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Stanley Steemer Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Stanley Steamer has 300 facilities in 48 states and has been cleaning carpets since 1947. It aims for growth by encouraging customer satisfaction, and business success is ensured when properly trained. Customer-oriented employees are always needed to fill part-time and full-time job positions at the organization. Talented individuals looking for entry-level job roles in the carpet cleaning sector will discover exciting entry-level opportunities with the scope for progression through Stanley Steemer’s highest level exceptional training and benefits packages.

Please scroll below to know the complete information about Stanley Steemer’s available job roles with the online process to apply for a job post, benefits, shift schedule, and much more.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Stanley Steemer

You can apply for a job role at Stanley Steemer only if you are a minimum of 18 years while applying. The operational and shift duties of Stanley Steemer vary by its location.

Job Prospects at Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer, one of the country’s top carpet cleaning companies, has a strong presence in communities around the country. The cleaning company serves 95 percent of the US population and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through care and maintenance, highly-trained specialists, not subcontractors, extend the life of furnishings and flooring.

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Stanley Steemer’s workers usually arrive at clients’ doors ready to help with hardwood cleaning, grout, tile, upholstery, and carpet services in both commercial settings and homes. Staff workers arrive in familiar yellow vans, fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment and supplies.

Job Requirements

While operating for independently owned franchisees or corporately owned branches, employees work together to ensure the company’s overall success. Many franchise owners and corporate workers began their careers at Stanley Steemer in entry-level work capacities. Current employees discuss different aspects of their jobs on the company’s official internet portal.

A few employees even keep diaries of their days spent in various vocations and post them on the website. Customer service advisors and Carpet cleaners are two examples of career journeys at Stanley Steemer, as are telemarketing representatives and supervisors in training.

The Job Positions Available at Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer offers various job roles, including Technician, Carpet Cleaning Technician, Customer Service Advisor, Manager, Telemarketer, Air Duct Cleaning Associate, and Sales Manager positions. It also offers Sales Representative, Graphic Designer, Manager in Development, Restorer or Wood Floor Refinisher, Carpet Installer, and Carpet Technician Assistant.

The candidates can also apply as Graphic Designer, Technical Trainer, Air Duct Manager, NCSC Service Representative, and Sales Service Advisor. In addition, employees may apply for the following frequently found job positions at Stanley Steemer:

Customer Service Advisors

  • They are responsible for describing services and products to customers and also scheduling carpet cleaning.
  • Customer Service Representatives are also responsible for taking accurate order details from patrons to complete requests successfully.
  • They usually earn around $08.00 to $11.00 per hour at Stanley Steemer.

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Carpet Cleaning Technicians

  • Carpet Cleaning Technicians are responsible for guaranteeing customers’ approval by offering upholstery cleaning and quality carpets.
  • Their basic responsibilities also include moving furniture and setting cleaning vans.
  • They are also responsible for implementing marketing plans and maintaining all sales tasks and activities.
  • Carpet Cleaning Technicians generally earn around $30k per annum at Stanley Steemer.

Outside Sales Representatives

  • Outside Sales Representatives are responsible for closing and also leading deals with returning and new customers and performing in assigned territories.
  • They are also responsible for implementing marketing plans and maintaining all sales tasks and activities.
  • Stanley Steemer usually offers around$44k per annum to Outside Sales Representatives.

The Online Job Application Process of Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer accepts job applications through its job portal, the steps of which are explained below:

  • Visit the official website of Stanley Steemer.
  • Create your online account on its career page.
  • Check out Stanley Steemer’s available job offers.
  • Please tap on the job type you want to work for at Stanley Steemer and read its complete details.
  • Please fill up all blank fields that appeared here and submit your form to Stanley Steemer after reviewing it.

Checking Job Application Status for Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer looks at potential employees’ applications and their qualifications to consider them suitable for the company’s job position. Stanley Steemer’s prospective recruiting staff will contact candidates to address the next stages in the interview session if the qualifications and requirements meet. Vocal candidates may successfully approach Stanley Steemer’s hiring staff a few days after submitting their applications.

Unqualified resumes are kept on file for future job postings at this carpet cleaning company, and candidates may contact other career prospects. The candidates who apply for several store locations of Stanley Steemer and positions demonstrate dedication.

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Benefits and Perks While Working at Stanley Steemer

You will find the following benefits while working at Stanley Steemer:

  • Stanley Steemer offers prescription cards, hospitalization plans, and medical insurance through the support of healthcare coverage plans.
  • Employees also receive long-term disability and life insurance plans while working at Stanley Steemer.
  • Eligible Stanley Steemer usually benefits from sick time and paid time off for vacations.
  • In addition, employees get vision and dental coverage, discounts on products and services, on-site fitness centers, and employee assistance programs.

Additional Details of Stanley Steemer

The candidates at Stanley Steemer actively participate in charities that benefit the surrounding communities and their work areas. Since many of Stanley Steemer’s store locations are franchises, owners usually choose which causes to support by themselves.

A few Stanley Steemer’s companies donate to non-profit organizations that promote cancer research and children with disabilities. In contrast, others hire volunteer firefighters and participate in the battle against childhood obesity. The majority of franchises support the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Volunteers and yellow vehicles promote the campaign and distribute company literature. In 2012, Stanley Steemer, the carpet cleaner company, raised about $55,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, surpassing the $100,000 goal.


The carpet cleaning company, Stanley Steemer, has various branches throughout the United States to offer a range of cleaning services to its satisfied patron. You may check the details above to know the recruitment process of Stanley Steemer. You can also guide and follow the steps to apply for a job role through Stanley Steemer’s career portal.

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