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Surgical Nurse Job Description

surgical nurse job description

A surgical nurse, also known as the theatre or a scrub nurse, is immense in a hospital. There is no clinic or hospital which can do without a surgical nurse. It involves a significant amount of consideration, effort, studies, and dedication to become a surgical nurse as it is a challenging yet essential job.

The primary role of a surgical nurse is to provide the utmost care to the patients before and after the surgery and the surgical procedures.

If you are looking forward to finding a surgical nurse job, you are at the right place. Here, you will learn more about this surgical nurse job description’s essential requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skillset.

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Surgical Nurse – Job Description

Today every hospital or clinic is looking for a surgical nurse. Every minute there is some surgery or the other happening around. The surgery itself is a necessary procedure, and a lot of preparation goes into doing so.

While the surgical doctor carries out the surgeries, the surgical nurse carries the before and after process and requirements. The core responsibilities of a surgical nurse include taking care of the patient’s preoperative needs and prepare them for the surgery.

This job includes a surgical nurse to measure and record the vitals, administer the medication, prepare the patients for surgery, provide everything required, and take care of the patient post-surgery.

Surgical Nurse – Skills Required

When it comes to the skills-set required, there are plenty of skills that a surgical nurse should possess. A surgical nurse is required to be calm and composite, responsible, and take their duties very seriously. The individual should have the ability and capability to perform their duty under pressure, as many circumstances come with emergencies, and they have to keep a hold on their emotions.

A surgical nurse must also be excellent with listening and communication skills, as these individuals have to be in sync with the doctor and patient throughout. A successful surgical nurse will be required to be up-to-date with whatever is happening around the healthcare industry, especially in terms of new diseases, cures, and technology.

The surgical nurse also should be very proactive, as there is no room for having a late back attitude. These individuals need to be on their toes to help with the pre-and post-surgery care of the patient.

Job Responsibilities

  • Give clear and proper preoperative instructions to the patient.
  • They should also prepare the patient for surgery.
  • Assist the surgeons and anesthetists as and when needed.
  • Making of incision sites and sterilization.
  • In case of complications, they should intervene when required.
  • They should look after the whole communication process.
  • Prepare the patient for the operation room.
  • Be a middle person between the surgeon and the patient.

Job Requirements

  • A surgical nurse is required to have a bachelor’s degree of science in the nursing major.
  • Mandatory to have an RN license.
  • A relevant and proper clinical experience before.
  • Responsive by nature, especially when required during emergencies.
  • A compassionate person who truly cares for the well-being of the patient.
  • Follows strict timelines and instructions.
  • Ability to work under high pressure and not get anxious or panic

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How much minimum work experience is required to apply for a surgical nurse job?

Ans. When it comes to experience, there is no mandatory number stated in months or years. Ideally, a surgical nurse should have some prior practice and that too relevant experience. It also depends on which hospital or clinic the individual is applying for. However, the more experience an individual has, the higher the chances become to get hired.

2 What are the general skills-set needed to apply for this role?

Ans. The job of a surgical nurse is quite essential. Some of the primary skillsets these individuals need are to be patient and calm during panic times and be proactive throughout, as you never know when an emergency strikes. Surgical nurses also need to be very inquisitive and informed about what is happening in and out of the industry.

3 What is the qualification required to become a surgical nurse?

Ans.  In terms of qualification, the candidate needs to have a minimum degree in Bachelor in science in nursing. Moreover, the candidate should also possess an RN license. Apart from that, if the candidate has mastered it, it is even better as it rapidly increases hiring chances. Candidates are also required to have a minimum year of experience in practicing, which is mandatory, before applying for the role of a surgical nurse.

4 Are the surgical nurses needed to be in the operation room?

Ans. This depends on the situation. If there is an emergency, then there could be times when the nurses are expected to be present in the operation room for help. Apart from that, the doctors don’t need them in the operation rooms.

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