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Sizzler Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

The casual dining chain, Sizzler, is privately held and is headquartered in California. It was founded in 1958 and is well-known for its salad bar, seafood, and steak options. Sizzler’s franchise locations are numbered more than 200, for which company on-boards candidates continuously for various employment options. The candidates looking for a job in the restaurant industry or entry-level positions can quickly get a suitable job role at Sizzler.

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Job seekers can go through the official website of Sizzler and explore various hiring opportunities offered by the company. In addition, they can go through this article to know the readily available job roles at Sizzler with the job overview, salary, duty schedule, benefits, and a lot more offered by this casual dining chain.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Sizzler

Sizzler extends job offers to applicants with a minimum age of 16 during the recruitment process. The operational timings and shift schedules of Sizzler are as follows:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Friday to Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Sizzler

Sizzler operates in most locations in the west and provides its guests with a variety of dishes. It often hires meat cutters to cut steak, grind burgers onsite to maintain low prices and cost down for customers. Sizzler offers job positions to candidates who demonstrate excellent customers services, team-oriented, and friendly attitude. The employment requirements for entry-level capacities usually remain straightforward and take less time for applicants to get the job.

The Job Positions Available at Sizzler

Sizzler offers various job options to the job hunters by opening multiple job posts, including Restaurant Managers, Kitchen Managers, Cooks, and Salad Bar Attendants. It also accepts job applications from candidates looking for careers as Cashiers, Dishwashers, Bussers, Server, Hostesses, and Hosts.

The most needed job roles at Sizzler are as follows:


  • Sizzler’s cashiers are responsible for greeting patrons when they arrive and thank them while leaving.
  • They are also responsible for directing customers to seats, informing them about daily selections, and taking payments.
  • Sizzler usually offers around $08.00 to Cashiers.

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  • Cooks are responsible for performing various duties during their shifts.
  • They are also responsible for following Sizzler’s recipes, using quality ingredients, cleaning workstations, and preparing food orders.
  • Cooks should also perform duties at carving stations, preparing special orders, buffet bars, and stocking salads.
  • They should operate kitchen appliances and must know about restaurant kitchens.
  • Sizzler usually offers around $09:00 to $10:00 per hour to Cooks.

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  • Servers are responsible for taking orders from customers in trending styles and greeting them upon arrival.
  • They are also responsible for delivering superior customer services and upselling.
  • They should know about daily specials and menus.
  • Servers usually receive gratuity with a minimum wage at Sizzler.

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  • Management-level employees are usually responsible for maintaining excellent customer relations and performing various administrative duties.
  • Supervisors at Sizzler are responsible for ensuring customers’ satisfaction, using marketing campaigns, and scheduling employees.
  • They are also responsible for creating profit and daily reports, motivating subordinating workers, hiring and training staff.
  • Managers often earn around $50k per annum at Sizzler, depending on their sales numbers, tenure, and location.

The Online Job Application Process of Sizzler

You should visit Sizzler’s official online platform if you are looking to join the casual dining chain. You can view the current job roles offered by Sizzler and apply to the role that suits you. The instructions below will help you filling up and submitting Sizzler’s online job application form.

  • Go to Sizzler’s official career portal and scroll down to view the job application form.
  • You can apply for hourly and management positions at this restaurant chain from the job listing that appeared here.
  • Read the complete details of the job role that you are applying for at Sizzler.
  • Fill up the blank input fields that appeared here, including your address and contact number details.
  • You also need to provide your information associated with the job title and the location you are looking to apply for at Sizzler. The candidates can select more than one location and job positions to apply at this casual dining chain.
  • Complete the remaining sections by providing the correct details and tap on the “Submit” tab to complete your Sizzler’s online job application process.

Checking Job Application Status for Sizzler

Job applicants should make a phone call or visit the Sizzler location in person to meet hiring staff and know their recruitment status. In addition, they should check the suitable meeting hours to visit Sizzler and avoid disrupting them during peak business hours. Hiring managers at Sizzler usually take around a week to set up interview schedules after receiving job application forms.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Sizzler

Sizzler extends the following job benefits to its employees upon hire:

  • Employees usually benefit from promotion opportunities, flexible working hours, and competitive pay at Sizzler.
  • They also receive holiday pay, meal discounts, and paid training at Sizzler.
  • Eligible Sizzler workers also get paid vacation time, long-term and short-term disability options with various health benefits.
  • Most Sizzler workers get retirement options, including 401 (K) retirement plans.

Additional Details of Sizzler

Sizzler launched a new concept in San Diego, CA. it is named Sizzler Market Grill to roll out similar concept locations across the nation. Customers enjoy locally sourced produce made-to-order options and updated menu options with farm-fresh ingredients. Sizzler features concepts and dishes well-known at casual dining locations. It also offers healthier menu options for children.

A new idea is utilized as Sizzler, displaying digital menu boards, kitchen, and computer tablets to impart health details, such as possible allergens and calorie counts. In addition, smoothies and individualized shakes are updated in Sizzler’s dessert menu. Sizzler also sources craft beers and local wines.


The American restaurant chain, Sizzler, is based out in Mission Viejo, California. It operated over 200 casual dining locations across the United States and got founded in 1958. Sizzler often updates the job opportunities over its employment portal, and the candidates can visit the official Sizzler’s website and know about the current job vacancies. In addition, they can submit the online job application form using the steps provided in the article above and be a part of this casual dining chain.

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