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Subway Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Subway Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you hungry to find the secret of Subway’s success?

This American sandwich restaurant is one of the most popular fast-food franchises in the United States. And the company’s distinctive green and yellow logo can be found in virtually every city and town in North America.

However, Subway boasts a very different concept than most other competing fast-food franchises. This can be seen in both the company’s menu and how it operates.

So, let’s undertake an in-depth Subway mission and vision statement analysis to find out more about this fascinating company.

subway mission and vision statement analysis

The Company History

In 1965 17-year-old Fred DeLuca came up with the idea to open a restaurant called Pete’s Super Submarines. He borrowed the money needed from his friend Peter Buck, who became his partner. The first restaurant was opened in the city of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

The name was changed to Subway in 1967, while the first franchise was opened in 1974. The original Subway motto was ‘Eat Fresh,’ which emphasized the fresh ingredients used to create each sandwich. This commitment to freshness combined with fast and friendly service has helped Subway to stay out from the crowd.

Always fresh is the best…

Every Subway franchise features a collection of fresh toppings for customers to choose from. Customers are invited to choose every element that goes to create their sandwiches. This starts from the bread that is used and includes the filling, salad, and even the sauce.

Each Subway counter features numerous servers, each of which specializes in one area of sandwich creation. This helps to keep queues moving quickly while also giving each customer personalized service.

Now, more than just sandwiches…

Today, there are more than 41,000 Subway restaurants in over a hundred countries around the world. Just over half of these restaurants can be found in the United States. While the company is best known for sandwiches, it also offers a wide range of other menu items. These include freshly prepared salads, cookies, breakfast sandwiches, and drinks.

Subway invests heavily in research and development, which has helped the company to stay ahead of industry trends. Customers have the option of ordering freshly made sandwiches to their specifications online and through a special app. Subway also offers catering for events of all types and regularly launches special deals and discounts.

The Mission Statement

‘Delight every customer, so they want to tell their friends – with great value through fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, and an exceptional experience.’ Subway has managed to pack a lot of information into this bold mission statement. The company’s mission statement can be broken down into four major components that can be explored in more detail.

The world’s favorite destination

This element reveals the driving ambition of Subway to become and remain an industry leader. The company aims to do this by offering customers a first-rate, fast, and friendly service at all times. This has helped Subway to be an eatery that customers look forward to visiting.

Improving health

Even though it is technically fast food, Subway’s menu items are generally healthier than those of competing companies. To satisfy the company’s mission of improving health, they prioritize nutritional values and hygiene for its food items.

Not only does this help customers know what they are eating, but it is also a smart business strategy. Even people who are on restricted calorie diets can choose certain menu items without concern.

Reasonable prices

Subway is committed to offering its menu items at affordable and competitive prices. This has helped the company attract a large and loyal customer base.

Most franchises around the world also offer certain sandwiches at discount prices on different days of the week. This is a smart business plan that has helped the company attract more customers. Visitors to the restaurant are encouraged to try different sandwiches and find new favorites.

Unique selection

The wide range of menu items and customizations helps Subway appeal to customers of all types. Families and groups of friends with different tastes can find menu items to satisfy their cravings. This helps to make the company popular with groups of people who are enjoying a day out together.

subway mission and the vision statement analysis

The Vision Statement

‘Be the #1 Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional experience.’ This is the bold and distinctive vision statement of Subway. Customers can tell from this statement exactly what the company stands for. Let’s take a closer look at the three main elements that form this vision statement.

#1 QSR in the world

Subway makes no secret of the fact that it aims to be the largest fast-food restaurant in the world. While this is a key driving force, the franchise is also committed to providing quality at all times. The company promotes its commitment to expansion by providing the best menu items possible at reasonable prices.

Fresh, delicious sandwiches

Each menu item can be customized to the dietary requirements and desires of the customer. The ability to choose unlimited fillings from the salad section has helped the company to stand out. Sandwiches are always created to order right in front of customers to ensure optimum freshness.

An exceptional experience

Customers are provided with a unique and individualized service, no matter which franchise they visit. Customers are always invited to make special requests to ensure that they are completely satisfied. The company also places a high value on customer feedback, which helps them meet and anticipate needs.

Company Values

The core values of Subway are based on family, teamwork, and opportunity. These values are embraced by all employees, which has helped the company to thrive over the years. They help to create a fun, productive, and unified working environment that ultimately maximizes profits.


Subway is committed to creating and building on mutually beneficial business relationships. The company works closely with both customers and communities to help them thrive. Subway has launched a number of initiatives over the years that are dedicated to sustainability. The company is also committed to treating everyone who comes into contact with Subway as part of the family.


All employees in a single franchise work closely together within a very small space. Therefore, they need to work well as part of a team and help each other with various tasks. Subway helps to instill the feeling of teamwork through shared goals and a sense of accountability.

the subway mission and vision statement analysis


All employees are provided with the opportunity to learn new skills and advance through the company. Franchise managers actively seek ambitious employees who want to develop their careers. Special training and encouragement is provided to help employees grow and thrive.

The company boasts a bright and bold logo that is instantly recognizable. The first official logo was developed by the two owners as a bright and bold sign simply reading ‘Subway.’ The S and Y of the logo featured arrows coming out of it to indicate synergy.

The logo has proven to be very popular among customers and has remained unchanged over the decades. The first major change was made in 2002 when thicker, italicized characters were used. The company also opted to change the color scheme to yellow, green, and white.

Perfecting the perfect logo…

Although a few other changes were tried for brief periods, the original logo has always survived. The most recent Subway logo was launched in 2016. It is closer to the original logo, and the dark green border and italics have been scrapped. The most modern logo features slightly more curves, making it softer and more inviting.

Design elements

The dark and crisp greens in the Subway logo are added to indicate the freshness of ingredients. The bright yellows in the logo represent flavor and positivity. The logo is both simple and distinctive and clearly shows what the company stands for.

The arrows in the Subway logo promote the concept of movement and motion. In recent years, the company’s menu items have been targeted at active individuals searching for healthier fast food alternatives. The arrows also represent the rapid and efficient service that the company is famous for.

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Final Thoughts

Subway remains one of the largest and fastest-growing restaurant chains in the world.

The franchise’s unique concept and commitment to quality have helped it to remain on the top over the decades. Part of the secret of the company’s success is offering customers relatively healthy and affordable fast food.

The calorie count and nutritional value of each menu item are clearly specified to help customers make healthier choices. Over the years, the company has introduced a range of new menu items, including salads and vegetarian options.

The diversity of the menu has helped the company appeal to people of all dietary preferences.

All the best in your future working at Subway!

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