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SugarHouse Application: Jobs & Careers Online

sugarhouse application

Are you looking for a role in the hospitality industry where you can develop new skills and advance?

Well, if you live in Pennsylvania, consider filling out a SugarHouse Application: Jobs & Careers Online. This large entertainment venue was opened in 2010 and is best known for its vibrant casino.

SugarHouse offers thousands of jobs to employees of all types, and vacancies are advertised throughout the year. The company has a reputation as being a great place to work, and competition for vacancies is usually high.

However, you can increase your chances of landing your dream job by checking out the following information.

sugarhouse application

Facts About Working At SugarHouse

You need to be at least 21 years old to work at SugarHouse. The entertainment venue usually operates around the clock every day of the year. Employees of all types are required to work a range of shift patterns to meet the needs of customers.

SugarHouse boasts a huge casino where there are fifteen different types of table games. The casino also features a large restaurant and other amenities for guests to make use of. Employees need to be prepared to work in a loud and fast-paced environment and go the extra mile for customers.

SugarHouse Job Opportunities

Entry-level candidates who have great customer service skills are often employed to work on the casino floor. There are also plenty of opportunities for experienced career professionals to take on advanced roles. Here are some of the roles you can apply for at SugarHouse and the types of tasks that go with them.


The main duty of this role is taking drink orders from casino customers and serving them. Sweeties need to have great customer service skills and make sure customers are satisfied. They also help to keep the barroom area of the casino clean and tidy.

You can work as a Sweetie if you have a high school diploma. Most workers can choose full-time or part-time hours. The starting salary is minimum wage as well as tips from satisfied customers.

sugarhouse application guide


The main duty of a bartender is preparing and serving drinks to order. Bartenders need to be able to prepare a wide range of drinks, including SugarHouse signature drinks. Bartenders need to work weekends, evenings, and during public holidays and also keep the workstations clean and organized.

It is usually necessary to have at least three years of bartending experience to start working at SugarHouse. Bartenders usually work full-time hours and make around $25,000 per year as well as tips. Employees who have extra experience and skills can make much more than this over time.

Table Game Dealer

Licensed and experienced table games dealers are always needed to work on the casino floor. These employees need to present and enforce game rules and regulations. They also help to keep energy levels at tables high and make sure players are having fun.

It is necessary to be good at reading people to do this job to identify potential cheaters. Table game dealers also need to closely monitor chip transactions and have a lot of patience. The average salary for this role is $15 per hour in addition to tips from customers.

the sugarhouse application guide

Cage Cashier

These employees handle cash from customers and provide them with chips for the table games. It is essential to check cash carefully and follow state and federal standards to the letter. Cage cashiers need to have strong math skills, and the salary for this role is around minimum wage.

Security Officer

These employees are mainly tasked with preventing underage gambling and fraud. They check customer IDs and handle any accidents or incidents that take place during shifts. The typical salary for a security officer is about minimum wage.

EVS Attendant

This role combines both housekeeping and basic maintenance duties; EVA attendants work as a team to clean and maintain all areas of SugarHouse. This includes mopping floors, clanging light bulbs, and sanitizing light fixtures.

Because SugarHouse is open around the clock, EVA attendants often need to interact with customers. It is necessary to be polite and friendly while remaining focused on different tasks. The starting salary for this role is usually minimum wage, which can rise slightly over time.

Extra Benefits of Working for SugarHouse

All SugarHouse employees receive a special benefits package as soon as they start work. This includes enrollment in the company’s retirement plan, and medical, vision, and life insurance coverage plans. Other benefits include discounted meals, sixteen days of paid vacation per year, and access to domestic partner benefits programs.

How To Apply?

A list of all the current SugarHouse vacancies can be found on the company’s website. You can click on a job title to read the full job description, including the various types of requirements. Make sure you meet all the requirements before clicking on the ‘Apply’ button.

The SugarHouse application form is fairly short and easy to complete. Make sure you highlight all your relevant experience and personality traits. Being able to work a wide range of shift patterns and speaking more than one language will give you hiring preference.

Getting your foot in the door…

After completing the application form, check it carefully for errors. You can also edit and upload your resume and a cover letter. If you make the grade, a hiring manager will usually reach out within two weeks to arrange an interview.

Getting a recommendation from a current SugarHouse employee can also get you a foot in the door. If you have a friend or family member who works there, you are already halfway to getting hired. Otherwise, make a connection in person or through LinkedIn and ask for a recommendation.

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Final Thoughts

SugarHouse hiring managers look for candidates who are friendly and can keep calm under pressure. It is important to be polite and professional at all times while taking care of the needs of customers.

Therefore, most interview questions tend to focus on the personal skills of candidates. It is a good idea to visit SugarHouse before the interview and take note of the atmosphere and different services. This will give you something to talk about during the interview to break the ice.

Before being offered a job, candidates need to submit to background checks and a drug test.

All the very best with your SugarHouse Online Application!

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