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Southwest Airlines Interview Questions

southwest airlines interview questions

Southwest Airlines offers a comprehensive interview tool that permits prospective employees to conduct pre-preparatory research on the positions offered. You can work in Southwest Airlines at various levels. Southwest Airlines assists you to prepare well for the interview shortly.

southwest airlines interview questions

It is a good idea for you to use this pre-preparatory interview tool to the best of your advantage. You can also study the competition well by using this interview tool during your interview preparation. Even comprehensive interviews can test your knowledge simply. We recommend that you use these interview questions to crack the best career opportunity with Southwest Airlines.

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Questions for Assessing Personal Information

Q – 1. How Will You Introduce Yourself?

Ans: You must use a logical and positive approach to answer this question. You can talk about hobbies, work experience, and relevant skills which will help you excel with a job at Southwest Airlines. It is better that your hobbies and other areas of interest also relate to the work experience that you have in this industry.

Q – 2. Describe Southwest Airlines?


  • The central philosophy of the organization states quality delivered with warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and organizational spirit.
  • Southwest Airlines is located in Texas.
  • The airline acquired another airline in 2011, this airline is called Air Tran Airways.
  • Southwest flies to various destinations such as Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominic Republic in addition to destinations in the USA.
  • The airline doesn’t overbook on flights.
  • Southwest Airlines also doesn’t offer connecting flights.
  • They have direct flights to all destinations.
  • You can take the interview quiz on the website as a mock interview so you can fare well in the main interview.
  • Southwest Airlines also travel to destinations like Cuba, Costa Rica, Belize.
  • This airline travels to domestic and international destinations respectively.
  • This airline is the best passenger airline in America which offers affordable tickets for travel.
  • You should demonstrate in-depth knowledge about the products and services offered by the airline.
  • This improves your chance to get a good job with Southwest Airlines.

Q – 3. Why Would You Like to Work for Southwest Airlines?

Ans: You can highlight people management skills and travel experience which will allow you to excel in this job. You can say Southwest Airlines will add a new challenge to your career graph. Working with Southwest Airlines is a matter of pride and honor. It is the best airline in North America. Over the years, it has received many Awards and Recognitions over the year. Make sure you mention how proud you will feel to be associated with this airline.

Questions for Career Opportunities and Skills

Q – 1. Are You Open to Working Flexible Shifts?

Ans: You must demonstrate flexibility to work in the aviation sector. This gives you a better chance to get a job with Southwest Airlines.

Q -2. How Well Can You Handle Work Pressure?

Ans: In this question, structure your answer logically and give real-life examples to support your answer for handling work pressure. You can also talk about problem-solving skills to handle work pressure better.

Q – 3. Are You Open to Relocating to a Different City?

Ans: You can demonstrate that you are open to relocating with enthusiasm. This increases your chances to get a good job with Southwest Airlines.

Q – 4. Why Do You Prefer to Work as a Flight Attendant with Southwest Airlines?

Ans: You must highlight 2 specific skills which are Communication Skills and Customer Handling Skills. You must also highlight that you enjoy serving customers and working with them. You pay attention to every specific detail which will help you to excel in this job role. Try and also talk about you are a team player and quick learner which facilitates you to work independently or as a part of a team. You can also talk about leadership skills which will help you to deal with emergencies during a flight easily.

the southwest airlines interview question tips

Q – 5. Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years from Now?

Ans: As young and dynamic flight personnel you must talk about definite and specific career goals which help you climb the career ladder. You can use real-life examples from the aviation sector as an inspiration to answer this question appropriately. A definite career path helps the interview know that you are a long-term asset for Southwest Airlines.

Q-6 What Are The Roles & Responsibilities of a Customer Service Agent?


  • Assists customers to reserve their tickets.
  • Greets customers in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Handles all kinds of transactions such as travel vouchers, cash, and credit transactions.
  • Responsible to check in the baggage and cargo on the flight.
  • Informs passengers about flight delays and cancelation.
  • Facilitates passengers with flight information.
  • Handles general and specific customer inquiries for all customers.
  • Ensures timely deliverance of customer service to all passengers at all times.

Q – 7. What Are The Specific Duties of a Ramp Agent?


  • Responsible for loading, unloading, and directs the company aircraft.
  • Is also responsible for managing and safeguarding passenger baggage.
  • Responsible for Air Cargo.
  • Plans and stocks materials for airline operations.
  • Keeps a record of customer baggage.
  • Is also responsible for picking and delivering air cargo.
  • Ensures no discrepancies are there in daily routine.
  • Makes sure the overhead bins are cleaned, upholstery is swept, and windows and airline passages along with lavatories are cleaned.
  • Ensures all cabinet equipment is working appropriately.
  • Disposes of all cutlery and crockery used by passengers in a specific flight.
  • Submits the paperwork to various supplying departments.
  • The ramp agent also gets exposed to fumes, severe weather conditions, jet and machinery noises, dirt, and dust for extended periods.
  • The ramp agent acts as a coordinator between ground staff, cabin crew, and passengers.

Customer Handling Skills for Southwest Airlines

Q – 1. How Will You Deal with an Annoyed Passenger?

