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starbucks training

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee shop conglomerate, with more than 28,000 locations across 76 countries. However, they have built this empire on more than just coffee alone. 

Factor in welcoming interiors with cozy corners, seasonal drink specialties, and tasty food items. Along with free wifi, shops with 24/7 availability, and no set timing restrictions for being in-store. That right there is a winning recipe for success! Although, how does the continuity of perfectly handcrafted drinks from each coffee shop, country, and barista happen?

 Let’s find out as we delve into the world of Starbucks training and what it entails.

What You Can Expect From Starbucks?

What You Can Expect From Starbucks

Starbucks has created seamless continuity across each of its stores in locations all over the globe. Being able to provide you with the same great customer experience, no matter if you are in Florida, NYC, or even London or Australia. 

The drinks are all handcrafted using the same ingredients the world over. That comes down to the fact that all of the associates and baristas working at Starbucks have been trained in the same way. To make sure each drink is carefully created and presented uniformly. 

Over 5 million customers a day!

This doesn’t always count with personalized drinks, especially when you get a barista with a little extra flair! But on the whole, no matter where you are. You can expect the same great flavor, temperature, and care to be taken with your latte, spiced mocha, or frappuccino. 

Globally, if we combine the customer counts for every single store each day, then Starbucks serves over five million customers their daily cup of joe. That’s an incredible amount of coffee and doesn’t even include just food orders!

Endless flavor combinations…

 Did you know that there are more than 87,000 drink flavor combinations?! Yes, you read that right, 87 thousand! Certainly, a lot for a barista to learn, and so much for you, the customer, to experience each visit. Can you do the math? 

That means if you went to Starbucks and ordered a new drink combination every day of the year. It would take 238.35 years for you to taste the entire menu. Even if you doubled up and ordered two different flavors each day, that’s still 119 years… More years than most of us usually get to live… Insane!

How Long Is Starbucks Training?

So, let’s get back to the training and what it usually entails for newly hired baristas. The training at Starbucks is known as The Barista Basics Training Program. This is done both in-house and online and typically lasts around two weeks. 

How Long Is Starbucks Training

You will always start with an orientation that lasts three to four hours. Then when this is complete, further training can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The time scale largely depends on if you’ve had previous barista experience and how easily and quickly you take on the role. Plus, your confidence levels as well. 

What Can I Expect During My Orientation?

Starbucks orientation is where you are going to start learning the ropes and essential tips at your specific store location. Most likely, there will be a group of you doing the orientation together. The first order of the day is filling out a bunch of paperwork that must be completed before anything else. 

All the legalities of starting with a new company. You will be provided with your training modules and shown the online portal where you can find and use the online-based learning components. 

It even includes a coffee tasting!

You’ll also learn about how The Barista Basics Training Program works, what is expected of you, and the schemes 70/20/10 percent divide (more on this soon…). Then it’s time for an in-depth tour of the store, complete with instructional videos and a coffee tasting. 

This is the perfect time to ask any questions you might have. You’ll probably meet other employees who are there working their shifts and just get a good feel for the new role. Different roles will be covered, including drive-thru, Starbucks online ordering, cashier, and barista.

Getting your famous colors…

 Finally, before the orientation is through, you will be gifted the all-important green Starbucks Apron and your name tag. This is essentially your uniform, and a fairly lax smart casual dress code comes along with it. All of which will be covered in this meeting.

What Comes After Starbucks Orientation Training?

After your orientation day, each subsequent shift you are rostered on for is considered your hand on training. You’ll have a lot of helpful information and tools to look at and learn at home. There are training manuals covering different topics, plus computer modules you’ll need to complete as you learn on the job.

 You’ll be observing your mentor day-to-day during this period as Starbucks created a training scheme that is run on a 70/20/10 divide. This is important, and this is how it works… 

The 70/20/10 divide

Seventy percent of your training happens in-house, on the floor during actual shifts where you are working with your mentor and learning on the job. Twenty percent of training is acquired from feedback, chats, and mentorship from coaches and trainers. Meanwhile, the last 10 percent is all about self-guided study and progression with the online modules.

Each day sees you learning more about the products made and sold, how to use the cash register, and work the drive-thru. You’ll be faced with new responsibilities and start to be a cog in the wheel of making delicious beverages! From steaming milk to the perfect temperature, perfecting your cappuccino foam, or calling out completed orders, you will learn each aspect of the operation.

What Other Skills Might I Learn Along The Way?

Not only will you learn to be a barista and the steps in creating handcrafted beverages and food that is served there. You’ll also be learning other skills like customer service and relations, and even how to handle yourself if any difficulties arise. Both in terms of a machine misbehaving or a dissatisfied customer. 

Other skills may include:

  • Maintaining a high level of customer service.
  • An eye for detail when it comes to cleanliness in your workstation, along with the retail and restaurant space.
  • Workplace camaraderie.
  • Learning about and implementing safety regulations to avoid legal repercussions.
  • Learning about and maintaining stock inventory.
  • The importance of being reliable and punctual.
  • Creating delicious meals and drinks.
  • The skills to handle difficult circumstances.

Starbucks Various Training Materials

You will be given various booklets and guides as well as access to online training modules. These will include:

The Green Apron Book 

This book has been specifically designed to highlight the Starbucks values and principles around the company and, most importantly, customer service. It’s a travel-sized guide you can have in your pocket for quick reference or to peruse on your lunch break. 

Training Booklets 

These are booklets available to you that cover various aspects of working in customer service through Starbucks. Topics include all things customer service, the history of coffee, barista and coffee machine training, company history, and the Third-Place model.

Coffee and Tea Passports 

These paper passports, which detail different coffee beans and blends, are imperative if you wish to learn about what you are serving and why. It’s ideal when helping a customer choose the perfectly crafted drink for them, and you’ll also find passports on the different blends of tea. Write down how it smells, how it tastes, etc., to your nose so you can become a connoisseur of tea and coffee craft.

Computer Modules 

This training section is based online and is where all the knowledge gained from the Training Booklets comes into play, along with what you have learned in your hands-on training. 

It is interactive and informative and will help you excel at your position by understanding how individual components work to bring together the bigger picture. Usually, there are new modules to complete a few times a year to keep you as up-to-date and knowledgeable as possible. 

Completion Of Starbucks Barista Basics Training Program

Completion Of Starbucks Barista Basics Training Program

Once you have completed training to the satisfaction of your mentors and manager, all of your subsequent shifts will be as a fully-fledged employee rather than a trainee! 

Make sure you keep the barrage of information you’ve just learned fresh in your mind, and always take a deep breath if things get a little stressful. You can always ask a fellow barista if you are unsure of something to confirm the answer.

Learn More About Working At Starbucks

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Final Thoughts

The Barista training program at Starbucks might seem a little daunting, and at times it can be. However, it has been created to help new baristas jump into the role through a lot of hands-on training and mentorship. There are informative booklets and online training components to help you along the way, and the training should be complete in a few weeks. 

Happy beverage crafting new Starbucks baristas, we look forward to your creations!

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