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Staples Interview Questions

staples interview questions

Congratulations, you have cracked an interview with staples. Interviews can be a stressful exercise when you know that competition can be fierce. You also require a little bit of preparation to perform well in the interview at Staples. This interview tool lists down specific interview questions for applicants to perform well in the interview.

Staples is an office retail company that provides office stationery to many customers in America. The company is headquartered in Boston and it is spread across 26 countries across the world. This interview tool is designed to help applicants ace the interview at Staples and also secure a job of their choice.

Generic Interview Questions at Staples

Q – 1. Introduce yourself at Staples?

Ans: You must talk about your hobbies and previous work experience along with the educational qualifications you have. If you highlight customer service experience at work, you hold a better chance to get a good job with Staples.

Q – 2. What can you highlight about Staples?


  • Staples is a retail organization with 1500 stores in America.
  • This store was launched in 1986.
  • It has an annual turnover of 25 billion.
  • The store is spread across 26 countries across the globe.
  • It has its head office in Boston.

staples interview question

Q – 3. What is the prime reason to work for Staples?

Ans: You must emphasize that you enjoy working with a wide variety of customers and the career opportunity at Staples allows you to complete this requirement. Alongside you will get a fair opportunity to equip yourself with new technology worldwide. You can also educate customers to learn new technologies available with Staples.

Career Opportunities for Staples

Q – 1. Why should Staples hire you?

Ans: You are a hardworking and dedicated resource who believes in punctuality at work and you can quickly grasp new skills. These are some of the qualities you possess to get hired at Staples. Staples offers appropriate job opportunities with specific learning platforms for career advancement at work.

Q – 2. What is your 5 – year career plan to work with Staples?

Ans: You should conduct company research to understand the different job opportunities available with Staples. This helps you to chart out your specific career plan for the next 5 years. If you can prove yourself as a long-term asset to the organization, you will hold a better chance to work with Staples.

Q – 3. How will you resolve workplace conflict?

Ans: You must always use a positive approach to resolve any conflicts at work. Try your best to understand the situation so that you can resolve the work conflicts with the best possible solutions. Stay calm and patient always to resolve these conflicts. Don’t use a rude tone with either customers or colleagues. Resolving work conflicts enhances your work productivity and efficiency. It is good to have a healthy set of conflicts.

Customer Handling Skills for Staples

Q – 1. How will you deal with an annoyed customer?

Ans: You should focus on studying your customer requirement in detail. This allows you to understand his requirements appropriately. You can now provide a suitable solution to your customers so that your customer receives timely service and the level of satisfaction rises. You must keep your reporting manager informed so that he can assist you to deal with an upset customer.

Q – 2. How will you define excellent customer service at Staples?

Ans: Staples focuses on delivering exceptional customer service by meeting customer requirements and ensuring customers receive the appropriate products at an affordable price. Staples offer satisfactory customer services to elevate customer experiences at Staples. As a customer service associate, you must ensure every customer leaves your store in a happy state of mind.

staples interview question tip

Q – 3. How will you handle a difficult client at work?

Ans: You need to understand the specific requirements of clients. This will help you serve customers as per their requirements. Always demonstrate care for your customers and make specific promises which you can deliver. This helps you to deal with clients smoothly.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Q – 1. What kind of strengths do you have?

Ans: Along with your educational qualification you must answer this question with specific real-life examples where you have used your strengths to solve a business problem. You must prove that your strengths are relevant for the job role you have applied for.

Q – 2. What is your major weakness at work?

Ans: You must identify specific weaknesses which can provide you a scope of improvement and help you to attain success if you convert the weaknesses into potential strengths. You must suggest appropriate strategies to overcome your weaknesses so that you don’t face a problem in the long run.

Q – 3. How will you delight customers in your store?

Ans: You must develop attractive deals in your stores to attract customers. You can provide add-on services along with office supplies. Offering attractive discounts on the main product line allows customers to choose the products of their choice at an affordable price. This way customers will receive their preferred service or products at the price they choose. This helps you to achieve customer delight at work.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. How will you prepare a to-do list for interviews?


  • Carry a notepad with a pen.
  • Conduct proper company research.
  • Carry your documents in a neat folder.
  • Dress up smartly
  • Speak with confidence and with a clear tone.
  • You should get a proper sleep before your interview.
  • Rehearse your questions well.
  • Answer all questions truthfully.
  • Don’t lose the purpose of your interview.
  • You must thank the interviewing panel after you leave the interview room.
  • Always arrive a few minutes early from the scheduled time.
  • Observe the work environment around you.
  • You can talk to fellow team members or friends who work with Staples to understand the work culture at Staples

Q – 2. What are your specific questions for the interviewer?


  • Why do you enjoy working with Staples?
  • What kind of attributes does a top candidate have?
  • What are the specific requirements for this position?
  • How does Staples measure the level of success at the organization?
  • What measures can you take to achieve your learning curve?
  • What kind of learning and growth opportunities help you to grow at Staples?

staples interview questions tip

Q – 3. What are the specific reasons for leaving your previous job?

Ans: You can talk about new roles and responsibilities along with a set of new challenges which Staples offer. This is helpful for your career advancement in the future. You must also talk about your previous employer on a positive note. Avoid discussing challenges in your previous job. Always look ahead for new challenges and also adopt positive strategies for future growth. Make this question the foundation question of getting a job with Staples. This will also ensure you impress the interviewer and you are looked at in a positive way.

Q – 4. What kind of interview attire can you wear at Staples?

Ans:  You can dress up formally or in business casuals to appear for this interview. You also need to depict smartness in your personality before you appear for an interview with Staples. Your dress code helps you create a positive impression during the interview. Therefore, it is important to dress up appropriately before your interview.

Q – 5. When can you start your new job?

Ans: You can let your interviewer know the appropriate notice period you need to serve at your previous job so that you can join Staples at the earliest. You can also request Staples to buy out your notice period so that you can join them immediately.

Q – 6. State your specific accomplishments in your last job?

Ans: Use an excellent set of examples to answer this question where you can talk about how you handle a difficult set of customers and also provide them customer delight through your services. You can also talk about team recognitions and individual performance awards which you receive in your previous job.

Q – 7. How will you motivate your employees?

Ans: You should demonstrate yourself as a good team leader. Always adopt strategies to motivate and appreciate your employees rather than demoralizing them at work. Motivation can also be initiated by becoming a role model and inspiration for your employees. You must inculcate leadership qualities and team-building skills in each employee of your team.

Bottom Line

Staples offer a wide range of career opportunities to those who want to develop a rewarding career with the brand. They also have a pool of new opportunities and challenges which help applicants to advance in their careers. Staples look for reliable and honest employees who focus on contributing to the company’s success in the long run. Relevant work experience, the right skills, and product knowledge will help you in achieving professional success and company growth.

Staples also offers interview tools to help applicants ace their interviews with Staples. Staples also helps applicants to take up challenges that help them to become financially stable and they also look for new career opportunities for career advancements on a professional front. It also facilitates them to grow on a personal level. No skills go wasted at work. Every skill is important to deliver results for the company.

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