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Starbucks Interview Questions

starbucks interview questions

You might be looking around for preparatory interview questions that help you crack your interview with Starbucks. Interviews are generally a stressful exercise, dealing with competition or rather understanding competition becomes a challenge.

A basic preparation along with company research allows you to tackle situations and other interview questions effectively. You can use the interview tool to prepare well for the interview and also understand the work culture and policies related to employees in Starbucks.

The interview tool also helps you to understand the job, its roles and responsibilities, and the basic skills required to complete the job. The interview tool is a helping hand for you, it allows you to understand what Starbucks expects from you as an employer.

Generic Interview Questions for Starbucks

Q – 1. Introduce Yourself?

Ans: You can talk about your work experience skills, product knowledge, and specific hobbies that are related to your work. You can also talk about how you can contribute to Starbucks keeping in mind its competition. This will help the interviewer learn more about your traits.

Q – 2. How Will You Describe Starbucks in Your Own Words?


  • Starbucks started in 1971 in Seattle.
  • Starbucks products include high-quality coffee, tea, espresso, Frappuccino, smoothies, and a range of food items.
  • The best coffee was rated in 2003 for Starbucks.
  • Starbucks launched instant coffee in 2009.
  • The loyalty program is known as My Starbucks Reward Card.
  • This is for frequent customers.
  • Free drinks and food gets purchased on this card.
  • The central philosophy of Starbucks is One Person One Cup and One Neighborhood at a time.
  • You can take the Starbucks Trivia Quiz to assess how much you know about Starbucks.

Career Opportunities for Starbucks

Q – 1. Why Would You Like to Work with Starbucks?


  • You must specify that you enjoy the products and services of Starbucks and you would like to represent the same in the marketplace.
  • You also are aware of Starbucks cares for employees by offering them numerous employee benefits.
  • These benefits include health benefits, stock benefits, caring for the employees in a way that they can attract customers and create a good customer experience for them.
  • Employees must feel valued while they work at Starbucks.

starbucks interview question

Q – 2. Why Should Starbucks Hire You?


  • Carefully read the job description to understand what your existing skills are. This will help you complete a job well with Starbucks.
  • Demonstrate yourself as a team member who can contribute to the overall success of the company.
  • You can also talk about various learning opportunities that you can avail yourself of to grow as a professional with Starbucks.
  • You should always highlight you have good communication skills which help you excel at your job.

Q – 3. What Kind of Work Shifts Are You Comfortable with?


  • You must always demonstrate flexibility to work with Starbucks since it is a hospitality chain.
  • Starbucks deals with customers throughout the day.
  • You must demonstrate a willingness to work on weekends or holidays
  • This provides you a better chance to get a job with Starbucks.

Q – 4. What is Your 5 – Year Definite Career Plan?

Ans: You should talk about your career goals and aspirations. The same should get aligned with the organizational goals of Starbucks. Use learning opportunities and training programs offered by Starbucks to your advantage. The definite career plan assists your hiring manager to know whether you are a long-term investment for the organization. This gives you a better chance to get a job with Starbucks.

Q – 5. What Are Your Expectations in Terms of Salary?


  • This is generally a stress-increasing question.
  • You must carefully focus on a salary range that supports you financially.
  • Do not accept a job that underpays you.
  • You should conduct salary research before your interview.
  • If you do not exactly know what salary gets offered, you can always quote a higher range to negotiate well.
  • The entry-level positions work on the minimum wage rate.
  • Hiring people is an art and not a science.
  • It means how well you fit into the culture of Starbucks as a company.

Q – 6. What Do You Feel about Standing for Long Durations?

Ans: Starbucks offers a labor-intensive job role that allows people to stand for long periods while dealing with customers or serving them. You should always be flexible to work with Starbucks as an organization. Wearing comfortable shoes allows you to work for long time durations at Starbucks.

Q-7. Did You Ever Face Attendance Problems in Your Previous Job?

Ans: You should be honest while answering this question. You require to provide reference details of your current reporting managers so that Starbucks can validate your attendance record. You must emphasize the importance of starting your shift early. Demonstrate that you are regular to work.

the starbucks interview questions

Customer Handling Skills for Starbucks

Q – 1. What Does Customer Service Mean to You?


  • Exceptional customer service means you will not allow the customer to wait for long for any order.
  • Customers should receive a friendly service.
  • Restaurants must maintain hygienic standards.
  • The products are customized and freshly made in front of the customer.
  • Greet your customers with a smile.

Q – 2. How Will You Pacify an Annoyed Customer?


  • Allow the customer to share his concern with you.
  • Show a caring attitude towards the customer.
  • Always be polite and respectful.
  • Look for strategies to resolve the problem.
  • Avoid false promises
  • Don’t take criticism negatively or personally to heart.

Strengths and Weaknesses Required for Starbucks

Q – 1. What are Your Core Strengths?

Ans: Always highlight work-related skills and experience which directly co-relate to the job you are applying to. You must carefully read the Job description which helps you to link your strength areas with the job you are getting interviewed for.

Q – 2. What Are Your Core Weaknesses?

Ans: Identify specific areas of improvement in both personal and professional life which help you achieve the job you desire by transforming weakness into success. You hold a better chance if you are honestly able to rectify these weaknesses and transform into a good career professional. Never say you do not have a weakness as it may go against you.

