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SONIC Drive-In Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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The SONIC Drive is an American fast-food restaurant chain established in 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Currently, the restaurant chain has at least 3500 restaurants spread across the United States. More than 9200 employees are working at these restaurants currently.

Customers can order by driving in a drive-in stall, and by speaking to the speaker, the order can be completed in no time. The clients can make the order pretty quick as the iconic drive-up layout makes things relatively easy. Some of the popular items on the menu include foot-long hot dogs and slushies. The employees here are always on the go as the approach is quite fun and the environment is funny.

Troy Smith Sr. founded the company after the Second World War. He first worked as a milkman, and then he opened the fast-food restaurant, and it was earlier known as Troy’s pan full of chicken. In 1959 the restaurant chain was renamed. The branch of the leading company, Sonic breach was opened in Florida. The company’s menu features fries, soda, and burgers.

Besides that, other menu includes beer, wine, sandwiches, and cheese steaks. The company is known for the best training grounds, especially for the entry-level employees. Employees need to be prepared for the fast-paced days to welcome several guests.

Essential Information to Know Before Applying for SONIC Drive-In

Minimum age required of the candidate to work at SONIC Drive-In: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to apply at SONIC Drive-In.

Working hours operations: It is open 7 days a week, 24 hours. Hence, the staff is given the shift on a rotational basis.

Job Opportunities at SONIC Drive-in

For the job seekers, plenty of entry-level positions as well as other managerial positions are available at SONIC Drive-in. The company values employees who are hardworking and energetic. The staff should also work during the flexible working hours as the working hours are pretty hectic. Besides the traditional benefits, the SONIC Drive-in allows employees to advance in their careers. The employees can also get some merchandise discounts, especially during the shifts.

the sonic drive in application

With several locations, there is an abundance of jobs available. The job seekers can apply online or visit in-store to use at the SONIC Drive-in. The hiring managers mainly hire people who are great and can function in no time. Also, the employees need to have fantastic memorization skills.

Career Opportunities at SONIC Drive-in

Drive-in restaurants are way different from the usual restaurants. Even though they are unusual, the company has reached a considerable amount of success in the last few years. The clients can take the food from the drive-ins and eat them with satisfaction. If you wish to take a job here, you can be as happy as the clients, but you must offer the best quality services. The company will align with your basic needs.

Besides competitive pay, the company also claims to give unique promotions to qualified employees. You must know the tasks and qualifications for the job positions that are available.


The cooks are mainly responsible for preparing all the items from the menu and ensure that all the meals align with quality standards. They have to prepare meals using the grill and know to handle the kitchen equipment. Besides that, they have to dispose of the trash and ensure the kitchen area is clean by checking the sanitation of utensils. They can earn $9 to $10 per hour.


They mainly help the restaurant chain to maintain their standards, including the food. Also, they provide a friendly presence to meet and greet the clients. Carhops serve the guests in no time and ensure they take the order accurately. They also clear the tray, and he should also work with delight and surprise. They can earn $7.25 per hour.

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Crew Members

They have to take all the orders accurately and be energetic enough to do a hospitable service. The crew members have to greet guests and ensure they are comfortable. Besides that, they have to prepare meals and serve the desserts and ensure the restaurant is clean. They can earn $ 8 to $10 per hour.

Food Safety Manager

The managers need to perform some supervisory responsibilities. They need to ensure that the restaurant chain aligns with all the state standards. Also, they have to train the employees. The managers can be paid $30000 per year.

Tips for Applying for SONIC Drive-In

The restaurant chain has made sure to keep its online application process very simple and affordable. All the interested candidates need to do is, navigate through the official website and look for any openings. The candidates should keep an eye regularly because the restaurant is in demand and there are many who wait to apply for multiple openings. Once the candidates have made their profile, they will be asked to fill out an application form where they would be needed to fill in their personal and professional information.

Perks of Working at SONIC Drive-in

The employees at SONIC Drive-in get several benefits, including competitive pay rate, flexible working hours, dental and medical services besides life insurance, etc. The eligible employees can also get multiple retirement plants. The services tend to vary from restaurant to restaurant.

sonic drive in application tips

Overall, the restaurant offers a great work-life balance also to the workers. Interested candidates who want to start their career in the hotel management industry, should definitely go for this restaurant, as they will get multiple learning opportunities over here.

Miscellaneous Information about SONIC Drive-in

The eligible employees that win can get an entire paid trip when they go on to compete against each other. The rewards that they can take home include prizes and cash. The company serves 3 million customers daily. The products are fast-moving, so employees hardly get time to sit idle. The company strives to give back to society by doing animal welfare and community programs. They also offer educational drives for kids.


Working at SONIC Drive-In is a great experience and new candidates can build their careers here. They should however take the interview seriously and give it their all when it comes to cracking the interview.

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