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Summer Jobs for Kids

Summer Jobs for Kids

Are you looking for ways to keep the children entertained over the summer holidays? 

If you are a working parent, trying to find ways to keep children entertained can be tough. The last thing you want is for them to spend all day sitting around the house watching TV. Fortunately, there are lots of simple and rewarding jobs for your children to do this summer

So, let’s take a closer look at the best summer jobs for kids.

Jobs For Kids To Do This Summer

Many of these summer jobs can teach kids valuable skills that can be useful later in life.

1 Working in a family business

If you or someone you know owns their own business, they may have simple tasks for your child to do. This could be something like cleaning the dishes in a restaurant or folding napkins. Make sure your child is supervised at first, and they can do the tasks easily and safely. 

2 Plant sitting

If your neighbors are going away during the summer holidays, they will need someone to care for their plants. This is a fairly simple task that will help to teach your child responsibility. This task typically only takes a few minutes, and you can schedule several tasks on the same day.

You will need to make sure they understand how to take care of different types of plants. Your neighbors should write out clear instructions, which you can go over with your child. It is also a good idea to help them create a plant watering schedule and oversee their duties. 

3 Pet sitting

Caring for neighborhood pets while their owners are on vacation or at work can be a valuable experience. Your child will have the chance to interact with different types of animals and learn about their needs. Making sure food and water bowls are full is a simple task that children of all ages can do.

They will learn the importance of caring for different animals, including cleaning out their cages. They will also learn the importance of caring for other creatures and spending time with them. If they are caring for several pets, help your child to create a schedule and check in occasionally. 

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4 Dog Walking

If your child loves animals, they are sure to enjoy this type of job. Dog walking gives them plenty of time to interact with canines and get to know them. They will also spend time outside in the fresh air.

It is a good idea to establish safe dog walking routes and accompany your child at first. Make sure they can handle the dogs safely and will not get pulled into the road. They also need to be able to collect the dog’s waste and dispose of it correctly. 

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Dog Walking

5 House cleaning

Light house cleaning tasks such as dusting and vacuuming can be completed by children of all ages. If your neighbors are busy at work during the summer, they are sure to appreciate the extra help. It is easy to get started in this work, and few materials are needed.

You can help your child choose the tasks they offer according to their skill level. After dusting and vacuuming, they may be ready to tackle window cleaning. If they work well, finding people who need some extra help should be fairly easy. 

6 Garage cleaner

Most people hate cleaning out the garage, and this is a good task for children. Garages that are used as storage areas can quickly become cluttered and dusty. Organizing items and cleaning garages is a good way for them to make a little cash.

7 Elderly companion

If you have older people in your neighborhood, they may appreciate someone to keep them company. This could simply involve visiting older people for an hour or two a day and sitting with them. Elderly people love spending time with children and talking about their memories.

It is a good idea to make sure you know the people well as supervise the first couple of visits. You can go over interesting topics of conversation with your child to help make the experience more engaging. These older people may enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills, and doing crafts together can be a lot of fun. 

8 Grocery shopper

Some people in your neighborhood may not have the time or ability to do the grocery shopping. Your child can provide a valuable service by doing the grocery shopping for these people. This service will teach them about the value of money and how to manage a budget.

Make sure your child is provided with a clear grocery list that is easy to follow. If you also need to go to the store, you can go with them and help them pick out items. You can also fit your child’s bicycle with a basket and saddle bags to make it easier to deliver groceries. 

9 Babysitting 

Most working parents find it impossible to take the whole summer holidays off work. They are sure to appreciate having a responsible older kid to spend time with their children. Your child can have fun playing with the younger kids and supervising them.

If you are working from home, you can arrange for the children to spend time at your house. Your child can take care of them while you keep a watchful eye on the situation. They can also make soup, sandwiches, and other simple dishes for lunch and help them with homework.

Courses at the Red Cross…

If your child is babysitting unsupervised, it is important to make sure they know how to care for children. Before they get started, they can take a babysitting course offered by the Red Cross. This will teach your child basic first-aid skills and what to do in an emergency. 

10 Yardwork

There are always plenty of gardening tasks that need doing during the summer months. Most people simply put off these chores because they don’t enjoy them. Finding someone willing to do this yard work for a reasonable rate is sure to make their day.

There are different suitable gardening tasks for children of all ages to complete. Young children can get started by weeding flower beds, watering plants, and raking leaves. Older children who can work with tools and machinery safely can trim hedges and mow lawns.


11 Paper route

As long as your child is willing to work up early, completing a paper route can be a good job. If they have their own bicycle, delivering fliers, newspapers, and magazines is relatively easy. Although this job can be miserable when it rains, the summer is the perfect place to start.

Your local corner shop is likely to need someone to deliver newspapers and magazines to customers. Some businesses also employ people to deliver promotional materials, such as fliers. This job does not come with an age restriction, making it suitable for children. However, your child needs to have a good sense of direction, and it is best to accompany them at first. 

12 Blogger

If your child has a flare for English, this could be a great way for them to hone their skills. There are lots of different subjects they can write posts on to capture the interests of an audience. You can find a site that offers free blog spaces or allows your child to create a blog for a small fee.

One of the great things about working as a blogger is that there are endless opportunities. They could start by creating a blog as a hobby. They can find their niche and enhance their blog posts with photos and artwork.

Get advertisers on their blog…

If your child’s blog becomes popular, you can help them to monetize it. Advertisers are often willing to pay for a banner or larger space on popular blogs. Once your child has gained experience, they can also reach out to employers and launch a professional writing career. 

