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Top 10 StoryWorth Competitors & Alternatives

About StoryWorth

Are you looking for an innovative way to tell and share the story of your life

They say that everyone has at least one book in them, although not everyone has the discipline to write it. That’s why StoryWorth has been designed to allow people to share episodes from their lives in a fun and engaging way.

The platform allows people from all around the world to connect with their loved ones and share their experiences. This subscription service has become very popular in recent years, and a number of competing options have been launched. 

So, let’s u

About StoryWorth

This subscription service was founded by Kristi and Nick Baum in 2011. StoryWorth allows subscribers to record their life stories and transform these memories into books. This is a great way to share the important moments of life and make sure they are never forgotten.

The service started life as a social event planning platform that was called WhereBerry. After developing the platform, founder Nick Baum spent his free time collecting his father’s stories. During the experience, he developed a simplified way of promoting stories and collecting memories.

About StoryWorth

Sharing the love…

Baum quickly realized that this process could be valuable for other people. Each week, subscribers receive emails with questions about their lives. These questions are designed to inspire stories that are transformed into chapters of their life stories.

Subscribers can reply to these questions either over the phone or via email. The app will then capture the replies that are shared and store them in the cloud. Both audio and text responses are converted into stories that are shared with the subscriber’s family. 

A real book is created…

After paying $99 for one year of storytelling, a beautiful bund storybook is created. Subscribers and their family members can then purchase extra hardcover books at a cost of $39. These books make great gifts for birthdays and other special events. 

Now that’s covered, let’s take a look at the…

Top 10 StoryWorth Competitors & Alternatives

1 LifeArk 

This is a family-focused app that is designed to help family members bond and share quality time. The main intention behind the app is to help parents build strong and lasting connections with their children. LifeArk was founded in 2017 and is owned by Generation Transfer Inc.

Subscribers can use LifeArk to record their life stories, family history, and interests. These recordings are saved and can be shared with family members in the future. This helps children to gain an honest and interesting understanding of who their parents are and their values.


Whether near or far…

This makes it easy for family members to connect even when children have moved away from home or even left their country of birth. Parents can share advice with their children that they can apply to their own lives. This helps to keep children on the right path and feel connected to their parents no matter where they are. 

2 FamilySearch Memories 

FamilySearch was founded in 1894 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting family members. It offers a wide range of online services, including software, genealogical records, and education. Visitors to the FamilySearch Memories website can find detailed genealogical records on more than 1.3 billion people. 

The organization recently created the Memories app, which allows family members to connect in a new way. One of the great things about this platform is that it is free to create an account and upload photos. You can also invite family members to get involved and share their stories, photos, and videos. 

A story through time…

The app can be used to record, save, and share memories, which can also be used to create more detailed stories. Audio recordings and photos can be saved to the platform for other people to see and interact with. This can also be a collaborative experience that different family members work on together.

The idea is that the material that is shared can be viewed by future generations. This helps families to understand where they came from and how they are connected. Detailed timelines can be created that show how families have grown over the decades.

3 No Story Lost 

This online platform is very similar to StoryWorth in that it creates coffee table books for subscribers. The platform employs a team of professional writers and biographers who do all the hard work. This ensures that everyone can create a beautiful family story, even if writing isn’t their forte.

It is designed to be very simple and easy to use. After subscribing, family members are interviewed, and the team collects their favorite stories and memories. The team of professionals then transcribes, writes, and edits every word. At the end of the process, a beautiful coffee table book is printed and shipped to subscribers. 

No Story Lost 

A priceless family heirloom…

This serves as a family heirloom that can be treasured and passed down for generations. Members also share life lessons that they want future generations to learn from. This helps to strengthen the family legacy and allows future generations to feel connected.

No Story Lost offers users three main packages to choose from. 

  • The Chronicle package costs $899 and includes two one-hour interviews, 24 photos, and around 12,000 words.
  • The Anthology package costs $1349 and includes four one-hour interviews, 48 photos, and around 24,000 words.
  • The Odyssey package costs $1799 and includes six one-hour interviews, 72 photos, and around 36,000 words. 

4 Chatbooks 

The Chatbooks app allows users to create stunning photo books from their digital photos. Chatbooks was founded in 2014 and is designed to be very easy to use. Subscribers can utilize their photos to create a cohesive story told solely through images.

This allows users to tell powerful stories without having to write a word. The app connects to Instagram and automatically compiles photo books from the images that are posted there. The finished photo books are then emailed to users to admire and share.

New parents or newlyweds!

