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Spirit Halloween Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Spirit Halloween is one of the biggest stores in the United States. The products include Halloween costumes and accessories that almost everyone can use. They also tend to offer spooky décor items. Joe Marver established the company in 1983 in San Francisco, California.

Initially, it started as a pop-up store that aligns with Halloween revelers. The Spencer’s company had bought the company in 1999. Currently, the company plans to celebrate 35 years of existence. In Canada and United States, the company runs at least 1100 stores with 10000 hires.

The company is ever-growing. Spirit Halloween loves people who love the fast-paced environment, and they can also hire stay-at-home people besides retirees if they wish to earn some secondary income. The company tends to run seasonally, and it means they operate only 60 to 90 days a year. For example, it opens 60 to 90 days before Halloween and also shuts after two-three days. During summers, the holiday-themed retailer tends to conduct hiring campaigns to hire temporary employees.

Essential Information To Know Before Applying at Spirit Halloween

Minimum age required of the candidate to be eligible to work at Spirit Halloween: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply for Spirit Halloween.

Working hours at Spirit Halloween: It opens seasonally. The working hours are as follows:

A: Monday to Saturday: The working hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

B: Sunday: The working hours are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Spirit Halloween

There is a huge variety of products and services sold at almost all the locations tend to create one kind of working experience. The employees constantly need to interact with different needs and answer and get back to them regarding queries that range right from multiple suggestions regarding costume recommendations to party planning. They also need to offer culinary tips besides typical retail service, including product care and exchange policies.

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The employees can also assume that the Spirit Halloween jobs must present a highly personable and friendly attitude during the hiring process. The employees should also be able to multi-task in the fast-paced environment if they want to earn the respective perks.

The temporary employees need to work quickly besides maintaining efficiency. Often deadlines stand in place for current and remedial activities assigned by managers and entry-level employees to align with the management to typically operate under the same guidelines imposed by the corporate culture.

Career Opportunities Available at Spirit Halloween

The company tends to receive an application in almost all seasons. Some applications require experience and more knowledge in some unique niches, while inexperienced people can apply for some positions. But the job seekers must know that the minimum hiring age is 18 years for both entry-level and managerial level jobs.

Besides meeting the minimum age requirement, the employees also need to have desirable personality traits. For executive roles, the employees must hold some experience besides high school diplomas. There are no prerequisites for any entry-level jobs.

Some of The Positions Available


It is a part-time position where the applicant needs to work at least 15 to 30 hours per week and regularly interact with the patrons. Besides that, the employees need to complete the transactions based on the computerized point of sale systems.

spirit halloween application tips

Besides that, the cashiers also have to make product recommendations and help other entry-level associates perform opening and closing responsibilities. The applicant must feature friendly and positive working attitudes. The employees can earn extra consideration if they enjoy the Halloween holiday. The starting pay is $9 or $10 per hour.

Sales Associate

The main functions of a sales associate are retrieving products for clients, offering recommendations to clients, showing decorations, and providing access to fitting rooms. The sales associates need to look that there is no theft in the room. Additionally, they need to interact with customers constantly and some minor to medium labor work. The applicants should be comfortable when it comes to dealing with clients and work under deadlines to bag the job. The applicants can earn $10 per hour, and it depends on the performance.


Almost all locations tend to require supervisors and managers to ensure the store operates smoothly and efficiently. The managers and supervisors need to oversee the subordinates and entry-level workers besides looking into the overall operations. To get the job, the employees need to hold some previous job experience and degrees.

Tips for Applying at Spirit Halloween

Individuals who are really interested to be a part of Spirit Halloween should primarily apply during the summertime, as that is the duration of the summer holidays. It is advisable to start the job search during the months of July and August to be on the safer side and get a higher chance of getting recruited.

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The candidates need to keep an eye on the multiple job offerings, as there is a cut-throat competition and many individuals look to apply at Spirit Halloween. The company prefers hiring candidates who are driven, motivated, determined, and have the passion to work in dynamic environments.

Perks of Working at Spirit Halloween

The employees can surely get a fun-loving and energetic work environment besides excellent supplemental income. It also offers year employment opportunities and benefits like paid leaves and healthcare plans. Overall, the company offers a huge number of perks to its employees. Spirit Halloween is known to be an employee-centric company, which takes care of its employee in the utmost manner. One can surely enjoy the best work-life balance here, and get multiple chances of growth.

Miscellaneous Information About Spirit Halloween

The company offers an online custom finder that allows patrons to browse and choose the items personally. The clients need to follow the cues provided by the online item finder and enter the essential data. Hence employees can fill the form online, and they can also get the best possible benefits. They can also visit the store to check the application status.


Applicants should make the most of applying for a job at Spirit Halloween. The tips mentioned in this article will help all applicants make a smart choice.

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