Q – 3. If You Had to Take Strength from Animals Available, What Are Those Strengths?


  • You can acquire loyalty from dogs
  • You can become a hard worker and team player like ants.
  • Acquire smartness from dolphins
  • You can acquire strength from elephants
  • You can acquire leadership skills and power from a Gorilla. Try and also take care of your team member like a parent.

Interview Tips and Attire for Starbucks

Q – 1. What Kind of Attire Suits You for an Interview with Starbucks?

Ans: You can wear business casuals for positions in entry-level. You can wear a formal dress for positions on the managerial level and above. Avoid facial hair, minimum jewelry, long hair must be neatly tucked in a bun. Don’t wear any tattoos or jewelry. Avoid wearing shorts and jeans when going for an interview with Starbucks.

Q – 2. What Are The Basic Interview Tips One Should Follow?


  • Arrive early
  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Learn your company research well
  • Avoid demonstrating nervousness
  • Don’t sound boring
  • Make a proper eye contact
  • Research well about the company.
  • Read about behavior-based interviewing skills
  • Use specific examples to demonstrate your competencies.
  • You can observe the operation at a Starbucks store to answer the questions effectively.
  • Read about Starbucks through social media and Twitter channels so that you understand more about the work culture of Starbucks. This will help you understand how you can fit in seamlessly.

Q – 3. Why Should Starbucks Hire You?


  • You must demonstrate a cheerful and helpful attitude to greet customers.
  • You should know the restaurant menu by heart.
  • Have complete knowledge about how to handle the cash machine for billing activities etc.
  • You must maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant at all times.

Q – 4. What Questions You Can Ask The Employer?


  • What is the best thing about working with Starbucks?
  • Define the attributes of an ideal candidate
  • What are the core skills required to complete a job?
  • What is the measure of success at Starbucks?
  • How fast you can achieve the learning curve at Starbucks?
  • What kind of career and learning opportunities does Starbucks offer you for a rewarding career?

Q – 5. How Will You Resolve a Conflict at Work?

Ans. You can use real-life examples and strategies to resolve a conflict at work. Identify the root cause of the problem to resolve the conflict with appropriate strategies as per the situation. Try and use a positive and rational approach to resolve the conflict. You should try and convince the interviewer you can handle scenarios and conflicts in real-time. This is the kind of confidence that will help you jump the queue and get a job with Starbucks.

the starbucks interview question

Q – 6. Can You Work Under Pressure?

Ans. You must highlight your ability to work under pressure. This helps to work in the restaurant

Q – 7. What Are The Key Strategies to Get a Good Job with Starbucks?


  • You can secure a good job by identifying the core skills that help you excel at work.
  • You require to study company literature to flare well at your job.
  • Find out about the on-the-job training and relevant experience to excel at your job.
  • You can watch employee testimonials to understand the work culture of Starbucks.
  • Starbucks offers ample learning opportunities to grow as an individual and also develop team skills.
  • Focusing on attention to detail helps in excelling and securing a good job.
  • You may require technical skills or math skills to excel at Starbucks.
  • Customer handling skills are core skills for this business.
  • The ability to solve problems is also helpful to do your job well.
  • A good restaurant keeps internal and external customers happy.
  • 80% of business comes from 20% loyal clientele. This is helpful to run a successful restaurant.
  • Starbucks hires people with good communication skills.
  • Starbucks focuses on the physical fitness of employees working in the restaurant.
  • The employee should be well – versed about product knowledge in the restaurant.
  • Meeting customer needs with appropriate skillsets helps employees to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • The willingness to work is a skill that will help you grow in this industry.
  • The ability to communicate and empathize with customers helps to achieve a good job which deals with customers.
  • Confidence and a pleasing personality work well in this industry.

Q – 8. How To Ace Your Interview with Starbucks?


  • Study the company literature properly.
  • Work on enhancing your skills to improve them that they help you to achieve business success.
  • Align career goals with goals of the organization.
  • Study the company with its competition
  • Look for positive attributes about the company.
  • Become a brand ambassador of the company.
  • Demonstrate its core values.
  • As employees, you need to take care of customers so that revenues are generated for the company.
  • Try to understand the overall job responsibility of your hiring manager.
  • Develop a mentor and mentee relationship with your reporting manager.
  • This will help you understand the work culture better.
  • These tips are helpful to ace the interview process for Starbucks in the long run.

Q – 9. What Are The Specific Resume Tips You Can Follow To Make Your Resume for Starbucks?


  • Clearly state your career objective with a professional summary.
  • You must state your key skills and work history on your Resume.
  • Always highlight your professional accomplishment in your previous role.
  • You must review the job role thoroughly and identify the key requirements for the role.

Bottom Line

Starbucks offers a list of career opportunities specifically to choose from. Applicants can use the basic interview tool to prepare themselves well so that they understand the basic work culture followed at Starbucks. Starbucks follows the philosophy of happy employees takes care of happy customers. Employees at Starbucks believe in creating a customer experience for every customer who walks into a Starbucks store.

Starbucks offers coffee and other delicacies which are served with love to customers. Customers look forward to a friendly and caring environment. Customers look for employees who can meet their demands by skills they possess. Applicants can look for new roles and challenges when they apply for a job with Starbucks.

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