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Sprint Application: Jobs & Career Info

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About Sprint Application

Sprint is the largest mobile services company based in the United States. Sprint offers a large number of employment opportunities in the telecom sector. Applicants choose many entry-level opportunities to develop professional careers with career development programs, exceptional pay scales, and steady working hours.

Sprint is a retail outlet to sell mobile phones and accessories. Different job seekers can also get employment in such retail outlets which are sale-centric and offer generous wages to employees. They offer fast-paced work environments with opportunities to grow in future careers. Many applicants get promoted to managerial roles once they join at the entry-level with hard work and dedication. Employees can work full time with a lucrative salary that they can earn.

Application Process for Sprint

Applicants can apply to any position at Sprint using the online application form given on the career website. Only smart and energetic employees get an opportunity to work with Sprint. The retail outlet focuses on hiring those people who can thrive to achieve something big in their teams.

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Job seekers should always be self-motivated and dedicated to excel in their careers with Sprint. They must use the online application process to apply for various positions of their choice to receive the right opportunity from Sprint. If applicants have previous experience in sales or customer service, they will always hold a chance to get a good career opportunity with Sprint.

Essential Requirements at Sprint

What is the minimum age requirement to work for Sprint?

The minimum age requirement to work for Sprint is 18 years.

What are the hours of operation to work for Sprint?

The store is open 24 hours on all 7 days of the week.

List down the available positions at Sprint?

  • Retail Consultant
  • Lead Retail Consultant
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Consumer Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Business, Sales and Marketing
  • Account Manager Business Sales
  • Sales Account Executive
  • Regional Account Manager
  • Government Account Executive
  • Technical Consultant
  • Outside Sales Account Executive
  • Credit Supervisor
  • Auditor
  • Indirect Account Executive

Employment Opportunities with Sprint

Applicants must possess academic and professional backgrounds to receive good employment opportunities with Sprint. When the employment focuses on team orientation and a sales-centric work environment the employees get a chance to use career advancement opportunities as professionals.

Sprint offers lucrative salary packages, comprehensive employee benefits to employees looking for managerial roles and career advancements. Managers and individuals can develop rewarding careers with Sprint by using viable career options to work for employment opportunities at Sprint. Sprint full-time and part-time employment to a deserving workforce.

Work Experience Matters

There are 1000 stores of Sprint throughout the US which offer a large number of opportunities to deserving people who constitute the workforce of Sprint. Many employees have prior experience in phone retail. This also helps employees to join Sprint for their career opportunities.

In addition to retail, job seekers also apply at career opportunities offered by call centers at Sprint. Paid training programs for new hires help in learning more about the business operations at Sprint. Sprint also offers many career opportunities in mobile retail which involves selling cellphones and tablets. This has many opportunities for the young talented workforce to develop a career that is beneficial for them in the long run.

Career Positions and Pay Scale Information for Sprint

Retail Consultant

  • They provide services related to cellphones and ensure sales associates meet customer service goals.
  • Their primary responsibilities also include generating sales and handling customer service requirements.
  • They are also responsible to greet customers in a friendly manner and always pay attention to their requirements.
  • They are also responsible to stock shelves with cellphone models and their accessories.
  • Retail Associates also get bonuses and other incentives for performance.
  • They work both part-time and full-time and earn a wage of 8 dollars per hour without experience and 15 dollars to 16 dollars with experience.

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Customer Management

  • They are call center agents and resolve customer queries related to products, services, policies, and also bills.
  • These employees also focus on setting up customer accounts on cell phones.
  • They also help in the troubleshooting mechanism of the phone.
  • They also provide information about products being sold.
  • These opportunities are part-time and also full-time.
  • They earn 12 dollars an hour with experience.

Retail Management

  • The associates excel with entry-level positions.
  • They also get promoted to managerial roles in no time.
  • This role also involves supporting technical teams and scheduling work for subordinate team members.
  • Assistant Store Managers also take complete responsibilities for hiring and training new employees.
  • They are also responsible for ordering different products and coordinate their shipments easily.
  • These employees should also analyze sales and report the profit and loss of the company.
  • They work for 20 to 40 hours per week.
  • They earn 11 dollars to 14 dollars hourly.
  • The annual salary package for retail store managers is 80,000 dollars annually.

Work Benefits at Sprint

Any individual who works 20 hours or more per week qualifies for receiving benefits of employment. Sprint offers a comprehensive range of work benefits to its employees. Such benefits include healthcare coverage, financial planning assistance, product discounts, paid time off, and medical benefits which also include benefits for dental and vision, employee stock options, educational assistance, adoption assistance, and retirement plans with paid time off to every employee working with Sprint.

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Additional Information

Sprint makes consistent efforts to understand its employees. The company has also created many think tank groups called employee research groups. These groups focus on mentoring employees to work in a culturally diverse environment. Employees can also communicate easily with company leaders to ensure they develop strong relations between corporate headquarters and employee groups. The focus of these groups is to bring like-minded people to connect and also effectively deal with social issues each one faces.


Sprint offers various career opportunities to the young and enthusiastic workforce. The application process at Sprint is extremely simple and it also helps candidates to choose a job of their choice. Sprint also provides many work benefits and career advancement opportunities to young talent who wants to develop a rewarding career in mobile retail. Sprint offers services related to cellphones and they also offer accessories related to cellphones.

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