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Smoothie King Application Online: Jobs & Careers Info

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Smoothie King has many job positions available for its more than 1,000 store locations that candidates can explore through its career website. It operates its stores in around half a dozen locations spread across many countries worldwide.

The franchise company, Smoothie King, is based out of the United States. It was launched in Kenner, Louisiana, in 1973, having its significant appearance in South Korea. Smoothie King has more than 1,000 locations across the world. It claims that its purpose blends have a minimum amount of extra sugar and more vegetables and fruits at its store locations. Smoothie King’s franchisee worldwide seeks candidates for full-time and entry-level positions continuously.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Smoothie King

Smoothie Kings offers various job positions to individuals with a minimum of 16 years to apply for the company’s job roles. You can check the below-mentioned shifts at Smoothie Kings:

  • Monday to Friday: 109:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Job Opportunities Offered by Smoothie King

Smoothie King offers various job roles, including Team Managers, Sales Associates, Manager Key Holders, Hiring Managers, Crew Members, and Assistant Managers. This well-known Smoothie King’s retail chain maintains a healthy atmosphere and lifestyle at its store locations. Candidates employed with Smoothie King continue the company’s mission of offering active work settings at its stores.

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Opportunities to Advancement in The career with Smoothie King

Candidates seeking to work with Smoothie King should be at least 16 years while applying for the job at this company. Its job opportunities offer employee discounts, excess employee benefits packages, a competitive salary structure, and ongoing training to eligible candidates, making Smoothie King the ideal place to work.

Career Opportunities with Smoothie King

Candidates find many job roles in the following Smoothie King’s positions:

Team Member

  • These members at Smoothie Kings are responsible for food preparation and also customer interaction.
  • Team members at this company usually earn around $9.00 per hour.

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  • Cashiers at Smoothie King are responsible for forwarding the messages to their teammates and also take customers’ orders.
  • Their pay at Smoothie King is approximately $8.00 per hour.
  • Candidates with basic math and people skills should also apply for this job position to handle monetary transactions comfortably.


  • Management-level employees at Smoothie King are responsible for enforcing company policies, market, and also report sales.
  • These employees are also responsible for inventory, training, and hiring candidates.
  • General and Assistant Managers at Smoothie King earn around $30,000 per annum. Their salaries also depend on tenure and experience.
  • Higher-level employment in management roles also needs job seekers to possess a high school diploma or equivalent degree, education, or certification.

Job Application Status at Smoothie King

Job applicants of Smoothie King should e-mail or call its hiring staff to know the status of their application status. Candidates can also call or e-mail Smoothie King’s hiring Managers. You can also visit its physical stores to show your interest and passion for the company and its position by enquiring about the job application status.

Smoothie King’s hiring staff usually takes around one week to process the hiring and schedule interviews with the eligible candidates. Candidates should also be careful about not inquiring too many times. This may cost them their job.

Benefits to Working with Smoothie King

Smoothie King provides many vacant positions and roles for unemployed individuals and offers employee benefits as mentioned below:

  • Employees of Smoothie King receive many benefits, including employee discounts, flexible working hours, and competitive pay scales.
  • Their employees also advance to the corporate office and managerial career positions with excellent services and training.
  • Their workers also avail themselves of 40(K) retirement plans, health coverage, and paid time off with Smoothie King.

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Additional Facts about Smoothie King

Smoothie King was launched with smoothies in 2014 and featured protein sources. The company also introduced traditional options of its smoothies, mixing with soy and whey utilizing eggs and milk as its base. Smoothie King introduced plant-based proteins entirely created by the brand, Sunwarior of vegan health supplements, and their featured flavors, such as Dark Chocolate Banana and Mango Kale.

The Job Application Process of Smoothie King

Candidates can visit Smoothie King’s website to check updated openings. Smoothie King’s job application process is as follows:

  • Applicants can see the career portal of Smoothie King.
  • All current positions of Smoothie King will appear here.
  • Candidates can tap on the “Read More” tab to view their required job roles at their preferred locations.
  • You can check Smoothie King’s job requirements, functions, shifts available, description, roles, and responsibilities over its career portal and tap on the “Continue” tab to process your job application form.

Smoothie King offers in-person and online job applications to join their company. You can visit its store location to fill out the job application form of Smoothie King or fill up the online form as explained above. Visiting Smoothie King’s stores will benefit as you will know more details about the available job roles, work settings, schedules, etc., from the hiring team or other employees.

Candidates should initiate the online or offline job application process to get hired by the company and be a part of Smoothie King, the ideal company or retailer to work with.  They offer many programs, employee perks and benefits, competitive pay, and career growth for the unemployed generation.


Smoothie King has various job roles available at its massive number of store locations spread across 32states in the United States. This franchisee is continuously and rapidly growing in the retail market. Most of its store locations are in Texas and Florida. Candidates can also find them near Smoothie King’s store locations and check their current job openings. People looking to get employment consideration in Smoothie King should visit its physical stores and also talk to their hiring managers or staff for available job roles. Candidates can also visit the career portal of Smoothie King and explore available job positions.

Its career portal is updated with various job responsibilities and also the roles, descriptions, requirements, and scheduling to work with Smoothie King. Interested individuals can fill out Smoothie King’s job application form as guided above for a quick and convenient hiring process.

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