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Stripes Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

stripes application

Stripes is a retail chain of convenience stores. It is located in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. The company was established in 1939, and it has more than 580 stores currently serving patrons. They also offer food and gasoline to patrons as it is one of the fast-growing convenience stores.

The company has been ever-expanding, so there is a continuous demand for new employees to join the team. They also tend to work with other brands known as Quick Stuff and Ice Box. In 2015, the company won the Most Twitter Follower Growth, and in 2016 it won the award of social media due to its growth of about 269% and above. They had also won Best Holiday Promotion with their 12 Days of Monkey.

Additional Information

Stripes is mainly located in Central or Southern U.S.and it was ideally a very much belonging Sunoco’s part. The brand is prominent for gas stations affiliated with massive associations, including NASCAR, National Hot Rod Association, IndyCar, etc.

The majority of the convenience stores were sold in 2017 to 7-Eleven, and it also included the entire Stripes brand. Stripes aim to help its employees develop valuable career skills, and several top employees started working as part-time employees. The company has its headquarters in Corpus Christi, TX, and is one of the biggest suppliers of entry-level job applicants.

Important Information To Know about Stripes Before Applying for The Same

Minimum age of the candidates required to be eligible to apply at Stripes: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply at Strips.

Working hours at Stripes: The company operates 24*7 a week throughout the year. The working hours of the candidates are subjective.

Employment Opportunities at Stripes

The company started as a fuel supplier, and in 2006 it had transformed into a business convenience store which is quite famous for its iconic red and white stripes. It started its restaurant brand in all the stores known as Laredo Taco Company.

Ideally, the chains retain a massive demand for applicants versed in food service and retail niches. The interested applicants with a background in the food industry tend to prove valuable additions to the industry. Applicants with retail experience can work efficiently as convenience store team members.

Job Requirements

Furthermore, both the niches entail employees who possess quality service skills that contribute to blended convenience stores’ success besides restaurants. To get a job here, the applicants must be at least 18 years old, as handling alcohol and tobacco is vital. As stripes offer tuition reimbursement to both full and part-time candidates, work with the organization remains perfect for university students who wish to work as entry-level employees until they are graduated.

Furthermore, career-minded applicants tend to be equally crucial to the development of the organization. The applicants possessing high school degrees or equivalent are likely to get more preference during the hiring process, but interested applicants can also apply here without experience or qualifications.

Career Opportunities at Stripes

Being a part of a fast-paced industry, the company tends to have a high employee turnover rate. The company is likely to retain a need for temporary employees and career-oriented applicants willing to learn more about the company’s functionality.

Restaurant Associate

The employees need to work well under pressure, and they can earn $8 per hour, and the position is available for both full and part-time jobs. The daily responsibilities include preparing food to the patron’s preference maintaining the food standards besides cleaning and sanitization standards. They also need to answer all the queries regarding the menu, promote sales, remain knowledgeable about the menu items besides ingredients, and restocking all the products. Individuals filling the full-time position need to follow strict dress codes, and in some locations, they also need to hold a Food Handler certification.

the stripes application

Team Member

The employees can work in both full and part-time positions, and they can earn minimum hourly wages around $8 or $9 per hour. The applicants applying for this job must possess unwavering enthusiasm and energy. They should be ready to work amid the flexible working hours, even during the weekend and evening hours. The employees must stand for an extended period besides being able to bend and stretch. The employees are also responsible for restocking the products in time, handling the monetary transactions, and performing different cleaning tasks. They should be able to work independently and also be able to multi-task.

Tips for Applying at Stripes

The interested candidates have three options to apply; the first is via email, which is quite common. The second one is by applying in person, which is one of the very effective ways of applying and the current favorite of everyone is to apply online. Candidates should check the latest job offerings. The management continuously updates this on the website.

stripes application tip

Candidates must fill a detailed application form, which takes about half an hour, regardless of whether to apply online or offline. One thing is for sure, due to heavy competition, the candidate needs to be very well prepared before applying at Stripes.

Perks of Working at Stripes

The employees can avail of work benefits after 30 days of getting employment, while the part-time employees can avail themselves after 60 days of employment. The management offers paid leaves and healthcare plans to all employees. This is apart from the training. The eligible employees can also get 401k retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Stripes

The company mainly uses fresh ingredients in its restaurant and offers $200 grants to elementary schools in communities to promote garden cultivation.


For candidates to ace through the process of Stripes, they must get their hands on all the available information possible. We have mentioned all the important topics needed to be well prepared for the interview. This includes the company background, the fresh tips for applying, how the candidate can apply, etc.

These insights will help the candidate prepare thoroughly and increase the chances of a job. This is a great career opportunity and candidates should also ensure they research the company well. They should also read the tips mentioned here to be successful.

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