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Subway Application: Jobs & Career Info

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Subway is an American-based fast-food franchise restaurant that mainly specializes in submarine sandwiches, salads, and beverages. The owners founded Subway in 1965. It now operates in over 41,512 locations and in more than 100 countries.

Subway is the leading brand that provides nutritious and also quick meals that can be afforded by anyone. The international headquarters of Subway is located in Milford, Connecticut, USA, with five regional centers that are supporting the international operations of the company.

As of October 2019, Subway was recorded to be one of the largest growing food retail chains. The traditional slogan of Subway “Eat Fresh” indicates that Subway focuses on using fresh ingredients in its food. It uses a wide variety of toppings so that the customers can choose what they want according to their own choice. Subway is also known as the largest single-brand restaurant chain and largest restaurant operator in the world.

Subway hires a number of employees throughout the year to improve its customer service. It is always keen to hire individuals who are talented and also motivated to work. There are a lot of benefits to working at Subway. If you are interested to build your career and also work as a sandwich artist, consider working at Subway. Subway operates between 10.00 am to 11.00 pm. Anyone everyone can apply for jobs at Subway. Applicants must be above 16 years of age to work at Subway.

Job Opportunities Provided by Subway

Both part-time and full-time jobs are offered by the company.

The various opportunities offered by Subway are:

1 Sandwich Artist

2 Assistant Manager

3 Manager

Responsibilities, Requirements, and Salary

Sandwich Artist

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The responsibilities of a Sandwich Artist includes

  • Welcoming and greeting the incoming customers of the restaurant.
  • Sandwich Artists are also required to prepare and serve the food to the customers.
  • Sandwich artists should also handle cash and credit transactions along with the registers.
  • Cleaning kitchens and also the dining rooms.
  • The Sandwich Artists are also responsible for restocking food when the supply is low.

Additional duties of a Sandwich Artist include dealing with complaints, disappointed customers, and also taking feedback. The starting salary of a Sandwich Artist is $8. Applicants need no prior experience to work as a Sandwich Artist in Subway.

Assistant Manager

  • The minimum qualification to become an assistant manager is a high school diploma.
  • Applicants are also required to have prior experience in foodservice.
  • Employees must complete the training courses offered by Subway.
  • Subway also prefers candidates with basic computer knowledge.
  • The responsibilities of an Assistant Manager include managing and also coordinating other staff.
  • Assistant Managers recommend promotions based on how the staff works and the quality of work.

Some additional duties to be performed by an assistant manager are assisting and also organizing special events and doing paperwork. The salary of an Assistant Manager is about $10 per hour.

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  • The minimum qualification for managers is a high school diploma.
  • Candidates should also have two years of managerial experience.
  • The duties of a Manager include ensuring food safety by maintaining a clean and hygienic eating environment.
  • Managers are also required to look after the restaurant’s security policies and keep a check on what is happening around to ensure total safety and security.

Other duties of a Manager include hiring new employees, train the trainees properly, setting goals, and accordingly creating effective work schedules to attain the goals. The salary of a manager ranges from $23k to $45k a year.

How To Search for Job Opportunities and Apply?

People seeking jobs in Subway can apply online by visiting their official website. Workers can also apply in offline mode by filling up a form and submitting it in person.

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To Apply Online

  • Visit the official site of Subway.
  • Select the “Career” option.
  • Look for the post available and select.
  • A page opens that contains all the information regarding requirements and job responsibilities. This gives them a better understanding of the job.
  • You will have to register and create a profile to apply for jobs. After clicking the apply button, candidates should create their profiles. This will help them complete the application.
  • Fill out the form and submit it.

Should You Follow Up?

The applicants should follow up with the manager a few days after submitting the application. The candidate can follow up online and also in person. Candidates can also call to enquire about the application status. The company contacts selected candidates and invite them for an interview. Candidates should visit in proper uniform and also carry their resumes.

Benefits of Working at Subway

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  • The management offers employees medical and health insurance. The insurance includes vision, dental, and healthcare coverage.
  • Subway provides life insurance to its employees.
  • Subway also offers employees benefit programs like paid time off.
  • Workers have the benefits of flexible work hours.
  • The employees are also provided with discounts on food.
  • It offers 401(k) retirement plans.
  • Subway also offers employee assistance programs over time.

There are huge benefits of working at Subway.

Miscellaneous Information about Subway

Fred DeLuca started Subway at the age of 17. He took a loan of $1000 from a family friend, Peter Buck. Peter had a Ph.D. in physics. Bahrain welcomed the first Subway restaurant outside the United States in 1984.

Subway, In December 2015, released a commitment that it is transitioning to a 100% cage-free egg supply chain and will achieve its goal in North America by 2025. Subway also decided to stop using antibiotics in its US meat supply making it the largest food retail company to adopt such a measure considering public health concerns.

It has also introduced an online platform where children can play games alongside parents reading the menu options and the nutritional information regarding the food available.


Working at Subway is fun. Employees love the work environment and the friendly nature of the team members. Working at Subway also teaches teamwork, time management, and overcome difficulties. Employees also enjoy discounts on food. Overall, they love working at Subway. Getting a job will also help you establish your career in the food industry. Do not miss out on this massive opportunity.

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