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Substitute Teacher Job Description

substitute teacher job description

Substitute teachers are responsible for performing classroom management and instructional procedures for teachers who are not present for the day or longer period. Their primary responsibilities include maintaining classroom cleanliness, explaining homework to pupils, taking attendance, and performing all duties and responsibilities of the teachers assigned to them. Job applicants looking to join as Substitute teacher should be available for flexible schedules.

If you want to initiate your career as a Substitute Teacher, you can learn more about this job position in the article below, including responsibilities, duties, skills, and key requirements needed for this position.

Job Description of Substitute Teacher

To expand our team, we are looking for a confident, passionate, and experienced substitute teacher. We consider applications of those candidates who are competent and courteous professionals with a passion for education.

Your responsibilities will also include assigning homework, organizing classroom activities, and compiling reports.

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Responsibilities of Substitute Teachers

  • Substitute Teachers are responsible for following the lesson plans and curriculum that regular teachers have assigned.
  • They should also compile reports before the regular teacher comes back.
  • They are also responsible for meeting the objectives of the lesson and follow the procedures.
  • In addition, these teachers should also explain and assign homework.
  • Their duties also include supervising pupils outside of the classrooms, such as cafeteria and hallways.
  • They should also follow all policies and regulations of the school at all times.
  • Substitute Teachers should also maintain and document notes regularly and take attendance.
  • They must also organize and maintain work and classroom environments.
  • Overseeing regular classroom activities and rhythms is also a part of the duty of Substitute Teachers.
  • They also ensure that every student receives quality instruction and education while their regular teacher is on leave.

Requirement for Substitute Teachers

  • Substitute teachers must hold a high school diploma or a comparable qualification.
  • A teaching bachelor’s degree is preferred to apply as a Substitute Teacher.
  • They should hold a teaching certificate or work as a substitute teacher.
  • A minimum of two years in a similar position is required.
  • Applicants with detail-oriented and willing to manage written and spoken directions are needed.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills are considered for Substitute Teachers’ positions.

Interview Questions for Substitute Teachers

The candidates looking for a job position as Substitute Teacher must prepare well for basic interview questions. To help you succeed in your interview as a Substitute Teacher, we have listed a few questions and their answers expected to be asked by the employers. It will help you answer quickly during your interview session as a Substitute Teacher.

1 What is your opinion about the best way to keep the classroom in order and organized?

Ans. The candidate’s understanding and skills of teaching approaches and methods are highlighted.

2 What approach do you use to keep your classroom clean?

Ans. This question assesses the candidate’s ability to clean and maintain a classroom.

3 How can you address a student who is upset or emotional?

Ans. This question analyzes the candidate’s emotional, social, and interpersonal skills.

4 Can you tell me about your working hours?

Ans. It indicates whether the candidate is willing to work an extended or flexible schedule.

5 Could you describe or elaborate on the various learning styles?

Ans. This question highlights the candidate’s training history and past education.

These are a few interview questions for Substitute Teaches with elaborated tips for job applicants and recruiting staff. It will help candidates know the expected pattern of questions asked during their interview session with recruiting team. Besides, it will help employers or the hiring managers know how to assess the capability, knowledge, and skills of Substitute Teachers.

Future Scope as a Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teachers report to the principal of the assigned school. This role also requires educational qualifications and teaching credentials. Usually, Substitute Teachers initiate their career by substituting for regular teachers and eventually work as full-time classroom teacher. If you have the qualification and skills required for this position, have a passion for teaching, and also meet the required eligibility criteria, you can apply for a Substitute Teacher position.


Substitute Teacher is a job position where a candidate needs to perform as a regular teacher and perform the tasks and duties for the teacher they are subbing for. It serves a vital role in the education system. Various factors make this job position a challenging one. However, it is a rewarding job position. The assignments and tenure of Substitute Teachers can vary from a day, week, month, or for the period until the regular teacher returns.

This article will help you understand the details and summary of the job role of a Substitute Teacher and its importance in the education system. Candidates prefer these job roles because they love educating others. They eventually move towards full-time career roles. This article will help you know the details and summary of the job role of a Substitute Teacher and its importance in the education system.

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