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Southwest Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

southwest airlines application

One of the most significant wallet-friendly companies across the globe is Southwest Airlines. The company was established in 1967, and it was known as “Air Southwest.” In 1971, four years later, the company was named Southwest Airlines”.

The airline has a fleet of 754 airlines, and it transports individuals to 100 places to at least ten countries in the United States. The company currently has 59,000 employees working. Besides being an airline company that features major points of places amid the companies in the United States, it is also one of the biggest companies in states about people who have traveled. It started working in Texas initially, but it has expanded to become one of the lowest carriers globally.

Important Information to Keep An Eye on Before Applying for Southwest Airlines

Minimum age needed of the employee to be eligible to work for Southwest Airline: The candidate needs to be a minimum age of 18 years to be eligible to work at Southwest Airlines.

Working hours at Southwest airlines: The hours at the company primarily differ from the job title and on the basis of the need.

Job Opportunities Available in Southwest Airlines

To align with ever-increasing demand, Southwest Airlines hires at least 40000 people. It includes both full-time and part-time positions to perform different tasks to keep running the operations smoothly. The employees who love to work flexibly can work extra during peak hours and earn overtime.

Even though the company prefers hiring employees that are well-rounded for all the roles, several entry-level jobs in the company hire entry-level employees who don’t have much experience. The supervisors need to look for companies who understand customer service and safety amid top priorities.

the southwest airlines application

The employees in the company can also enroll in all the programs that cover all the job duties. There is also some training available that allows employees to advance. If you are interested in having a career in the aviation industry, Southwest airlines must be your best bet.

It is a company that is dedicated to offering its employees the most excellent care and advancement opportunities. You can feel like a company’s family if you work with this company. No matter which location you are at, you will always feel at home here as the company understands the customer’s needs and expects that all the hires treat the customers with a lot of kindness and attention.

Career Opportunities at Southwest Airlines

The employees must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma degree to work in the company. The company needs several employees to run the operations. They also look for specialist employees for certain positions. Candidates should look for jobs that match their skills and the job description. One of the essential things for applicants is to prove genuine interest in the company.

Flight Agent

Without any second thoughts, one of the most exciting jobs is the flight attendant job. The job description and duties include:

  • Preparing the flight’s cabin.
  • Showing the safety instructions before taking off.
  • Helping the customers with all needs, including finding reservations and offering snacks and beverages.

They also need to entertain the passengers, flight attendants should remain calm as much as possible, and in case of emergencies, they need to secure the passengers. The applicants need to have interpersonal skills and the ability to bend and squat easily. The candidates can earn $20 to $30 per hour.

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Aircraft Maintenance

The candidates are applying for this task must be ready to wash the plane, remove the residue and dirt, checking the landing gear fluid, etc. The positions available include technicians and stocks. They are paid $10 to $15 per hour.

Customer Care Representative

Customer care is essential for airline companies as most of them have a customer care call center to resolve all the issues. They mainly offer support through call or email. The customer care representatives aren’t required to have any prerequisite knowledge or education as the company trains them, but they must be extremely patient. It can be challenging to deal with clients, so one must regularly deal with stress. The customer care representative can earn $10 to $15 per hour.

Airport Operations

There are various types of airport careers. They include customer service agents, ramp agents, provisioning agents, and others. Based on the job specifications, the airport operation specialists are expected to direct airplanes, greet customers, help in uploading and unloading the luggage, and check the flights. They can earn $10 to $20 per hour.

Tips for Applying at Southwest Airlines

Job seekers need to keep an eye on the online job offerings and positions which get opened up. The candidates need to make a profile on the website and then apply. Candidates need to make sure that they only fill in the important information which could create an impact on their application. There is a background check also which is conducted by the employers.

Perks of Working at Southwest Airlines

There are several benefits of working at Southwest Airlines, including medical, vision, dental covers, flexible spending accounts, basic life insurance, etc. The employees can also enjoy paid holidays, employee engagement and travel, and training and development opportunities for eligible employees. Employees also get retirement benefits. Overall, working at Southwest Airlines is a boon to the employees, as they automatically get eligible for plenty of perks.

southwest airlines application tips

Moreover, if an individual is looking forward to enter the aviation line, then there cannot be a better company to start the professional career, than starting with Southwest Airlines. The company offers a great working environment as well, which means employees can enjoy their work-life balance in the best way possible.

Miscellaneous Information about Southwest Airlines

The company takes at least a month to respond to job applications and offer eligible applicants access to job openings. The company also promotes employee growth and offers leadership and public speaking training for personal and professional development.

Above all, the company provides the employees with advancement and the best care. This is so that they grow and stay longer with the company. The employees need to understand the client’s needs to get a promotion.

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