They also have the option of printing their photo books and sending them to loved ones. This is an easy and affordable option for new parents and couples who have recently gotten married. Those treasured memories can be stored in one place, and the books make great gifts

5 PastBook 

You can use this innovative app to create photo books and other types of photo products. All you need to do is find your favorite photos and share them on the platform. You can then transform these images into items like calendars, cards, posters, and photo tiles.

Users can upload photos from a range of different platforms, including Google Drive and Dropbox. It only takes a single click to choose which uploaded photos will be used. The PastBook software then arranges images so that they are presented in the best way. 


6 Memorify 

This San Francisco-based boutique photo booth company is experienced in helping users create lasting memories. Memorify offers curated photo booth experiences for both corporate and private events. These photo booths come with innovative features that both capture and transform the moment.

You can also subscribe to the online platform to record and share video messages for loved ones. These messages are ideal for connecting family members who cannot be together. They allow users to share their wisdom along with feelings of love and gratitude.

Making the memories last…

After a family member passes, users can also create a tribute to them on Memorify. You can upload photos, audio recordings, and video messages. This content is then shared by loved ones for a specified period.

7 Artkive 

This app was created in 2012 as a digital platform for parents to store their child’s schoolwork and artwork. This makes it easy for treasured memories to be stored in one place for future reference. The app is used to scan papers and creates high-quality images that are easy to store.

Proud parents also have the option of transforming these images into a memory book. A mosaic frame can be made of choice images to make them extra special. This helps parents to celebrate their child’s academic achievements and share them with friends and relatives.

All your creativity in one place…

Using Artkive is designed to be very quick and easy. Subscribers are sent a box that they can fill with all their child’s favorite pieces of art. The order form includes options to create a mosaic photo frame, a book, or both if desired.

The Artkive team then individually photographs each piece of artwork in the box and professionally edits it. This ensures that the artwork is presented in the best way possible. Subscribers then review and customize the images and approve them for printing. 

8 Mixbook 

This web-based service and photo design tool allows users to create customized gifts like photo books. You can also transform your favorite images into canvas prints, cards, and calendars. Mixbook was founded in 2006 and offers a wide range of printing and shipping services.

You can use the Blank Canvas tool to design photo books from scratch. There are more than two hundred fonts to choose from, as well as backgrounds and stickers. This helps you to create colorful and unique gifts for your relatives and friends. 


Customize your memories…

If you are planning a wedding, you can use this service to create guest books and wedding books, and even customizable anniversary books. This is a unique way to share your cherished memories. No matter what the occasion may be, these are sure to make it even more special.

9 Safe Beyond

Next, in my rundown of the top 10 StoryWorth competitors & alternatives is Safe Beyond. You can use this online platform to create a digital time capsule for future generations to discover. This is an exciting option if you are about to become a parent or get married. Your loved ones can look back on the memories you share and add notes and stories to the mix.

One of the best things about Safe Beyond is that it is not just limited to images. You can add karaoke songs to make sure you never forget that great night out. You can also capture the moment with videos and even upload your favorite poems to the time capsule.

A time capsule for the future…

The app and platform come complete with a wide range of filters that you can add. This includes details of a specific event, date, and location. You can also add a message that you want users to discover when they open the time capsule. 

10 Saga Voice Journal for Family

This voice-based platform was developed by Amelia Lin and Nicole Wee. Saga Voice Journal for Family is an innovative app that allows family members to share their stories. This helps relatives to connect and learn interesting stories from each other’s lives.

Saga Voice Journal for Family

One of the most popular features of Saga Voice Journal for Families is the user-friendly voice recording. This serves as a private family podcast that makes it easy for relatives to interact. Even when you live in other countries, you can connect and share your stories.

Like an online family podcast!

This serves as an audio archive that anyone in the group can add to. Parents and grandparents can leave stories and memories for future generations to listen to. Users can listen to the memories any time they choose and even add to them.

The app comes with prompts that are designed to spark memories and lead to interesting stories. Users can also write their own prompts and share them with relatives who can also add photos, comment, and upload their video reactions.

If we can be with each other on the day…

This is also a great way to capture memories of special occasions. This brings relatives closer during major holidays if they live far apart. Everyone can get involved and feel like they are sharing the experience together.

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Final Thoughts

Staying connected with family members over the years can sometimes be a challenge. If you live in another city or country, you may not see your relatives as often as you want. However, it is important to remain connected and share memorable events from your lives.

StoryWorth has made creating and sharing your life story with loved ones very easy. There are also several competitors, and it is worth checking out all the available options before choosing the one that best meets your needs.

Happy Snapping and Sharing!

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