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SKECHERS Application: Jobs & Careers Online

skechers application

Do you have a love for cool footwear and making customers happy?

If you are ready to step into a new career, consider completing the SKECHERS Application: Jobs & Careers Online form.

This popular footwear company was founded in 1992 and focused solely on boots and sneakers. Today, SKECHERS boasts more than a thousand stores and a wide range of products. New employees of all types are needed throughout the year to keep up with the demand from customers.

Boost your chances of landing your dream job at SKECHERS by checking out the following information.

skechers application

Facts About Working At SKECHERS

You can start working at SKECHERS from the age of eighteen. The stores are usually open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Students can gain work experience by taking on evening and weekend shifts.

SKECHERS stores can be found in around 120 countries around the world. From time to time, experienced employees lead international stores and train staff. This is the perfect way to advance your career while learning about a different part of the world.

SKECHERS Job Opportunities

Entry-level jobs are offered in all SKECHERS stores and come with paid training and advancement opportunities. Most corporate positions take place in the head office at Manhattan Beach. There are also warehouse jobs. Here are some of the typical job vacancies at SKECHERS and the duties that go with them.

Sales Associate

These employees work in a SKECHERS store and assist customers with their purchases. It is necessary to be familiar with the SKECHERS product range and be able to make recommendations. Sales associates ring up purchases. They also help keep the store clean and tidy.

This role is suitable for entry-level employees who have strong customer service skills. Sales associates usually start at minimum wage, while those with experience can make much more. New employees usually start on a full-time basis and can take on full-time hours after they have completed their training.

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PR Specialist

This is a corporate role that requires a degree in marketing. PR specialists design and develop the marketing campaigns for SKECHERS. They need to be familiar with various social media platforms and be able to create vibrant marketing content.

Retail Assistant Manager

Sales associates can advance to this role if they excel. Retail assistant managers work closely with store managers. Their key responsibilities are training new employees and driving sales.

Retail assistant managers need to have strong leadership skills and be able to motivate employees. They implement new policies. And make sure that store products are well presented. The starting salary for a retail assistant manager is usually around $40,000 per year.

Store Manager

These professionals are in charge of a single SKECHERS store and need to have strong leadership skills. They train employees and satisfy customers’ needs. Store managers need to interview and hire new employees when necessary and take care of payroll.

Store managers also regularly perform inventory and take note of the most popular products. They have to keep careful sales records, order new stock, and lead promotion campaigns. Store managers with experience can make up to $55,000 per year.

the skechers application tips

Warehouse Worker

SKECHERS boasts a strong online presence, and many customers order company products online. Warehouse workers receive and fulfill orders for shipment. They need to locate the correct products in the warehouse, package them, and load them onto trucks.

The warehouse is a busy environment. You need to follow safety practices to the letter. Warehouse workers need to be physically fit and able to lift heavy boxes. The base salary is around $12 per hour, while workers with special machinery licenses can earn more.

Additional Benefits of Working at SKECHERS

All SKECHERS employees receive paid training and discounts on company merchandise. After six months, full-time employees are provided with a comprehensive benefits package. This includes different types of healthcare coverage, life insurance, and access to company retirement plans.

Employees who work for SKECHERS for less than five years receive eight hours of paid vacation per year. This goes up to 120 hours after five years and access to special performance bonuses. It is possible to roll over vacation time to gain up to 240 hours in a single period.

How To Apply?

The careers section of the SKECHERS features separate sections for retail, corporate, and distribution center jobs. Click on the area of the company you want to work in and check out the different options. You can narrow the search by location and click on a job title to read the full job description.

After making sure you have the right skills, click on the ‘I’m interested’ button to access the SKECHERS application form. Complete the sections with your personal information, education, experience, and professional media links. Take the time to edit your resume. Drop it into the indicated section.

Personal message for the hiring manager…

The last part of the application is reserved for a personal message for the hiring manager. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Write a couple of paragraphs about why you want to work at SKECHERS and what you have to offer.

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Final Thoughts

Dedication, availability, and creativity are the main characteristics that SKECHERS hiring managers look for. It is important to show that you are committed to working for the company and can take on various shifts.

Wearing an item from the SKECHERS collection will help to break the ice with the interviewer. It is a good idea to check out the full SKECHERS product range and be able to talk about your favorite products. Having ideas for different designs that will help boost sales will score you points with the interviewer.

Make it clear that you are willing to work hard and learn new skills to advance through the company.

All the very best with your SKECHERS Online Application!

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