may have the required qualifications for the job, the portfolio, and references, your interview skills will vouch for you more. 

And who better to professionally prepare you for a role that could change your life than an interview coach? No one!!!

But what are the signs it’s time to hire an interview coach? You’re about to find out…

1 Sometimes your responses and your resume do not align

Sometimes your responses and your resume do not align

An interview coach not only prepares you for a potentially life-changing moment, but they can go over your application details with you one more time. 

Why go over application details when an interview has already been set? 

Regardless of how qualified you may be, some recruiters will still put you in the hot seat, not out of intimidation, but to ensure that your responses and your resume complement each other. They will sometimes ask you to clarify some points on your resume, and you need to highlight key points and achievements more naturally. 

2 You are too filler friendly

In our daily conversations, it’s easy and natural to respond with fillers such as “um,” “you know,” “it’s like,” and so forth. Sometimes, the same happens in interviews when you’re asked a question and need that extra second to structure your answer before speaking. However, this reflects a sign of uncertainty and doubt. A coach will help you find ways to avoid unnecessary fillers when responding to questions. 

3 “What was the question again?”

Perhaps in previous interviews, you would lose your train of thought, which would unsurprisingly lead you to depend on fillers. It’s not a shocker that candidates lose their train of thought due to feeling pressure or from the simple adrenaline rush. So, here’s the deal: by practicing with a coach, you can learn about composure, and how to structure your sentences properly before speaking. 

4 You are not confident enough, and it shows

You are not confident enough, and it shows

If you shy away from professionally talking about yourself, a coach will help you to walk, talk, and appear confident. 

And how does that work? 

Your coach will guide and train you on how to make a good impression right from the start of your interview. Most recruiters know whether they will hire a candidate or not in the first 90 seconds. But here’s the kicker: your body language and your physical presentation could score you a few extra points in making a good first impression. 

Smelling good is a confidence booster, and one way to accomplish that look is by wearing a vaporisateur spray, perfect for daily wear long after getting the job too.

5 You are not certain about answering tricky questions

If “What’s your salary expectation?” is one of the questions that leave you sitting at the edge of your seat, then a coach will help you to practice answering tricky questions. 

These questions are inevitable in most, if not all, interviews. When you answer them, you get an opportunity to show your invaluable potential and contribution to the company. A great way to practice with a coach or alone is by using this comprehensive interview manual which helps job seekers to say the right words when answering the toughest interview questions. 

6 You get interview after interview, but not the job

Next in my rundown of the signs it’s time to hire an interview coach; let’s face it, interviews can be exhausting, and they can leave your confidence a bit shaken. 

After some interviews, you leave the room feeling confident that you got the job, or at least have a good chance of being chosen, only to get rejected. When this is a pattern, then investing in some professional training is worthwhile. Simply put: training adequately prior to any further interviews will not only help in identifying your weak points, but you will get guidance on how to strengthen your skills.

7 You are a newbie at formal interviews

You are a newbie at formal interviews

Perhaps you are a fresh graduate, or previous interviews were more informal. A formal job interview requires preparation as the question structure, and business vocabulary can be tricky, confusing, or even difficult to comprehend if you don’t have any experience interacting in such a setting.

8 You answer using extremely short replies

While trying to avoid fillers, repetition of words, and unnecessary jargon, do you then find yourself with a limited vocabulary? This usually pushes the candidate to respond to questions using short sentences in a bid to avoid making mistakes. 

While it is good to get straight to your point, you also want to offer enough information to show that you are knowledgeable enough for the position applied for. The best part of having an interview coach is that you get to practice balancing between sharing too little and too much.

9 “I know it” is the aura you exude a little too much

There is a thin line between having adequate knowledge to take on the responsibilities that come with the position applied for and coming off as if you are a know-it-all. 

While you are a suitable candidate, you need to show enthusiasm and a desire to learn more while on the job. If you feel the need to take down one or two notes, a modern and elegant Dryden Designs fountain pen suits the occasion. Writing down a few pointers also reflects in your favor as you appear to be a keen learner. Other key pointers on how to present yourself as a key team player can be practiced with the help of a coach. 

In-person or online?

In-person or online?

Interview coaches are normally available for in-person, one-on-one sessions locally or online. Local options can usually be found by doing a quick internet search. Or, if you prefer the convenience of an online coach, check out our in-depth look at the Best Online Job Interview Coaching Services.

Or, if you’d prefer to do some reading on the subject first, I highly recommend Common Behavioral Interview Questions And Answer: Must-Have Book To Have Successful Job InterviewsGet Ready For The Next Job Interview – How To Perform Well At An Interview And Land Your Dream Job, or the excellent ad amazing, Job Interviews For Dummies. All available online in 2023.

Signs It’s Time to Hire an Interview Coach – Final Thoughts

In essence, you can never be too prepared for an interview. A coach will not only be beneficial for an upcoming interview, but this is also a form of investing in yourself, as these skills will come in handy when you are networking, conversing with others, or simply branding yourself. 

They will assist you in navigating your way from not doing too much of one thing and not doing too little of the next, creating a balance in how you present yourself and sell yourself to the right company.

All the very best with your interview coaching and getting your dream job.

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