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Stage Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Are you looking for a job opportunity at Stage?

This article will be helpful for the candidates who want to work with Stage, the most extensive departmental store chain.

Stage, the namesake departmental store chain, operates in more than 850 store locations across the East Coast, South, and Midwest with various banners. This retail chain store is spread across 40 states with more than 14,500 employees throughout the United States.

Applicants can scroll down to know the full details of job positions available at Stage, their required qualifications, job requirement and description, and the hiring process.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Stage

Stage hires plentiful candidates for its large number of retail store locations with a minimum age of 18. The work schedule and operational hours of Stage is as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Opportunities Available at Stage

The Stage provides a large number of job roles for the aspiring candidates, including Administrative Assistants, Database Marketing Analysts, Internal Auditors, Human Resources Managers, Marketing Managers, Store Manager Trainees, Regional Fragrance Account Coordinators, Merchant Training Coordinators, Corporate Planners, Buyers, Information Center Specialists, Pricing Accuracy Assistants, Claims and Safety Coordinators, and Media Coordinators.

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The Stage is also looking for Media Coordinators, Allocation Analysts, Legal Counsels, Estee Lauder Counter Managers, Utilities Analysts, Store Managers, Supervisors, Assistant Managers, Beauty Advisors, Clinique Counter Managers, Cashiers, and Sales Associates.

Future Job Scope at Stage

The Stage offers candidature to the applicants with a minimum required age for entry-level job roles. With various store chain locations spread across the United States, Stage offers professional careers and opportunities to job seekers. It is open for many job vacancies for its average store area of approximately 18,000 sq. ft. Employees at Stage benefit from flexible shift timings, competitive pay, and base salaries for both full-time and part-time roles.

Job Positions Offered at Stage

The Stage offers employment to the applicants with a minimum of 18 years for management and entry-level careers. Candidates can also get other job roles with Stage’s corporate settings. Its continuous available job positions include the following:


  • Entry-level and part-time cashier roles at Stage must offer customer services.
  • Their job responsibilities also involve an efficient and quick work schedule with customers and the public.
  • The duties also include answering queries about sales products and operating computerized cash registers, bagging purchases, and providing change and complete transactions.
  • Their salary at Stage is around $9.00 per hour.

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Sales Associates

  • Stage caters to customers’ requirements. Sales associates locate items on each sales floor and also answer queries of the customers about the company’s policies, services, and products.
  • Stage’s Sales Associates also take care and assist in stocking items, organizing shelves, erecting or fixing displays.
  • These associates earn around $9.00 per hour with Stage.


  • Management level employees at Stage functions as Sales Associates.
  • These employees ensure customer satisfaction, maintain merchandise and inventory levels, order new items, set schedules, train, and hire candidates.
  • Their duties also include marketing and sales analysis and payroll for Stage.
  • Entry-level supervisors at Stage earn around $10.00 an hour, while senior-level management roles earn around $30k to $60k per annum.

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Benefits of Working with Stage

The Stage offers multiple employee benefits, including the following:

  • Eligible Stage employees benefit from vacation time, financial planning assistance, and insurance options.
  • Their other perks include merchandise discounts, personal days, tuition reimbursement, and holidays off.
  • Stage also offers them tax exemption saving plans, dental and medical plans.

The Online Job Application Process of Stage

The application form available at Stage offers its employees an option to know about the job roles and responsibilities before filling it out. Applicants can explore a large number of job roles before submitting their application forms. Stage also allows candidates to visit its physical stores and fill out its paper application form.

Management often goes through the application and hire eligible candidates for Stage. Hiring managers at Stage consider employees with good communication skills, previous employment, and friendly behavior. Candidates must give it their all when they apply at Stage. This ensures there is no chance of rejection when they apply for a job.

Checking Job Application Status of Stage

The Stage often reverts to the eligible candidates within a week to finalize the interview schedule. Candidates can also contact Stage’s hiring managers or staff to know about their job application status. Visiting Stage’s store will give a good impression to the hiring managers as they will see the candidate’s interest and dedication for its employment and the company.

It can be an added advantage to get considered for the job applied at Stage. Candidates can also send an e-mail or make a phone call to Stage to know about their application and interview schedule. Eligible Stage candidates are called for the interview within a week.

Some More Information about Stage

The Stage has strong bonding with its suppliers to operate its stores smoothly and conveniently. Suppliers can check its regulations and rules through Stage’s online platform and follow them to do smooth business with this departmental store chain. Labeling is the essential need in the policies of this retailer. Its other needs depending on the item they are dealing with.


Stage offers various employment options for job hunters. It offers various entry-level, full-time, and part-time positions. Candidates should fill out the application form carefully and fill out all the required and necessary details in the form. To join Stage, candidates should fulfill every job requirement needed by Stage. We advise candidates to go through the Stage’s website and check the complete details and description of the job roles they are interested in to apply for Stage.

Candidates should check for their preferred Stage location they want to work with. Filling out the job application form highlighting the skills, education, previous work, or employment will make their application considered by Stage as the hiring managers go through the job application forms thoroughly. Visiting Stage’s stores will benefit candidates by meeting hiring staff and managers. Candidates will also know the detailed work schedule, job requirements, and perks by visiting its physical stores.

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