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Sous Chef Job Description

sous chef job description

In a restaurant, a sous chef is in charge of planning and managing food preparation.

The ideal candidate will use their gastronomic and administrative skills to maintain the customers’ happiness.

These professionals help in the administration and training of new employees, scheduling staff work hours, and conducting performance evaluations.

The Sous Chefs, referred to as the assistant to the head chef, execute various tasks such as preparing menus, training new employees, and documenting inventories.

A sous chef is in charge of cost control and food maintenance and storage, stocking, and sanitary operations.

sous chef job description

Job Description of Sous Chef

The Sous Chef serves as the kitchen’s second in command, following and executing our executive chef’s standards.

An ideal Sous Chef is an individual that is competent and eager enough to contribute to creating excellent seasonal menu options and meal ideas for the restaurant.

They recruit new staff, react to client concerns and record the reviews of the customers.

The Sous Chef must communicate well and have a thorough understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment, and processes.

These individuals ensure that the food, decoration, and presentation are of the most excellent quality. Also, they make sure that the dishes get served to the customers without any delay.

Responsibilities of a Sous Chef

  • They are responsible for creating new menu options based on seasonal changes and customer needs.
  • They also participate in the preparation and planning of meal arrangements as necessary.
  • Ascertaining that all kitchen chores get carried out smoothly is also the duty of the Sous Chef.
  • It is also the responsibility of Sous Chef to resolve customer issues and concerns on a one-on-one basis.
  • They also ensure that inventory is monitored and recorded correctly and fresh supplies get ordered as needed.
  • They are also in charge of Assisting junior kitchen personnel with a range of activities such as line cooking, meal preparation, and dish plating.
  • Hiring and training new kitchen personnel to ensure that it complies with restaurant and kitchen standards is also the responsibility of the Sous Chef.
  • Sous Chef also helps in establishing work schedules for kitchen personnel and analyzing their performance regularly.
  • They should also adhere to and put into effect cleanliness regulations as well as safety standards
  • They are also in charge of managing the kitchen personnel in the absence of the chef.

Requirements for a Sous Chef

  • Bachelor’s degree in or related to culinary sciences is necessary for the post of Sous Chef.
  • Sous Chef should also have a minimum of two years experience in related jobs.
  • They should also have an extensive understanding of cooking procedures and equipment, and best practices in the kitchen.
  • Having strong command Excellent of Microsoft Office and restaurant software systems is essential for the job consideration.
  • To be considered for the role of Sous Chef, the candidates should be team-oriented with solid leadership abilities.
  • They should possess communication and social skills that are second to none.

Interview Questions for a Sous Chef

1 How would you act if you found a team member breaching a food safety regulation?

Ans. It Emphasizes the candidate’s power to implement safety regulations.

2 What alterations would you make to our menu to reflect the current seasonal trends?

Ans. The candidate’s experience in meal planning gets evaluated with the question.

3 How would you tackle a confrontation with an angry customer?

Ans. It shows the candidate’s interpersonal or social skills.

4 How would you handle dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegan?

Ans. This question tests the candidate’s prior educational and job experience.

5 Are you familiar with any restaurant management software programs?

Ans. This question tests the candidate’s familiarity with restaurant software tools.

Future Scope as a Sous Chef

It is common for a Sous Chef to have started as a Commis Chef and progressed through the ranks to become a Chef de Partie. He must have had some knowledge in all kitchen areas after spending several years in charge of a specific kitchen component in this position. The hiring team considers a Chef with a significant amount of experience for the position of Sous Chef at a restaurant.

A Senior Sous Chef can advance to the post of Head Chef, where he will be accountable for running a restaurant. A Sous Chef may also choose to be a Development Chef, which entails transforming an established restaurant by creating new menus and culinary experiences while working with concepts offered by his new employer.


A sous chef is a specialized position in the majority of kitchens found in hospitality organizations. It is the second-highest-ranking post in a restaurant or hotel kitchen, ranking above various other roles such as Cooks, Line Chefs, etc.

A person qualified to become a sous chef can look for work in the commercial hospitality industry (such as hotels, resorts, and so on), or in a private business such as catering companies, or even create their own business. At times, they also guide the assistant chefs during their training period.

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