13 Photographer

Your little shutterbug can have fun taking photos and honing professional skills at the same time. There are plenty of free online courses and video tutorials that will teach your child specialist skills. They can then have fun taking photos of neighborhood pets, children, and anything else they see.

Once they have established a collection of images, they can sell their photos online. You can also help your child set up an exhibition to promote their work. This is a good way for them to get hired to take photos to make special occasions. 

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14 YouTuber 

Next on my list of the Best Summer Jobs for Kids, your child can have fun in front of the camera making videos for YouTube. Many people make a good living talking about their passions and giving tutorials. If your child has a skill, they could turn it into an easy way of making money.

It is a good idea to help them choose a theme for their videos. Popular options include makeup tutorials, baking, video gaming, and fashion advice. Videos only need to be a few minutes long, and they can find numerous tips and hints online.


Free toys and games! 

Another potential way of making money through a YouTube channel is unboxing toys and games. Many companies pay people to unbox their products online and record their reactions. In addition to scoring free products, they can make some money at the same time. 

15 Car washing

This is a simple yet rewarding way for children of all ages to make a little money. Many people hate going to the trouble of cleaning their own vehicles. With the rising costs of visiting professional cash washes, alternative local solutions are sure to be welcomed.

One of the best things about this task is your child can hone their skills in cleaning your own vehicle. Showing them different techniques can be a nice bonding experience. Setting them up with a bucket, sponges, and other cleaning equipment is fairly inexpensive.

Expand to your neighbors! 

If you live in a safe neighborhood, they can visit neighbors and offer to clean their vehicles. Alternatively, you can set up an eye-catching sign outside your house. People who drive past are likely to jump at the opportunity to get a freshly washed vehicle. 

16 Fence painting

Painting fences and completing other types of maintenance tasks is a great job for children of all ages. These are fairly easy to master and often only take a few hours to complete. They will teach your child basic skills that will be useful later in life.

Many people need help with maintenance tasks, especially if they live alone. Make sure your child wears old clothes and is prepared to get their hands dirty. If you have basic painting and repair tasks that need doing, this is a good place for them to start. 

17 Video game tester 

If your child enjoys playing video games, they can get paid for having fun. Several companies employ children to test their new games. Working for a game testing company can be a good job that they can do at any time.

This role mainly involves playing games and identifying bugs and other issues. After playing for a certain amount of time, they will be given an online questionnaire to complete. This will cover questions about the overall gaming experience as well as suggestions for improvement. 

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18 Voiceover Specialist

These days, setting up a home recording studio is fairly easy and inexpensive. Several companies hire freelance voiceover artists to read scripts for advertising campaigns. This allows your child to practice their acting skills and try out different characters and voices.

Most scripts are fairly short, and tasks only take a couple of hours to complete. Once your child has mastered basic recording software, they can do this job unsupervised. There is a diverse range of projects available, from providing the voices for video game characters to narrating audiobooks. 

19 Baker

Baking sweet and savory treats for people in your neighborhood can be a fun job for children. You can spend a little time in the kitchen with your child, helping them perfect a few recipes. They can then sell the cookies and cupcakes and take them to your neighbors.

Most people enjoy freshly baked bread, and this is another simple product for your child to make. Once they have gained a little skill, they can experiment with more advanced recipes. Children with an artistic streak can also have fun decorating their cookies and cupcakes. 


20 Bicycle mechanic

If your child is skilled at maintaining and fixing their own bicycle, they can use this talent to make money. Learning how bicycles work and how to repair them teaches your child critical skills. These transferrable skills are very valuable in a large number of industries.

All you need is a good set of bicycle repair tools and a space where they can work. Once word gets around, you are sure to find that they have lots of regular customers. Your child could even teach classes on basic maintenance during the summer holidays. 

21 Modeling

This job could be perfect for your child if they enjoy posing and showing off a little. Many modeling agencies hire children for different advertising campaigns. If they are photogenic and are willing to have fun, this could be a great summer job for them.

While it can be difficult to land the first gig, there is a lot of modeling work for children out there. To get started, take a few photos in different poses and contact professional modeling agencies. Also, keep an eye out for open calls for new child models on social media sites.

Get paid as their agent too! 

The different types of modeling work can include advertising campaigns, photo shoots, and fashion shows. Jobs can range from just a couple of hours to a full day, so your child needs to have plenty of stamina. Although you will need to accompany them, you can establish yourself as their agent. This means that you will also get paid when your child is booked for a modeling gig. 

22 Pool cleaner

The last in my rundown of the best Summer Jobs for Kids is for those who love being outdoors! Relaxing by the pool is the perfect activity for the summer, and most swimming pools need cleaning regularly. Working as a pool cleaner can be a great job for children if you live in an area with a lot of swimming pools. This gives them the chance to work outdoors and build a base of regular clients.

Some clients may simply need your child to scoop dead leaves and other debris from the surface of the pool. Other tasks can include draining the pool and cleaning the floor and walls. Investing in a set of brushes and maybe a pool vacuum cleaner will help make these tasks much easier.

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Final Thoughts

There are lots of simple jobs your child can do to keep them busy in the summer holidays. It is best to discuss the different options with them and find something they will enjoy. This helps to prevent them from getting bored and quitting after a few days.

Many of the jobs will teach your child basic skills. These skills can be developed and pave the way for a future career. It is a good idea to set certain goals with your child and reward them for their hard work.

It’s summertime, so why not get out there and make some money?

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