Ans: You must try and understand the situation and allow the passenger to share his concerns. Try your best to find out the root cause behind the problem and then look for possible solutions to resolve the issue. You must focus on achieving customer satisfaction through your resolutions. Don’t lose your cool and always remain calm for handling the passengers well.

southwest airlines interview question tip

Q-2. What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean to You?

Ans. Always talk about your good communication skills along with a polite and friendly attitude towards a customer. The customers must be assisted to place their bags in the overhead bins. Flight attendants must take special care for passengers with special needs such as differently-abled.

Q – 3. Why Do You Want to Work as a Customer Service Agent?


  • You must talk about excellent communication skills to deal with customers.
  • Talk about your physical fitness which allows you to handle customers well.
  • Also, talk about how will you handle children or other customers with special needs.

Q – 4. Why Do You Want to Work as a Flight Attendant?

Ans: You can talk about your relevant work experience in this field. You can talk about real-life examples stating how did you handle difficult situations related to customers. You must also highlight you can work as a multi-tasker on various tasks simultaneously. This also helps you secure a decent job with Southwest Airlines.

Q – 5. Why Do You Prefer to Work as a Ramp Agent?

Ans: Ramp agents are responsible for moving items from one place to another. State that you have excellent communication skills which help you excel in this job. You can handle baggage requirements well. Candidates should also be able to work under pressure appropriately. You should be able to lift baggage easily up to 70 pounds. An employee must also be willing to stand for a longer duration of time. You must attend the customer service training program to enhance your existing skills.

Q – 6. How Did You Apply for a Position with Southwest Airlines?

Ans: You can talk about various online channels and newspaper advertisements or employee referral programs that allow you to apply for a specific job role with Southwest Airlines.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Q – 1. List Down Your Specific Strengths to Work with Southwest Airlines?

Ans: Specific skills which help you enhance your work experience as a flight attendant or a customer service agent. Talk about problem-solving skills, politeness, and dedication to handling critical situations with a smile.

Q – 2. What Are Your Specific Weaknesses Related to This Job?

Ans: You should positively talk about your weaknesses and put your best effort to convert each weakness into your strength. Weaknesses must be identified only with a positive approach and refrain yourself from saying you do not have a weakness.

Q – 3. Can You Work for a Long Number of Hours?

Ans: Working for the aviation sector, you must be open to work for long durations. This gives you a better chance to work for Southwest Airlines. Be dynamic, enthusiastic, and have a pleasing personality which increases your chance to get a job of your choice with Southwest Airlines.

Q – 4. What is The Reason for Leaving Your Last Job?

Ans: Always positively answer this question so that you state your skills and other learning opportunities you look for in Southwest Airlines. Always ensure you left the previous organization on good terms.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What Kind of Attire Should You Wear for an Interview with Southwest Airlines?

Ans: You must be formally dressed in business formals to attend the interview with Southwest Airlines. This is important to create a first impression with Southwest Airlines.

the southwest airlines interview question

Q – 2. What Are Specific Questions You Can Ask During The Interview?


  • You can ask questions like what is the best about working with Southwest Airlines?
  • What are the attributes of an ideal job applicant at Southwest Airlines?
  • What are the most important aspects of a particular job?
  • How is a measure of success measured in Southwest Airlines?
  • You can ask about what kind of learning curve does the Airline follows?
  • What kind of skills you must have to perform well in a job with Southwest Airlines?

Q – 3.  What Are The Specific Qualifications Required for Any Job with Southwest Airlines?


  • You should be open to work in highly cramped places.
  • You should be able to lift specified baggage weight.
  • Try and be open to climb, bend, kneel, and also crawl frequently for long periods.
  • You should also be open to carry heavy baggage above the jet stairs.
  • Physical fitness is also a must.

Q – 4. Do You Have a Valid Driving License?

Ans: You can respond to this question if you have applied for a position as a belt loader or a passenger bus driver which transports transit passengers.

Q – 5. What Kind of Factors Motivates You To Do Well?


  • You can talk about the coaching and mentoring opportunities that Southwest offers.
  • You can also talk about the training programs Southwest offers.
  • Mention you are a team player and enjoy working as a part of a team or individually.
  • You can also mention you are a quick learner and learn with time.

Q – 6. What Are The Interview Tips for Southwest Airlines?


  • You must carry out relevant research using the annual report published by Southwest Airlines.
  • Avoid dressing up casually for the interview.
  • Prepare yourself to answer situational questions effectively.
  • Read the job description thoroughly without a hassle.
  • You can also talk about work-related skills which help you to accelerate your career growth.

Bottom Line

Southwest Airlines looks for dynamic and enthusiastic flight personnel who can serve customers and resolve their daily queries. These interview tips and guidelines help you to choose the best career opportunity where you can also demonstrate your skills and knowledge to work in a diverse and inclusive workforce. You can also link your own career goals with the goals of the organization. Company research and research about salary expectations provide you a better negotiation to get a salary of your choice as per the market norms.

We also recommend you watch different employee testimonials on YouTube to understand the work culture of Southwest Airlines well. Your interview performance depends on how well you know about Southwest Airlines before you undergo the stringent interview process. The preparatory interview tool is a better solution that also caters to the needs of candidates who want to know more about Southwest Airlines.

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