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Six Flags Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About Six Flags Application

This is the largest amusement park located in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It was established in the year 1961. It employs 30,000 employees across these countries. The popularity of this amusement park is so much that it can bring more than 25 million guests every year to the park. Employees provide an exceptional level of customer service at food stands, game areas, and ticket booths.

The job involves interacting with customers and creating memorable experiences for customers. All applicants must have a cheerful attitude and good interpersonal skills to meet the hiring requirements of Six Flags. All entry-level positions are readily available; this way the company also hires experienced professionals at lucrative salaries. Many skilled candidates obtain decent jobs with the company.

Application Process at Six Flags

Six Flags hires hardworking and dedicated individuals with flexible work schedules. The candidates must demonstrate pro-activeness to join the company’s talent network and learn more about job opportunities that suit their requirements.

At the amusement park, everyone can gain experience and improve their career opportunities as experienced professionals. Applicants should have basic math skills for qualifying common interviews. Applicants must be comfortable working in a crowded place. They should apply for various jobs online.

Application Status

The job seekers should also apply at various locations of Six Flags Amusement Park. Candidates can enquire about various application statuses through their visits or phone calls. They can courteously contact the hiring team so that they can follow up on the progress of applications easily.

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You need to make a note of the supervisor’s name so that you can enquire about the application with the same hiring manager. You need good communication skills and show sincerity while checking about the application process. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that applicants receive the accurate status for their applications from Six Flags.

Essential Requirements to work at Six Flags

What is the age required to work for Six Flags?

The age requirement to work for Six Flags is 18 years.

What are the working hours for Six Flags?

Every location has a different work shift which depends on the location and the time zone it follows.

List down the available positions at Six Flags?

  • Team Member
  • Entertainer
  • Tech Crew Member
  • Support Staff
  • Justice League of America
  • Looney Tunes Character Associate
  • Guest Relations
  • Parking Lot Team Member
  • Planting Crew Member
  • Mowing Squad Member
  • Greenhouse Team Member
  • Park Services
  • Xtreme Attractions Team Member
  • Security Officer
  • Rental Team Member
  • Safari Team Member
  • Education Department Team Member

How will you apply for a position with Six Flags?

Applicants can search for various job opportunities online through the career portal of Six Flags.

Job Opportunities at Six Flags

Six Flags offers many job opportunities at the entry-level or for experienced professionals in various departments like food stands, game areas, ticket booths, ride stations. These employees interact with customers and create memorable experiences for customers. Employees must have a very cheerful nature and good interpersonal skills which benefits applicants. The job seekers must meet the hiring requirements of the company.

Salary Options

Experienced professionals earn a proper salary with lucrative benefits. Six Flags offers both part-time and full-time employment. Applicants should be 18 years old to work at Six Flags. The applicants who have full-time careers should exist in different capacities, e.g. they should work in part-time or seasonal jobs at the entry-level to develop a rewarding career with Six Flags.

The park hires many employees for various departments and provides them the best job opportunities that help them to earn their livelihood in the best possible way. During the summer months due to peak season, many seasonal jobs are also opened for the young talented workforce who wants to work at Six Flags.

Career Positions and Salary Information at Six Flags

Food Service Employee

  • Foodservice employees cook and serve cuisine at the park.
  • They greet customers and report orders and also prepare food accordingly.
  • The food service employees also accept payments and provide correct changes to customers.
  • They clean workstations and also demonstrate a positive attitude.
  • They also have very clear communication and excellent customer service which is very essential for the amusement park.
  • Foodservice workers earn a basic wage.

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Host/ Hostess

  • They earn a minimum wage of 10 dollars per hour.
  • They also perform crucial duties which provide satisfaction to customers.
  • These employees also have hands-on experience working in the park.
  • They also focus on providing good service and ensure parks function in a streamlined manner.
  • They also welcome guests to the park.
  • These employees also work on ticket counters.
  • They also ensure walkways and other public areas remain clean.
  • They also need a basic level of hiring requirements to work at the amusement park.
  • For many applicants, this job is generally their first job at Six Flags.

Ride Operator

  • They earn 8 dollars per hour.
  • They also ensure customers can enjoy every attraction spot without any danger.
  • Duties such as starting and stopping the rides and ensuring that passengers exit and enter the ride safely
  • They also maintain safety standards in the ride.
  • It is also their responsibility to ensure no injury occurs in the ride.
  • They also educate customers on safety precautions in the ride.

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Work Benefits

Six Flags offers many job benefits to full-time workers who enjoy health insurance coverage and stock options. They also enjoy free access to amusement parks with their families easily. The employees get 35% off on any services at the park. The paid time-off is also given along with retirement plans to employees. They get fixed employee benefits with corporate careers and full-time roles.

Additional Benefits

Six Flags promotes many local and national charitable groups. It supports many additional organizations by raising funds. These organizations include Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Susan-G. Komen Race for the Cure Network. These donation camps positively impact the families residing in the United States.


Six Flags offers an online application process that is user-friendly for applicants to apply for various positions. The work benefits also enhance the way applicants work at Six Flags Amusement Park. Customer safety is also the topmost priority for the dedicated workforce of Six Flags. Customers can also achieve customer satisfaction through the exceptional level of service offered by Six Flags.

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