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Subway Interview Questions

subway interview questions

Subway is an American quick-service restaurant for serving specialized sandwiches, salads, and other healthy meals to customers. The popular sandwiches are called Submarine. This restaurant facilitates its customers to eat fresh food and stay healthy. The interview questions require basic preparation so that new applicants can perform well in the interview.

subway interview questions

A popular interview questionnaire assists applicants to tackle tricky and tough interview questions appropriately. Applicants can study the subway restaurant in detail and prepare the popular interview questions for appearing in their actual interview round at Subway. Subway focuses on hiring energetic and enthusiastic employees who can contribute well at work.


General Interview Questions for Subway

Q – 1. Highlight key features of Subway?


  • The first Subway restaurant was launched in the year 1965.
  • The first restaurant opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  • Subway has 41000 restaurants across the world.
  • Along with sandwiches, it is popular for selling salads, side dishes, and breakfast items.
  • It offers 8 subs of 6 grams each.
  • The most popular sandwiches at Subway Are Italian BMT, Tuna, and Subway club.
  • It also offers catering services for birthday parties and other events.
  • You must take the subway trivia quiz to understand how well you know the subway.

subway interview question

Q – 2. Why would you choose to work for Subway?


  • You must emphasize your passion for food and cooking.
  • Always try and emphasize the importance of choosing healthy food choices.
  • You should be open to work in a challenging environment where you must cope with work pressure well.
  • You should look for opportunities to grow in a fast-paced learning environment.
  • Always demonstrate that you can excel at work to contribute to the overall success of Subway.

Career Opportunities with Subway

Q – 1. Why should Subway hire you?


  • You must carefully read the Job Description and specific skills required to work at Subway.
  • You must carefully match your skillset with the skills mentioned in the Job Description.
  • Use appropriate examples to demonstrate that you have the appropriate skills to complete a job.
  • You must observe other employees in the store to understand what kind of specific work requirements are expected from you.

Q – 2. What kind of work shifts are you comfortable working for?

Ans: You must demonstrate flexibility to work for a restaurant like Subway appropriately. Flexibility gives you a better chance to work with a restaurant easily. If you are ready to work on weekends or holidays, you hold a better chance to get a suitable opportunity with Subway. Subway offers specific training programs to train all new applicants to manage work well. You should make the most of this program and improve your skills. This will help you achieve success in your long-term career.

Q – 3. Discuss your work experience?

Ans: Your work experience plays a critical role while you get interviewed for a customer handling role or any other work profile offered by Subway restaurant. You must highlight specific work-related skills and product knowledge to support your answer with a positive approach and a logical flow.

Q – 4. How will you greet a walk–in customer?

Ans: Restaurant professionals must have specific skills such as a pleasant smile on your face and welcoming guests in a polite manner. These 2 skills help you greet customers appropriately without a problem.

Q – 5. Do you have a criminal history in the past?

Ans: You must ensure you truthfully answer this question by stating all real-time facts about your criminal history. Avoid taking your interviewer by surprise so that you can secure a decent job with Subway.

Q – 6. What strategies will you choose to develop yourself in the next 5 years?

Ans: You must answer this question with specific career goals in mind and strategies that will help you achieve this goal appropriately. You can take help from your reporting manager or research on the internet, points that will help you structure this answer appropriately in a genuine manner.

Q – 7. What are your basic salary expectations to work with Subway?


  • You must negotiate for a decent salary package that pays you appropriately and meets your basic financial expenses.
  • Your level of experience also decides what salary you will be offered for a particular job.
  • Research well about specific salary ranges which will help you to negotiate a better package during the interview.
  • All entry-level positions offer standard salary ranges for you to choose from.
  • Generally, entry-level positions do not hire people with prior experience.
  • These can be fresh graduates who are looking for a suitable work opportunity with Subway.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Subway

Q – 1. What are your specific strengths which make you the best hire for Subway?

Ans: It is always a better idea to talk about work-related skills with specific examples where you can demonstrate utilizing these skills properly. You must state specific skills which will help you grow as a professional with Subway. You must convince your interviewer that you are the best hire for this job.

Q – 2. What are your weaknesses which can refrain you to get a job with Subway?

Ans: Never demonstrate that you are a perfectionist in every task. Always identify appropriate weaknesses and have a list of specific strategies to overcome these weaknesses. You must always transform every weakness into potential strengths to perform well at work. Never try to hide your weaknesses from your employer because these get reflected in your work at some point in time. If you have an obvious weakness, there is no shame in admitting it. This will impress your interviewer and you stand a better chance of getting the job.

the subway interview questions ans

Q – 3. What are specific motivators for you to work at Subway?


  • You must prioritize your work and meet specific deadlines.
  • Focus on developing the employees in your team.
  • You must always learn new skills and programs to continuously develop yourself.
  • Demonstrate team spirit to work and excel at Subway.
  • You must always find innovative strategies to resolve a problem.
  • You must never specify money or salary as a motivator in your career.
  • Don’t talk about employee benefits or special discounts as a motivating factor to work in Subway.

Q – 4. How will you identify potential gaps in your Resume?

Ans: You must use an honest approach while describing potential gaps in your Resume. Use specific pieces of evidence to clarify and justify these gaps. During your employment tenure, you might have taken a career break due to maternity or developing yourself with professional skills. These are potential career gaps in your Resume.

Customer Handling Skills for Subway

Q – 1. What is the best way to deal with an upset customer?

Ans: You must focus on the following points to deal with an upset customer:

  • Allow the customer to share his concern appropriately.
  • Avoid playing a blame game with your customers or the organization.
  • Try and report the incident to someone who can assist you to resolve it.
  • Avoid making false promises to customers or the organization.
  • You should never take any work-related criticism to your heart rather always improve through negative feedback.

Q – 2. What is customer service according to you?


  • Do not allow your customers to wait in a long queue for their order.
  • Deliver timely orders.
  • Provide a polite and friendly service.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene both inside and outside the restaurant.
  • Customize the products appropriately.
  • Ensure customers get food and beverages at appropriate temperatures.
  • Customers might give you positive or negative feedback depending on the service they receive.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What kind of questions can you ask your interviewer for Subway?


  • You must find out about the work culture of Subway.
  • What are the basic qualities for an ideal applicant at Subway?
  • What are the specifications for a specific job position with Subway?
  • How will you work towards achieving a definite learning curve?
  • What strategies will you use to attain the learning curve quickly?
  • Define the kind of learning opportunities and growth opportunities offered by Subway

Q – 2. What are specific dress codes you can follow for a Subway interview?


  • Business casuals and formal dress codes work well for the interview.
  • You can use Subway theme colors such as Green, White, and Yellow to add more value to your dress.
  • Demonstrate dedication and professionalism through your attire.
  • You should use a minimal amount of jewelry and men must trim their facial hair.

the subway interview question tips

Q – 3. Suggest basic interview tips for Subway?


  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early before your scheduled interview.
  • Turn off your smartphone before appearing for the interview.
  • Do consistent research for Subway before you appear for the interview.
  • Avoid speaking too fast so that you don’t reflect nervousness.
  • Avoid a boring conversation during the interview.
  • Make proper eye contact during the interview at Subway.

Q – 4. What inspires you to become a sandwich artist with Subway?

Ans: You must demonstrate customer service skills and talk about that you enjoy serving and working with customers. You can also talk about your passion related to food which inspires you to become a sandwich artist. This helps you to secure a better job at Subway.

Q – 5. Why should Subway hire you as a sandwich artist?


  • You should demonstrate people management skills with a cheerful and helpful attitude.
  • You must understand the dishes on the menu to assist customers appropriately.
  • Attention to detail is an appropriate skill for this role.
  • Learn to use the cash register appropriately so that you can appropriately generate bills.
  • You can develop people management skills by meeting new customers whenever you get an offer from Subway.
  • Use your quick learning skills to learn new programs effectively so that you can deliver exceptional customer service.
  • You should know all the programs and procedures for working at Subway well.
  • You should have a clear idea about how to use the point of sale system effectively.
  • Always ensure that you can keep an appropriate stock inventory and maintain hygiene in the restaurant at all times.

the subway interview question

Q – 6. What is your career growth path as a sandwich artist?


  • You can emphasize that you are looking for a rewarding career with Subway.
  • You can either become a chef or a server with Subway.
  • Try and also talk about the fact that you are looking for a suitable business opportunity to open a franchisee for Subway.

Q – 7. What kind of work shift can you follow?

Ans: Demonstrate flexibility in your work schedule to get a better opportunity with Subway either as an employee or as a business owner shortly.

Q – 8. How will you ace your interview at Subway?


  • You must have complete product knowledge about the products offered by Subway.
  • Always try and carry extra copies of your resume with you for the interview.
  • You must review popular interview questions before the interview.
  • You must prepare a list of basic questions to ask.
  • Confidence must reflect in your conversation.
  • End your interview on a positive note.
  • You must prepare a list of proper career references.
  • Use proper work-related examples to support your answer.
  • You must ask smart and specific questions to your interviewer.
  • You must understand the basic processes at Subway to grow as a top performer in Subway.
  • Observe the work dynamics at the restaurant before you appear for the interview.
  • Treat every employee with respect and demonstrate proper manners and body language.
  • Respond to each question truthfully.
  • Ensure your answers are concise and stay focused during the interview.
  • Don’t speak negatively for any previous employer.

Bottom Line

Subway offers multiple career opportunities to new applicants who demonstrate dedication, determination, and hard work during the interview process. The popular set of interview questions helps new applicants to tackle tricky situations and tough interview questions during the interview process at Subway.

Hiring managers at Subway look for applicants who perform well at the job and serve customers to attain customer loyalty. The interview guidelines offer a basic mechanism to applicants so that they can prepare well for the interview in an appropriate manner and work towards securing a better job at Subway. The training programs and guidance from managers also help applicants to develop a rewarding career with Subway. Subway also promotes young and enthusiastic talent as their brand ambassadors who can add value to customers and the brand.

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